9.9.21 Still Not Considered Human


Black people have asked, damnded, advocated for, protested, and activated all for the recognition of our human rights. Yet, still, today, on 9.9.21 we are literally at war with a race of people who hate us simply for the amount of melanin we have in our bodies. We didn’t start a war, they did and targeted us, then profit from it and scapegoat us for the consequences. But we’re “divisive” for talking about it.

Leadership is in a stranglehold to put an end to anything that is harming the U.S. from domestic terrorism. It can now clearly be seen that all who do not align with far-right-wing extremist ideologies become an open target of violence and attack. Why would we participate in that toxicity, you don’t even consider us human? We’re trying to survive, you’re trying to prevent our survival, it couldn’t be more clear regardless of the gaslighting.

There is a very obvious division in America, between genocidal, xenophobic fascists, and everyone else who isn’t them. There is no confusion anymore, everyone clearly sees what is happening in America. The minority right-wing extremist groups infiltrated every aspect of U.S. infrastructure and refuses to let go of occupation. They use every violent means at their disposal to dominate and obstruct. Even as the majority party who is relentless in pursuing bi-partisan steps to minimize the impact of the pandemic, the ideological war, and put down the insurgency, they are met with extreme violence, obstruction, and threats of infinite escalations as millions contract COVID and die globally. More than 600K Americans have died, the most marginalized experiencing the brunt of the impact. All of this during unprecedented climate action creating multiple disaster zones across the nation.

Aid and relief continue to be withheld. Though billions, even trillions of dollars are set aside for this purpose, the far-right extremists are blocking resources from getting to the people. Instead, extremists are aiding in the stealing of all resources and transferring massive amounts of wealth and power to the far-right. Millions and millions of people continue to suffer daily in the world’s wealthiest country, all for the sake of lies. “White supremacy” is propaganda just like “Stop The Steal” yet both continue to permeate the minds of millions of people to the extent that they become extremely violent and attack the very people they claimed to love and protect. They host super-spreader events that spread the deadly COVID virus as a means of intentionally triggering what they believe is a “survival of the fittest”, apocalyptic, end time scenario that they “can control”.

“We need to make sure that we can maintain control” were the words my mentor used in 1981, when he was describing this very agenda to me. He took a lot of heat for doing it, people called him crazy for doing it. Not because I was a kid, or even because he abused me, simply because I am Black. “She’s going to use it against us” they used to say. He would smile and say “I got it under control” and walk away. People never knew if they could trust him, no one. He wasn’t trustworthy. He did teach me the agenda, however, why, because he knew I would be left behind to survive it.

To him, I was a reflection of his skills. He simply didn’t want me to fail, he didn’t care about anything else.

This has been an agenda decades in the making. The true reason I am stalked, harassed, cyberstalked, bullied, attacked, banned, shadowbanned, and blacklisted is to prevent me from telling this truth. I was “right” there when they planned it because they are now what they have always been, perverts. “Values”? PLEASE! I never saw any value other than “I want”. There was nothing else. Those to this day remain the most depaved people I have ever seen. Keep in mind that both my mentors “trained” me through immersion, if I had any fear then they immersed me in that situation. I’ve seen the worst that humanity has to offer, these extremists are the worst thus far. People are afraid to look because they are honestly terrified of what they will find, and that fear is warranted.

The fact that I not only refuse to submit to corruption, I never have and I never will, but that I am blowing the whistle on it is what keeps them coming! All of those corrupt people in every aspect of society are being exposed, and they hate it. The rats are all scurrying.

It’s 9/9/2021 and I have yet to have my contract honored.

I have yet to receive a single COVID stimulus payment, neither has my child. My son received only one payment, no other direct aid including unemployment.

We have been told repeatedly that we do not qualify to even APPLY for state and local COVID relief.

We have had our housing threatened, repeatedly throughout the entire pandemic. (There were actual board members associated with my abusers, what am I supposed to do with that?)

I have repeatedly had every single resource that I was receiving under long-term care removed.

I was abused so severely in the medical system that while I was partially disabled, the severe abuse and neglect I received in medical environments lead to my total, permanent disability. I didn’t have access to healthcare before COVID, do you think I have it now? No one cares.

I have had to triage my own health care during the entire pandemic, yes I am trained, yet I am doing better under my own care than I ever did under one of the largest and wealthiest healthcare systems on the planet. No one believed me until COVID showed the obvious disparities in health care. People STILL say that I am “faking” and continuously attempt to derail the teeny tiny bit of stability that I do have. I am called “mentally unstable” and “threatening” the entire step of the way. This from people who have never served anything but their own selfish egos! The ignorance and hypocrisy are exhausting. But I’m expected to shut up or else, and I’m supposed to believe that I am the disturbed one for blowing the whistle and seeking justice. Wow! The gaslight and propaganda power is more intense than anything I have seen globally thus far, and prior to this Eastern Europe during the Cold War had been the worst. America is in a dark place and she must fight to get out if she is to make it. These are not warning signs that can be ignored, these are the final signs.

Meanwhile, the planet is simultaneously burning, flooding, shaking, and recalibrating as leadership is powerless to address “Climate Change” urgency due to interference from the insurgency. These cult members do not believe in science, growth, expansion, diversity, the Constitution, equality, equity, the rule of law, free will, international law, or agency over one’s own body if you are a woman or a child. These extremists even advocate, lobby, and legislate for violent assaults against women and children. They pour massive amounts of funding into the support of pro-rape, incest, and abuse organizations. They have placed leaders with these extremists ideologies in strategic positions throughout the U.S. infrastructure. As the new administration attempts to clean out these dangerous extremists, they are met with violent obstruction and are even now facing more escalations. Even threats to attack the Capital again. I think it's time for America to be more transparent about the level of activity present, we should not be sitting ducks. Increased transparency took place during the 9/11 attacks and for years after, and it was done during the sniper shootings. America knows how to communicate difficult situations to bring the nation together under a unified goal. It’s time for that to happen now.

But we are supposed to pretend like we don’t see this all happening so that we aren’t strong enough, coordinated enough, or strategic enough to mount an effective defense against their technology and tyranny. Democracy can’t wait, Climate Change can’t wait, neither can Black lives, or the lives of any other marginalized population!

This is deeper than anyone thought it would be at the onset of the pandemic, the only ones who knew where this was headed are those who were involved in some way or another. EVERYONE has had ample opportunity to declare themselves. Everyone has had ample opportunity to accept fascsim or Democracy. In America, there is no other option of government than Democracy. It is still a democracy unfolding, slowly, tooooo damn slow, but it is an engine nonetheless. One that was intended to last, forever. The growing pains we experience right now happen for a reason. Here is not only where America splits, but also human consciousness, as it has done many times over again in the past as anthropological records reveal. This is a new evolutionary jump for human consciousness. Some don’t want to make the leap and would hold all of us back. The rest of us are fighting to keep pushing through. This is epoch.

All of the signs for a massive shift in human consciousness are present:

Global unrest


Endemic escalations

The rise of new and novel viruses

Mass death globally

Ideological wars globally

The rise of authoritarianism

The rise of grassroots movements

The increase of mass, even global protests

The rise of using technology to amplify or disrupt

The rise of mass amounts of anti-heroes globally

The elevation of human consciousness, globally

The rise of abuse of every kind

Enslavement has grown exponentially, globally, and most don’t even know it exists

Efforts to solve any problem are met with extreme violence

Xenophobic reactions to the rise of human consciousness, globally

Mass censorship, propaganda, the manipulation of data and facts

The implementation of “wants” over “rights” on a mass scale

Governments rising and falling with swiftness, globally

A new phase of the space race

Space wars

Space weapons

Wars ending overnight as new ones begin as rapidly

Restructuring of borders, globally

Amplified fear and hate via the spread of propaganda and mass programming

Brainwashing, marketing, mass media, socially engineered homogenized societies, increased cult activity, increased violence, increased deviant activities, increased crime, the targeting of the vulnerable and marginalized, particularly women and children, globally.

The world has seen these exact same scenarios play out in Mass Extinction Events for as long as this planet has been Earth. We are going through another one of those times right now. The power struggle over this planet is literally the same one that has played out for eons. The majority here in America are tired of the same pathway, we want to create a new one. When we build it, they come, and knock that shit down faster than we can say “human rights”. A true hallmark of an advanced civilization is how they navigate transitions. People always underestimate the vulnerable and marginalized, but that’s ALWAYS where the gold is. Diamonds are made in some of the harshest conditions on this planet, but it takes a broader perspective to understand how to see its TRUE value, not just an exploitative one.

America’s greatest resource is her people. It’s time to rally The People to do what The People are tasked with doing as citizens of the United States Of America.

We the People

Signed in convention September 17, 1787. Ratified June 21, 1788

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.


We The People voted, we organized, protested, marched, fought to have our voices heard, fought through Ai, algorithms designed to silence us using our own tax dollars against us, enslaving us to debt bondage and condemning us to a life that was socially engineered by people who hate their own lives but think they should have the right to dictate ours because they have all the wealth. Which by the way they acquired through exploitation. Obviously, these people are problematic. The only people benefitting from the insurgency are the 1% and it took them decades of planning to get here.

We are forced to live the toxicity of other people’s choices never seeing justice or even having our stories known. We die so often that we become hashtags and people hardly even notice anymore. When we fight back we are labeled as “mentally unstable” or “dangerous” or “dissident or “ traitor” or “terrorist.” But are we? We didn’t sack the Capital in an attempted coup. We simply organized, marched, protested, let our collective voice be heard, let our lives be seen and we all collectively said BLACK LIVES MATTER, and extremists lost their minds. You did the most extremely heinous thing that could be done on U.S. soil, you attacked the institution of DEMOCRACY and attempted to install a false leader, and government, in its place. It’s not only abhorrent, it’s pathetically prophetic. You claim to be religious but you can’t even stop for half a second to realize that you are literally manifesting the prophecies of your own religion, and you are the bad guy in the story, and you don’t even see it! Not only that, but you attempt to eradicate all those who DO see it and try to expose it.

The sickness is deep but so is the mind control. United Nations The White House it’s very deep!

The majority party has gone to incredible lengths even WITH the cooperation of some on the right to address conditions in the nation, help regain rule of law, help investigate the insurgency and Capital 6 attack, as well as get legislation passed to help the people. Few cooperate, but some do, most simply express great fear of consequences if they tell the truth, help investigations, or blow the whistle in any way. Even those at the absolute highest level of authority are in a stranglehold under this tyranny.

The stranglehold on all three branches of government even extends beyond those currently in power, to affect those who have retired, are not active, have been on hiatus, or those who are simply are not visible in everyday politics. As the military seeks to address extremism in the ranks, they experience obstructionist behavior from leadership attempting to balance power, obey CONSTITUTIONAL law, protect life, draw down from hot zones, and work on educating and recalibrating the ranks with a new unified mindset of equality, diversity, fortitude, and loyalty toward America and her Democracy. Keeping the Oath means Protect The Homeland and all who are on her soil, domestic or abroad. There is no other option. The U.S. Congress exists to ensure that this process holds, yet she has been in a stranglehold for years with escalations occurring with the entrance of the new administration. Many under all three branches of government wish to keep their oath but are unable to due to threats of harm. Sadly there are still those who are unwilling to keep their oath to the United States of America, the United States Constitution, and to remain in compliance with international law. Indeed, actual war crimes are dismissed daily have been for over twenty years now, and have never been resolved, no one held to accountably. This web was woven by deviants who loathe all things different from themselves. The agenda was so disturbing that even members of their own party began implementing contingencies to prevent precisely what we are seeing today, an attempted overthrow. America can not wait for tyranny to die, we must crush IT once and for all rather than having it crush the U.S. with boots, knees, and feet on our collective anti-fascist necks!

Here’s a hint, I’ve seen the end. Diverse, equitable democracy wins! Even the bible prophesizes that! smh

Fascism is everyone’s problem. The fascists have united against all, and against all odds! It’s time for all of us to put our differences aside and focus on one goal, stomping out the insurgency and its fascist roots domestically, and globally! We don’t need to keep begging for justice, the standards have long been met. The last sign was the White House leaving the Backdoor open for foreign invasion because the president was installed by a foreign hostile nation. All that follows from there is merely evidence!

Unleash Strike Force, let it do what it do! DEMOCRACY WINS

Freedom has never been free and the cost of peace has ALWAYS been higher than anyone was ever willing to gamble with. America is down to the wire, everyone has been given time to examine matters. Where everyone stands now is where they are firmly rooted in their beliefs. To quote a young and upcoming gifted lyricist and entertainer “I mean Earth is kinda f***up right now but I‘m from here, I’m gonna fight for it! I don’t want to see it destroyed! I connect with the Earth you know what I’m sayin’. I am one with the Earth, I will fight for it, this is our HOME!” (Proud Mama)

If I did everything wrong in life, as a mother, as an operative, as an advocate, as an activist, as a human….. I got the most important job I was entrusted with precisely correct. Down to fine detail! He knows, and understands his life’s mission, he came of age during the lockdown. He grew up being attacked and no one cared. He grew up watching all of the leaders fall, his heroes die, and the wars only escalate but never end. He grew up under attack simply because people don’t like the color of his skin. He grew up being trained how to survive, (in tradecraft this is known as urban warfare, that has always been his life, THAT is how severe systemic oppression is!). Everything he learned was what he needed to survive the harsh conditions of existing while poor, and Black, and with mixed heritage, and the son of a gangsta, and the son of an operative, and the grandson of an operative, the grandson of two Vietnam Vets injured defending this country. It’s in his genes, specifically, to protect, defend, rally the troops, and do what it do! Before we were anything, we were soldiers! Never Forget! RIP Dad.

The younger generations embrace knowing who they are when they are born. Older generations didn't, that was a mistake. These kids are smart, organized, and focused on building a better future for EVERYONE! A better world for EVERYONE! My son is all for building an equitable society in space, he just knows that his place is here on Earth helping the land and the people. The most marginalized and vulnerable first. The younger generations are focused on doing everything that should have been done decades ago, and they are perceived as such threats that they are constantly attacked. They can’t protest, vote, be heard, find adequate jobs or housing, clean food or water, a good, safe education, or even a vision of the future. That’s how poorly you’ve managed the entire planet, but you can't see that.

These kids see it. They grew up living it and watching it reflected back to them through the internet 24/7. You can’t gaslight them about what they have lived, seen, learned, experienced, or felt. THEY KNOW! They want to make sure the Earth is protected, the balance is maintained between humans and life on the planet, and that extremists don’t destroy it all on a racist, phobic, misogynistic, hate-fueled whim. These kids know what they want the future to look like and it’s a just one, with FAR less violence and poverty, an equitable one. A future that is extremely technologically advanced and everyone is able to fulfill their life’s purpose, unobstructed. One that not only starts at a Class I Civilization but heads directly for Class III. One that will help navigate this volatile transition into a more advanced society where everyone can thrive, and grow, and create, forever. All you have after that is time. Stability is not too much to ask for. It’s simply an equal and equitable, merit-based society where all are all and justice is peace. It’s not evil, nor is it clandestine, it’s just unacceptable under the tyranny of the far right. It’s really just about deploying common sense, but sense isn’t always common to all.

I teach my kids to analyze and strategize their way through anything. That was one of the things that I took away from the mentors that have kept me alive all this time. Look, listen, process, it’s so simple but hardly anyone lives this way and that’s why they were always 1000 steps ahead.

My kids are the first people in my bloodline to be born free. They will do anything to hold onto their freedom. During the sacking of the Capital, the insurgents screamed “it’s 1776”. But no one stops to think about what was happening to Black people during 1776, and haven’t even noticed that it never stopped it just morphed as the ages ticked by. I’ll say it again, we’ve literally been in a holocaust for hundreds of years and no one noticed. Those who did were silenced every time. Extremists want to go back to permanent enslavement, everyone is saying collectively, no more. So yes, we have reached an impasse.

My son is the son of an actual enslaved mother. Literally. No one cares, you think he doesn’t see it? He grew up with a mother who had not yet escaped captivity, but he did. Do you think he doesn’t know who he is? He grew up knowing the kind of strength that is only written about in stories about people with superpowers. But we’re just human! He didn’t have to read about it or see it on TV, he lived it in real-time every day. He engulfed himself in that strength, found his own fortitude, and let it guide him. No one can tell him who he is, he already knows. No one noticed his struggle, if they did it was to enhance it not reduce it. No one cared about his pain. If they did it was to amplify it, not minimize it. He was just a kid and they loathed and feared him as if he was public enemy number one. No one saw the truth of a kid growing into a man and being attacked for the color of his skin all day every day, every step of the way. “He’s manifesting it”. But what if he didn’t? No one cared enough to see, look, care, it was ALWAYS his fault just like it was for anyone else with Black skin. He lived it, we live it, to society, we aren’t human.

It’s time people realized that the whole manifesting thing is another pyramid scheme. Haven’t you noticed that everything you are supposed to manifest feeds that enslavement machine of systemic oppression? Why would a God, or divine being, or superior intelligence design such a flawed system? Perhaps it’s the people who get reality wrong, not reality getting people wrong.

If you have a nation that rewards you for being one color and punishes you for being another, “manifesting” looks different doesn’t it?

True manifesting comes from nothing then becomes something. You go into the quantum realms and reach for ideas that resonate with you, then you bring them back to the 3D world and create them. This is called using the “creative” force, spiritual people and scientists are drawn to these types of activities. We seek to create solutions and are smacked down for it.

That needs to end.

Yet and still, through it all “I love Earth, this is our home. I’m not going to see it destroyed! I came to take care of Earth, not Mars, the moon, Venus, or anything else. I came to connect with Earth, and that’s what I‘m going to do.” He’s 20, but he understands. He’s focused on creating and building as every soul should be. He shouldn’t have to deal with xenophobia that constantly destabilizes his life then scapegoats him for being “less than” because of the consequences. What would YOU do?

He and I both came very close to death more than once over the past few years, but we’re supposed to just ignore it? Would you? We’re human, we protect.

So, like everyone tells me “what’s your excuse” I will use those same words to flip it back on you. What are YOU doing to help, rather than harm?

You can’t judge a book by its cover.

United Nations The White House

Advocate, Activist, Artist, Survivor, Whistleblower: This page details surviving torture, rape & systemic oppression.