Whole Picture Poetry

A world full of





This is appealing

to no one

who is operating

from the

human dimension

And consciously choosing

to evolve beyond the past

Whatever spectrum

you operate in

is anti everything

and very unappealing

Sounds a lot like

the Anti-Christ


Because people fear change

Can you imagine being so arrogant

that you believe

through every fiber of your being

That all you have to do

is be born into

a particular race

or culture

or religion

and that means

you have the right

to do as you please

Dominating everything

This is clearly brainwashed…

They Are Inalienable so why are they allowed to be politicized as hundreds of thousands die nationally, and millions globally? Library of Congress TIME Nat Geo Explorers

No one has the right to deny me my humanity, yet it happens daily in America. The average American has no idea what human rights are, and legislators like it this way. That’s why education has been under attack for decades, and those who have been proponents of defunding public…

The Holy Of Holies — COVID Diary

With every tinge

of suffering

With every tear

With every pain felt

through every generation

since the very beginning

With every laugh

done in the face of our pain

Every arrow of hate

Every burning spear

of triggered fear

With every act of…

How can you tell me to
calm down when
57.5% of prostitution arrests (cbc)
are Black children
You may be surprised
but in America
U.S. citizens
are 80% of (cbc)
trafficking victims
It’s just crazy because
40% of those victims

Yes, are Black Americans
This cuts
It’s just crazy because
After hundreds of…

If you knew what I did you wouldn’t be either

Let me be crystal clear

I am who I say I am

I have done what I say I have done

I have told no lies

I have wronged no one

I have gone to extreme lengths

To maintain integrity

You don’t scare me! You won’t like me when I’m angry. Please believe as you are accustomed to hearing, I’m not there yet. BEST KEEP YOUR DISTANCE!

I won’t be bullied

You won’t stop me

I’m fighting for my freedom

The more you attack me

And my children

The more…

Danielle Diew

Advocate, Activist, Artist, Survivor — This page contains graphic details about surviving torture, rape, domestic violence, systemic oppression, and trauma.

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