9.25.22 America Continues To Hold Slaves

A Pandora’s Box Installment

Pegasus Spy

All three branches of U.S. government remain hamstrung unless legislation is passing to protect right wing extremist agendas

America remains paralyzed and obsessed with Ukraine and Israel as almost half the nation remains impoverished, ignored, scapegoated, dying in mass with absolute apathy from the current “liberal” administration

America continues to ignore the nazi insurgency that is eradicating Black life through ethnic cleansing, all while funding, arming, and propagandizing nazis as heroes and continuing a coup with very little resistance

American leadership continues to escalate wars and conflicts globally, literally sparking fires where embers are were burning

American leadership continues to go around the globe lecturing every other nation about their own state matters and human rights violations while simultaneously running COINTELPro and counter insurgency actions against Black American civilians, then denying it

In more than 600 years, since Europeans first arrived on these lands, white people have been conducting ethnic cleansing against the aboriginal and native peoples with absolute tyranny and impunity as global leadership looks away

Black Americans remain the most targeted, least protected, and ignored of all populations globally. United Nations No other population across the planet has sustained more than 600 years of genocide while the entire global leadership body turned a blind eye UN Human Rights As a result, we remain enslaved this very moment UNESCO UNICEF

I am writing this in isolation. I have been tortured, abused, raped, molested, trafficked, forced to breed, children sold, and scapegoated for all the above my entire life. Elite men with the highest clearances sold me from within the Star Wars Program. Vice President Kamala Harris Secretary of Defense Instead of protecting my human rights Amnesty International Human Rights Watch the U.S. government continues, after 47 years to torture, traffic, rape, and force breed against my will. With absolute tyranny and impunity U.S. Department of State

I served this country faithfully for decades in spite of it all. Why? Because I knew there was no other way for a Black person to operate at this level. I was forced into this space through conscription at the age of 4 years old, I was told right away the apocalypse was coming and Black people were the targets. I wasn’t given a choice about becoming a paramilitary operative, I was told I would be that. I was told I would be used in any and every way those men chose to use and abuse me, and no one cared. I was told that I would be a weapon, even if anyone did listen, they wouldn’t dare interfere. I was told that no matter how hard and long I fought, I would never be anything more than property of the United States Government The White House

U.N. Geneva couldn’t hold these men accountable. Ever. I grew up watching them do as they please in the world. Start wars, steal the treasury, defund, assassinate, change maps, take over countries, commit genocide after genocide. All I ever saw was more sick people worship them. Sell their children to them. Give their wives to them, murder any and everyone for them. Total, utter, and complete worship of them. Until they got caught, then they looked fallible. There is only one rule in their world, “don’t get caught”. It doesn’t matter what you do, regardless of how sick. Just don’t get caught. Yet these are the world leaders and people wonder what’s wrong with the world.


I chose how I would respond to training. I could have chosen not to learn, or to half ass it. Instead, I aced every bit of it. Every time. Without fail. “Failure’s not an option” they told me all my life. So why would I choose to fail at the one thing that would save me, and those I love. Fail to protect the future for those I love? I wouldn’t, others don’t care but I do! That’s how a double bind works. They take what matters most to you and dangle it on a thread, then force you to choose what you can’t live without out or what you can’t live with. Either you grow or die. There is no other option with them. That’s how I was raised. Instead of questioning the sadists who raised someone else's child that way, they question my sanity for having experienced it. But people wonder what’s wrong with the world!

It was the only way I would survive, protect those I love, tell the truth about what has happened here, save as many as I could. Protect democracy (not the fake version, the real one yet to come). Protect the future. Tell the truth. Nothing else ever mattered.

I’ve never given a bad oath, I never will. I’ve never betrayed an oath, I never will. I’ve never supported racism, fascism, bigotry, xenophobia, inequality, domination, or genocide. I never will. The Democrats think it clever to embrace nazis. You’ve given the world WW3 on a platter, a chance for evil to replay what they messed up in the Civil War, WW1 and WW2. Your focus groups lied to you because once again, you ignored a large part of the intelligence needed to make a correct decision. This is why GHW Bush and Donald Rumsfeld, two of the sickest men to ever live, said “DEMS can’t lead”. They kept outsmarting you, so they knew if they could, so could terrorists, foreign and domestic. They weren’t wrong.

Great job, is this how YOU make America “great” again? Asking for those being hunted in a denied genocide. You had decades to plan for this, yet you claim you never saw it coming. What has the intelligence field been warning about for 5 decades then?

Plantation politics, corruption, grift, predation, mass mind control, propaganda, the selling off of human rights. That is what American leadership is, BOTH PARITES ARE GUILTY, BOTH PARTIES LIE ABOUT IT, BOTH PARTIES ARE PLAYING THE SAME GAME WITH ALL LIFE CLIAMING THEY “TRIED” BUT JUST COULDN’T.

The reality is the planet is on fire and no one is bothering to try and put it out. The demand is this, if nazis can’t have it no one will. The only person to answer the challenge is now called hitler. At some point, the entire planet will become “woke”. What then? President Joe Biden


Insurgents are STILL operating a coup but saying BLM, DEFUND, and METOO is the biggest threat? How? That says a lot about how leadership functions then, doesn’t it?



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