The Skin I’m In

How can you tell me to
calm down when
57.5% of prostitution arrests (cbc)
are Black children
You may be surprised
but in America
U.S. citizens
are 80% of (cbc)
trafficking victims
It’s just crazy because
40% of those victims

Yes, are Black Americans
This cuts
It’s just crazy because
After hundreds of…


Threatening our lives

threatening my Sun

tell me lies

tell me not to run

Escape is never

the safest path

tell me to hush

let the truth hide

Rape, molest, torture

you hurt me then

call me a whore

Ban me

censor me

trap me in poverty

What more do you want

Just pay me what you owe me

This post was hacked before I could finish posting


If you can’t access algorithms, you are not accessing the internet. I can view information, can I reach people or organizations like the United Nations? It’s actually quite difficult, this is America, not nazi Germany.

It was like this before COVID! I’ve been muted my entire life, becoming a Whistleblower…

Fire Frequency

Imagine If
All of us stood up
And piloted this data ish
Algorithms scrubbing us
Out of existence
This is so wrong
We Matter
We Live
We are consciousness
We contribute
To higher dimensions
Are we excluded
Left out, left behind, left back
Is it because of racism
COVID revealed everything
Behind the veil
From micro things to macroeconomics
All the disparities
It’s a different world now

A rearview mirror poem

Youthful Days

I was young once

though I looked older

The men who abused me

wanted young

but mature

Or whatever they felt

from moment to moment

They had competitions

“who will she love more”

The Great Whore

I’m numb to it now

I didn’t think that would…

The words that ring in my ears daily because this is what we are told about our lives, this is “normal” in America.

Everything I ever created for my handler, upon his demand, was attached to an incredibly traumatic experience. He and his cronies were experts in trauma and brain…

No one can!

Wounded Warrior

“Here we can be almost as free as we want to be. There are no laws here about pedophilia but you still have to be mindful of anyone who may be watching. We have a security team with us, they are loyal to me and we don’t…

Danielle Diew

Advocate, Activist, Artist, Survivor — This page contains graphic details about surviving torture, rape, domestic violence, systemic oppression, and trauma.

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