2.22.22 Black America Is Still Kettled By Plantation Politics

When I was about 6 years old, we watched Birth Of A Nation in school. It was presented as a “work of art” of “important historical value”. We couldn’t watch anything pertaining to Malcom X, and the only thing we saw about Martin Luther King was a short snippet of his speech calling for peace and non-violence among protesters. Nothing pertaining to his assassination, or any other parts of his speeches. Whatever information we received came from White people, from a White perspective, with the intent to promote Whiteness.

Black history in school was always about slavery. When Speaker Pelosi spoke about historical treatment of Black people DURING the George Floyd protests, she spoke about how “awful” it was see to see people suffering. There was no acknowledgement of the suffering we currently experience. President Joe Biden did the same in one of his first speeches as president when he talked about how “difficult” it must have been for WW2 service men to come home and experience maltreatment. “I mean can you imagine” he said.

Yes, we can imagine, in fact we live it every day. While both leaders have made sure that other marginalized populations receive special protection, Black America continues to be ignored as we have for more than 500 years. We are the ones scapegoated for the the oppression and apathy. As the rest of the world soars by us, we are forced to struggle to survive sustained attacks that never end. After more than 500 years, we shouldn’t have to ask for our human rights to be protected, it should be a reflex to so do.

America claims to be a functioning, stable democracy. Yet it’s 2.22.22 and Black people are still being publicly lynched. The murderers are still regarded as heroes. Media still presents the murders as being the targeted victims fault. Anyone who is Black and has the nerve to have a negative emotion about the human rights violations we experience is criminalized and pathologized, often becoming targets of violence. If we gather the courage and strength to protest, actions so severe are taken against us that a lot of us don’t survive it! If the murderers will be charged is always a nail biting experience, just waiting for the possibility of justice. If they are charged the trial is always presented in such a way that paints the victim as the person on trial. If there is a conviction, Black America remains breathless with worry to see if there will be an actual sentence worthy of the crime. Most times it isn’t, if it is there is (or not) we ALWAYS experience white rage as backlash.

We live under similar conditions as we did during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. If you are someone like me, it’s the same conditions just in a prettier setting that I don’t get to participate in. To excuse such extreme human rights abuses while simultaneously championing the human rights of populations that are more favorable because they can pass for White is no secret, or even a surprise, it’s just that much more traumatic. Even mentioning trauma is an indication of “mental instability” rather than a condemnation of the atrocities. Saying anything at all is seen as more of a “threat to national security” than terrorists.

It’s 2.22.22 I remain more heavily censored and surveilled than terrorist organizations. The United States government owes me more money than I can even account for. Earnings, income, contract fulfillment, COVID relief, and the terms of my contract which account for medical services that can only be addressed in classified settings. I didn’t make myself disabled, I became this way from serving this country for decades. I don’t even get an acknowledgment let alone a thank you or everything I am owed! Often I have been denied even food. In my 46 years I have never seen another person treated this way, let alone a White man. Yet America still claims “race doesn’t matter” and “progressive politics is harmful”. If progress is a problem because Black people need relief from ethnic cleansing, perhaps you should admit that Black people are not the problem and stop placating white supremacists!

I matter! My children matter! The Black community matters! We always have! But we will never be more important than in November. Good luck with that.

The White House United Nations Congressional Black Caucus Progressive Caucus Human Rights Watch UN Human Rights Amnesty International



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Danielle Diew

Danielle Diew