Message In A Bottle Poetry

Your voice is so powerful

It resonates each time I hear you sing

Reverberating the sweetest memories

Drawing my mind back to times

Where unconditional love was more than a dream

I miss those times

When we were young and full of energy

The frequency still keeps me lifted

In my times of greatest need

Particularly during the toughest times

As I fight to get free

I pray that your life remains blessed

May you continue to light the pathway

May your children be full of light and abundance

May your household be one

4 all times indefinite

May your music blossom and grow

May your words be as fragrant as your soul

Like the love we once shared

May your prosperity spread to the heavens



One love



Danielle Diew

Danielle Diew

Advocate, Activist, Artist, Survivor, Whistleblower: This page details surviving torture, rape & systemic oppression.