11.29.21 Still Not Considered Human

Danielle Diew
4 min readNov 29, 2021

I’m not part human, I’m human yet I still haven’t received a penny of COVID cash relief, neither has my child. Did child poverty end and leave my daughter behind? Again? Like the 80s, with no child left behind? I was left behind then as well.

I wonder why it’s acceptable that 2 years into this pandemic, I have yet to receive a penny of COVID cash relief, appropriate medical care, payment on my contract, my education credentials unredacted, social security, or even SNAP benefits. Why hasn’t a single person who abused me or my children ever been held accountable? Why is it that every legislator and authority who has been reported to, ends up defending the abusers? If my abusers were Black, that would NEVER have happened.

Why is it that America continues to surveil me, literally paying people tax dollars to watch “every single breath I take, every move I make”, yet I still have no income of my own though I have served this country my entire life and I am owed a considerable amount of money? I’ve literally worked since the age of 5, made billionaires out of White men, and I can’t even buy food. Why does America still have hidden figures? UN Women But I’m wrong for blowing the whistle? UN Human Rights

There have been movements, globally, affected by my statements, just in the last year alone. That doesn’t even include anything from my decades of serving this country, yet I don't have a penny while others are making an abundance off of my pain, suffering, and writing. The U.S. government does not care a single iota for me or any others like me, that includes my father who died from his injuries never being fully compensated or given appropriate medical care either. But I’m not supposed to talk about that because he and I had the same handlers!

My life doesn’t even have legal protections, my father had a little more because he was a man and a uniformed service member. My handlers learned from his experience and figured out how to marginalize me even further stripping me of my human rights before I could even turn 5 year old. Plucked me straight out of mandated pre-K, yet there are still NO MEASURES in place to ensure that nothing like that can continue occurring. The mandates grow while protections decrease. Human Rights Watch

My children have been attacked multiple times, people have died. You can claim it’s because of our own behavior, but this began when I was a baby. The common denominator is the far right and our Black skin. How we defend ourselves from repeated attacks against our humanity should not be criminalized because we keep managing to survive it. The attacks are already criminal, they should be held accountable. But that has NEVER happened in the 46 years that I have been alive.

But I am wrong for blowing the whistle as the abusers get off with not even a “that’s wrong don’t do it”! Amnesty International UNICEF UNESCO How is this justified? The White House Progressive Caucus

Why was I trained to blow the whistle in precisely the manner that I am if the intent was not for me to do it? Whey did I receive such rare training that I doubt there is another in the U.S. like me and the foreign operatives who come close still don’t have the same training. Even though I am old, trained many decades ago, I still know more than your best. Yet the government still continues to deny the truth, why?

Why am I treated so terribly if this is what I am trained to do? World Health Organization CDC Flu

This has NEVER happened to a white men serving this country! Some of it, but certainly not all of it! Never! Heads would have rolled already, their children’s college funds paid for. Meanwhile, we struggle to gain access to food, our housing is dangerous to our physical and mental health, we’re surrounded by extremists many in positions of leadership and authority and have been very actively attacking us, and we can’t even see a doctor without risking further abuse. But I’m supposed to believe I created this myself? Congressional Black Caucus NAACP

Actually, it’s leadership continuing to turn a blind eye to the suffering of Black people that created these conditions while people like my father, David Coleman, and I sacrifice our lives to fight for a better opportunity for our children but everyone else’s as well. It’s our own leaders turning a blind eye while we get raped, murdered, kidnapped, molested, trafficked, and abused in ways you are offended to hear about while you glamorize and support the people committing or covering over the crimes! But I’m supposed to keep silent while I am denied the money I earned through work, as tax dollars are thrown at people to either abuse us outright, or minimize it when it happens.

Meanwhile, those who “move past it”, “get back to normal”, and “focus on the positive” do nothing to aid the suffering and violation of the people who die in mass daily. Library of Congress TIME Nat Geo Explorers

No one in the Black community is surprised, we have lived this our entire lives since Europeans first came to America. We are surprised at how many people are willing to harm themselves to embrace lies that kill of millions off others unapologetically and with impunity.

“They will be too traumatized to do anything. By the time they get out of their frozen state, it will be too late.” My handler, Reston Va., middle of the school day, classified location, 1982. I was 7 years old, he was talking about the times we live in now. It’s an agenda, not a mistake. United Nations



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