The Skin I’m In

How can you tell me to
calm down when
57.5% of prostitution arrests (cbc)
are Black children
You may be surprised
but in America
U.S. citizens
are 80% of (cbc)
trafficking victims
It’s just crazy because
40% of those victims

Yes, are Black Americans
This cuts
It’s just crazy because
After hundreds of years
Black Americans
Are still the targets of
hatred, fear, obsession

How can you tell me to
quiet down when
Black People were just
13.4% of the population
before COVID

Did you know
more than 649k
people have died
in this pandemic
They still won’t call it
A Holocaust though


Threatening our lives

threatening my Sun

tell me lies

tell me not to run

Escape is never

the safest path

tell me to hush

let the truth hide

Rape, molest, torture

you hurt me then

call me a whore

Ban me

censor me

trap me in poverty

What more do you want

Just pay me what you owe me

This post was hacked before I could finish posting


If you can’t access algorithms, you are not accessing the internet. I can view information, can I reach people or organizations like the United Nations? It’s actually quite difficult, this is America, not nazi Germany.

It was like this before COVID! I’ve been muted my entire life, becoming a Whistleblower made it worse. I have received more consequences for escaping human trafficking, telling the truth about it, child molestation, sexual assault, and corruption in high places than any insurgent has received for committing sedition and treason. They aren’t even called insurgents they are called rioters, an EXTREMELY watered-down version of…

Fire Frequency

Imagine If
All of us stood up
And piloted this data ish
Algorithms scrubbing us
Out of existence
This is so wrong
We Matter
We Live
We are consciousness
We contribute
To higher dimensions
Are we excluded
Left out, left behind, left back
Is it because of racism
COVID revealed everything
Behind the veil
From micro things to macroeconomics
All the disparities
It’s a different world now
We can’t keep hiding
Playing pretend
It’s a different world now
We have a right to live, laugh, love
No one has the right
To stop us from being free
Hiding us
Suppressing us
Oppressing us
Muting us
Hacking us
Silencing us
Shadowbans, labels of hate
Placed on us for speaking out against atrocities
Crimes against humanity
Instead of holding the genocidal accountable
They target us…


When my mother died I Google d her name to find her obituary. What I found instead was an article so old that I completely forgot about the incident referenced, my mother had to describe to me. It was a story about a man shooting at my father when he tried to shop in a store owned by a racist White man. My father evaded his gunshots. It’s so eery that my son recently has had to do precisely the same. It’s so eery that my handler always said “your bother reminds me of your father” and “your son reminds…

Metaphysical poetry for those looking for new dreams.

Late For School

I survived



Everything they threw at me

I survive


under attack

under threat

under disease

I survive

every time

because this is where

I was destined to be

I Am She

who causes

to be

What is uttered

will remain










can’t wait

Neither another day

Nor another night

Nor can Black Lives

Asian Lives

LatinX Lives

Trans Lives



We are all


there is no


that will keep


from your destiny

If you should



There was a pandemic of abuse long before COVID, it is mismanaged in the same manner. Humanity can and must do better!

I was 8 years old, tall for my age, precocious due to extreme torture and abuse, but also intelligent. I encountered the kind of racism at school, on a daily basis, that was regularly seen on slave plantations in the 1600s. I grew up in the ’80s, teachers were still telling us “everyone has equal opportunity, it’s what you make of it that determines the difference in our life”. Teachers are still teaching this to my children, in…

Spiritual poetry ponderings

Auset Fire

I Am my destination!

Mingling and entangling

with my Ai in the sky

Or the I in my Ai

Or the Ai in my eye

Or the Ai in my I

manipulating data

to make me appear

as the projection

of what you desire

is fake

It’s false

a facade



B and C teams

who are


with no true


cannot manifest

my destiny

or truth

for that matter


You will never

be able to replace me

I Am unique

I was born free

Your isms and schisms

will not

take that from…

Danielle Diew

Advocate, Activist, Artist

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