Abundance For All Equally

Ancient Pillars

Some information is so powerful

that once seen

it can’t be unseen

Some details are so insightful

that once known

they can never again

be unknown

Some destinies are so ordered

that heaven

will rain down

fire and brimstone

to unite with hell

and bring about

a grand balancing

Recalibrating all that was

and will ever be

Yet the nature of these plans

one must never tell

These are the rules when dealing with

cosmic frequencies

Some paths are determined

long before anyone ever knows

our name

Some information gets passed down

generation after generation

Ensuring the same game continues to be played

It’s insane

Some of us take up our torture stake

and carry it with great pain

in the face of extreme shame

from those who commit crimes

against nature

and send all the consequences

on the path for the scapegoat

to claim

We fight through the enslavement

torture, abuse

to find a better path for all

So no one is misused

We understand life and how to be in harmony

with its fruit

This is the key

It can’t be claimed

It must be cultivated over decades

That’s why shortcuts never work

They only increase the pain

Some people are people


Shall forever be left unnamed

They continue to cheat, kill, steal

Take every shortcut known to man

For some things should never happen

Some prizes should never be claimed

Some boundaries should never be crossed

Some games should never be played

Know when to hold

Know when to fold

Know when to walk

Know when to run

Know how to remain aware

in the face of all that is done

Know how to draw on strength

When the dealings are done

Most of all know the players

Or you most certainly

will come undone

Though all have a part to play

Many fail along the way

The path is wrought with many dangers

There are many attackers and some don’t play

Yet those of us in union with One

The Source of All Creation

Shall come together

no longer on the run

No longer wandering the wilderness

Unite again under the Tent Of Meeting

Bypass the tents of the circus

Avoid the traps that the ringmaster sat

Down on every land

to claim for his own

the Golden Throne

and rule with an Iron Hand

With spiders weaving

the webs he falsely and vilely proclaims

they are tales told from long ago

no one noticed

so the lies live on

With false intentions and locus of attention

on things that can’t be mentioned

They ensnare all

who on misfortune fall

and dominate the fortunate

with Fists of Fury

No one escapes the Grand Master Plan

From birth they choose to place us as fools

astray from the path of The Way

Some walk alone

Some walk in sleep

Some walk with awareness

Some walk seeing and hearing

all things

Regardless of the means

we all have our destiny

We all have a destination to reach

Some care only for laziness and luxury

Others for gratification and greed

Some carry the stones of empathy

therefore we feel all others pain and

respond accordingly

This is natures way of ensuring the game

is not forever played

only maintained until all reach the levels they seek

We watchers

We watch

We see

We also hear


and interpret things

We seek restoration


we seek the Grand Balancing

What is that YOU seek?

What is that you dream?

Are you sleeping at night and during the day

in odd ways

because the energy is so intensely disturbing?

Or do you relish the idea of feeling above others

and ignore the screams, cries, death, suffering?

The greatest offense anyone can commit

is to knock a soul astray from the way

You can do it on purpose

causing a stumbling

leaving them behind

on any given day

Or you can do it unknowingly

the consequences for the innocent

remain the same

Did you make amends?

Did you clean up the mess you made?

Or did you acquire land, property, slaves

Did you create genocides, endless wars

Did you bring about the end of days?

This isn’t politics this is a sick power play

Let’s not continue the gaslight

Mother Earth has the power and she didn’t wake

to be sweet to those

who destroy her life, limbs, and progeny

Englightenment you see is the name of the game

that’s why many cause darkness to rain

But lightbringers rise

and lightworkers thrive

by shinning their being

on the darkest scenes

Igniting a fire

that burns in all eyes

but hides from the weak, broken and beaten

We merge energies

to bring balance

expanding consciousness

protecting innocents

harmonizing all life

in every way

Synthesizing particles

from the greatest to

the most minute obstacles

We leave no stone unturned

to be reclaimed

If we didn’t cry out in truth

the stones would

this is how the code works

You can see it on a clear sunny day

If you look

Though it can’t be touched

the power of truth can still light the way



Higher vibrational frequencies

Future forward

These are the matters of advanced civilizations

Not unceasing wars and an inability to move toward

what’s elevates us

Class I

Class II

Class III

Plenty of resources

and common ancestral dreams

We have an inescapable mission

it’s encoded in our genes

Let us move with all expediency

into our collective




Let us choose from moment to moment

to rise above

all of the most mundane

and destructive

things that

toxicity creates

Let us become what we wish to see

Let us open our hearts, eyes, minds, thoughts

to envisioning what is abundant for all


Let us accept the truth when it flows through

our consciousness

even if mysteriously

These are the moments we need to awaken

even in the midst of great pain

This is how the cosmos

lights the path

To guide us to

the ascended way

Choose to elevate

We all make those deposits or withdrawals

all day every day

We should be awakened to how we do it

so that we can be our absolute



best self

Money can’t buy any of those things

But it can provide material supports

creature comforts

pleasurable things

We are meant to experience happiness

there is nothing wrong with wanting more

We are not created to harm

when we do

we set back


We can choose

Abundance, equality, equity, prosperity

This is what is literally

encoded in our genes

When we steal what belongs to life

and reroute it to our selfish dreams

We create the conditions for MEE

That is where Earthlings collective ego

has brought the world’s stage this day

What are we to do moving forward?

Manifest Class III

Or fall back into no potential for advancement

it requires planetary, galactic, and cosmic


Are we going to let xenophobes destroy the way?

These are the questions I ask

moment to moment

day today’s

This is today’s entry of

my digital diary

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