Amplexus Excitatio — Embrace Awakening

Danielle Diew
16 min readNov 16, 2021

Whole Picture Poetry

Proto Portals

A world full of





This is appealing

to no one

who is operating

from the

human dimension

And consciously choosing

to evolve beyond the past

Whatever spectrum

you operate in

is anti everything

and very unappealing

Sounds a lot like

the Anti-Christ

doesn’t it

Extremely detestable

and very unearthly

Very unnatural

It obscures and devours

all of nature

and it’s abundant beauty

If you want that

for yourself

that’s up to you

No one can

make that decision for you

regardless of your immorality

Do what you want to do

for you

What is so abhorrent

Is that you believe

you can force others

to conform

to your disgusting

things and ideologies

You’re destroying

the entire planet

for the sake of

ego games

This doesn’t go away

through mere imagining

and thinking only positively

It requires wholitsitc thinking

The whole picture

It requires facing

The good, bad, and ugly

It requires action

to address the detestable things

Seated in

The High Place

If you are who you say you are

Then you have been given

ALL authority

to handle such things

The space race

The Raping

All the hoarding

of ALL things

along the way

Forced breeding

All to prove

that you are

a superior race

All will receive an accounting

Measure by measure

This is what Cosmic Law


Those of us

with eyes to see

and ears to hear

as well as a mind to comprehend

and a heart pointed in the direction

Of The Most High

The Most Holy Of Holies

We fully understand

YOU are nothing but fake

Appropriating ALL

with the claim

that “God” made

life this way

“This is the natural order”

Is the hate you profess

Even teach small children

as a form of so called “education”


to co-create life

You just take

and claim it was you

that originated its creation

“Well if I conquer

Then I dominate

If I dominate

Then I am superior in creation”

This is the distorted circular thinking

of the psychopaths

worshiped by the masses

in elite positions

distorting sacred things

I grew up hearing it daily

In school it is taught as

“The right way”

Thinking they are leading us

to brighter days

In truth

They are simply running

a massive scam

Hiding the truth

Hoarding ALL resources

Lying to escape

Destroying everything in the wake

All for the sake of lust

for power

and every other

detestable thing

This you know is you

This you know is your way

Yet you mislead the confused

For this you must receive

your Karma

For every war that you wage

Preventing those who slumber

from waking

Preventing those who are thirsty

from drinking

Preventing those who are hungry

from eating

Preventing those wronged

from justice seeking

Preventing those hurting

from healing

Preventing those with curiosity

from learning

Preventing those with abilities

from fulfilling their dreams

Preventing those enslaved

from breaking free

This is pure evil

Yet this is the world of

white supremacy

Intentionally creating

the hate that continues to spawn

and breed

Calling it superior

Though it is nothing

but a hate game

Being awakened

you claim

Is a danger to life

But it’s only a threat

to the lies you create


This is what saves

When those with eyes to see

and ears to hear

are empowered with truth

like a burning spear

Searing through the lies

to defeat the hoards

of monsters you create

This is your demise

so you play this wicked game

To keep conscious co-creation

and the evolution of the species

at bay

This planet

has been through this

too many times already

You ask the “smartest men”

what’s happening

Yet they know


Other than how to quote

warped statistics

and use word salad

to talk over sleeping heads

They solve nothing

They simply lie and claim

“It’s all mine

I worked hard for it

You don’t deserve what I create”

Yet you created nothing

You only take

You violate

You exploit

You enslave

Yet you expect us

to accept

“God made life this way”

Human rights are inalienable

because we are born

with ALL that we need

to address ALL things

Stopping growth and development

Is literally mass murder

But that is your favorite

“The Most Dangerous Game”

Your “smartest men”

Have no answers to anything

“There are no solutions

God made life this way”

What kind of God tortures

and creates abusive relationships

All under the guise of “worship”

You keep your god

We’ll maintain the enlightened pathway

Ask your “smartest men”

Why life is this way

They can tell you nothing

Yet the most enlightened

can tell you everything

But no one hears this

Because you drown out the truth

With an abundance of

propaganda and hate

This same ignorant cycle

has repeated throughout

the entire universe

more times

than anyone is prepared

to admit thanks to evil like you

Those who evolve

move beyond this pit

move forward in enlightenment

Those who refuse

Must do it all over

again and again

But you aren’t capable

of grasping

what that means

You will be forced

back to the beginning

A single celled organism

Billions of years evolving

to make you learn and grow

where you refused to

for so many eons

simply see

Over and over again

It’s a prison of your own making

Yet you refuse to accept this reality

and you just keep faking

Perpetuating the very cycle

you fear will become your defeat

It’s literally the basis

for every Fairy Tale

Tall Tale

Oral History

Even many cave drawings

The Aborigine maintain the truth

and pass it down generation

after generation


As they commune with nature

during walkabouts particularly

They glean what we ALL need

to keep moving

Yet bigotry keeps their genius

in the dark

so only the elite can co-opt and

appropriate these arcane teachings

ALL humanity must be

forever grateful

For the Aborigine elders

who never forsook

their Divine destiny

To keep sacred knowledge

Imbedding it further in their genes

As time passes so too does awareness

as reality changes new translations

must be maintained

MtDNA couldn't be a more technologically

advanced way of encoding

divine teachings

Those who keep the commandments

to maintain the sacred knowledge

pass down what ALL need

to find enlightenment in dark days

Even through a holocaust

designed to bury the truth

of messages in DNA

and wise teachings in epoch tales

passed down orally and in cave drawings

This sacred knowledge

Is the origin of all creation

The most highly evolved Shaman

keep these sacred teachings

On every corner of the planet

you will find these wise elders

always maintaining these sacred teachings

“Epoch myths” are named such

because they are “epoch”

Depicting the extent

of the long drawn out

time periods

Natives across the planet

have repeatedly told

“the smart people” all of this

But without eyes to see

and ears to hear

You cannot comprehend

What you call “savage”

is literally the most advanced

existence there is

If not

Why do you study it

at the highest levels

of collegiate education

Then rebrand it as new discovery

white washed throughout history

Evil people are clearly

always appropriating

The whole arch of humanity

and creation

i.e. co-creativity

exists within





But also in the stories we voice

So no wonder you silence us

when we expose the lie

to the light of day

The cell is your cell is your hell

Because you refuse to learn

and grow

and evolve

and heal where impaired

Like a cancerous growth

You jeopardize

the entire heavenly body

of Adam Kadmon

Attempting to control

Cosmic Law and

The Ancient Order

of Divinity

and this can go on

no more

“But what of his wife”

Not Lot

this confusion is common

Adam Kadmon

The Cosmic Man

Who is his Divine Counterpart

some have pondered

Wise to do so indeed

She is the one nursing him

to health again

Forever his

Immortal Beloved

Twin Flame Soulmate

She Speaks life

into existence

Where once the disease

ate away at his vessel

Ophiuchus Sphoenichus

AKA Sophia

AKA Sphinx

Speaks healing into being

When her beloved falls

She resurrects him again

Using sacred vessels

of initiates who prepared themselves

Some call her Auset

Counterpart to Ausar

Some call her Holy Mother

or Divine Feminine

Her story has been suppressed

for eons

Attempting to control the flow

of sacred information

and Divine things

Long buried

her story has been


In this dark age of ignorance

and oppression

to ensure that dogma holds the reigns

Darkness grows uncontrollable

when Yin remains unbalanced

with Yang

The evil elite know this

From this suppression

they gather strength

Chaos unable to be calmed

Harmonics out of tune

with cosmic frequency

Making too much noise

and triggering

disharmonic bloom

This is the result

of manipulating Cosmic things

Not having accurate understanding

or living in harmony

prevents truth and knowledge

from manifesting

in the light of day

On this day

In Cosmic time

A day for a thousand years

In God’s Mind’s Eye

We are ALL gathered

together to observe

The Great Fight

Great because of it’s scope

No indication of superiority

on either side

But the misrepresentations

are always amplified

In dark and ignorant times

The Sphinxes are Watchers

They were built in pairs

They mastered life

Epochs of eons ago

They are the

Engineers of

The Ancients

They return during times

of the absolute greatest despair

They terra form

not only planets

But entire dimensions

They left behind a blue print

for humans to follow

So that we too

can grow beyond

“the cell”

Piercing the veil

of what was

what will be

and what is

Their ancient message

to us

was sent in the beginning

It arrived well packaged

to show us how to achieve it

The flowering of consciousness

It’s called DNA

and to master it’s technology

You can use many avenues

One of them being


It harmonizes frequencies

Calibrates nature’s technology

and opens up pathways

many never knew existed

It’s built into the human system

Programmed to be awakened

when the young adult is ready

to awaken

But preventing consciousness

from flowering

impairs gene expression

This is where disease thrives

and why humanity struggles


The Pathway

of the enlightened

is impossible

when you don’t even know

it exists

Yet it lives anyway

Like the truth it will always be

It leads to an elevated state

If you can’t evolve beyond it

You cannot escape it’s matrix

and therefore will not be free

For creating such an evil space

not only for yourselves

but the whole of humanity

For this you receive Karma

the sentence of cosmic law

Under Divine Order

Nothing is lost

Nothing destroyed

Nothing forgotten

ALL LIFE is simply

transmuted energy

I am not creating this information

It is Cosmic Law

It is released in times of great need

to those who find themselves

prepared for it’s heat

When the world is unstable

but exist those able

to actually glean

the story of the Sphinx

and ancient knowledge

of the Divine hidden mysteries

When the knowledge held there

within her domain

under her feet

and in hidden chambers

is finally released

The world will come to know

Da’ath collectively

So don’t allow the elite

to dominate this space

as they do everything

The doorway to ALL

hidden realms




ALL things

Is now

and always has been

for ALL

It’s not to be hoarded

Or destroyed in waste

Walking this path

has never been for the faint of heart

those with evil intent

nor for the weak

It strips you down

to your bare bones

So that all you know

is what you see

what you hear

what you eat

what you dream

Your mind

body and soul

open to receive

sense and perceive

Because you chose to be

a sacred vessel

Living to serve

Sacred Divinity

In this space

silence is deafening

Just like when

you are alone

in space

No light around anywhere

No sound other than

your own thoughts

Even that ray has a sound

Even light reverberates

But there is none out there

Nothing natural anyway

The great expanse is so vast

Each star is just too far away

To see, touch, feel, embrace

But the one comfort

of light and sound

Is the glow

of Terra Forma

We are tethered to her




When we remember

and perceive

that those left behind are

waiting for the answers

to everything

There is where you find your strength

To keep pushing forward

Onward and upward

Keep moving

for ALL humanity

In that space

There is never a need

for any of the destruction

You simply grasp truth





cosmic thinking

All should be this free


None are

All subjected to propaganda

lies, deceit

Fear of science


Independent thinking

The elite

dominating ALL things

have chosen

holocaust after holocaust

century after century

Eon after eon

Epoch after epoch

Calling in the apocalypse

expecting to come face to face

with a god they made up

in their head


The Most High





That is why life is symbiotic

We are One with God

The Most High

God is One with us

There never was a mystery

The truth was hidden by hoarding


Also known as the elite

Because you fear this truth

you will lose

what you thought it meant

to be free

You are still shackled

Blinded by ignorance

Trapped in dogma

and fear

unconsciously creating

a prison planet

Thinking you can force

Divinity's hand

But your undoing is in your thinking

Yet still so blind and cannot see

Even Paul embraced change

having the blinders removed from him

he evolved to see a better way

BTW the keepers of hidden knowledge

are not those who are able to translate

the sacred teachings

This is done for the sake of preservation

ALL have a role to play

Though life is no game

Again, another mistranslation

But that happens when you appropriate

instead of living in harmony


in harmonic resonance

with the cosmic



Earth has not always been like this

It’s time to elevate our

Beloved Mother

Back to her original state

She who gives birth to ALL life

Must be loved, nurtured, protected

and always respected

All you ever had to do

was choose


rather than domination

Equality and equity

rather than hoarding

and greed

Love, light, support

rather than

hating, raping, pillaging, plundering

It’s a simple choice

that humanity understands

It’s encoded in our DNA

But difficult for those

who reject

the most beautiful aspects

of what creation clearly


is the correct pathway

Not for the few

For ALL humanity

Every single living thing

from birth date to birth date

This is our inalienable right

not only to life

but to thrive

to expand consciousness

to co-create

You feel

you have the right

to triage

using a eugenics campaign

ALL of humanity siphoned off

so that a tiny percentage

can pursue hate

The rest enslaved

Leaving the majority

lost out in the field

in the reeds

in the stormy desert

in the sea

In total abandonment

In absolute defeat

Unable to see

a clear pathway

Unable to understand

what sets ALL free

Choosing who

and what lives

How to live

and what is a living being


Who gets preserved

Who is allowed to

be in existence

Claiming that

life is not a right

unless you

are “right”

Believing you have

the right

To eliminate

more than half

of all LIFE

and more

Claiming the vulnerable

created all the


Always Lying and deceiving

Amplifying and weaponizing

projected hate

You created ALL the chaos

that is destroying

ALL things

You scapegoat

your targets

ALL of whom

you intentionally


It’s disgusting

You are

“The Disgusting Thing”

Seated in

“The High Place”

Of the Most High

In the Holy Of Holies

Pretending to be

Divinely ordained

“You will know my people

by their fruit”

is what many sacred texts say

But you brainwashed people

into believing

this meant monetary gain

You intentionally create

what you know

will desolate

You justify this behavior

calling it “right”

While systematically denying

the right to life

Claiming “all lives matter”

while you deny life

to masses

systematically cleansing


Afraid accountability will catch you

On This Great Day

“We go to the grandparents”

the nazis said

“to change everything”

But they went back MUCH further

In time

This truth will become plain

No one who wants

a better life

is free to live

outside of your

torturous fight matrix

This is the simulated game

you continue to create

We can’t even

take flight

to anywhere

There is nowhere

to flee and nothing to be gained

We are in a place where we must stand

We shall go no further

Here we must clean up your mess

Hold you accountable

And rebuild on the ashes from the flames

You have polluted everyone

and everything

You people have even begun

to claim ownership

of heavenly bodies

in space

As you have done

to earthly bodies

century after century

after century

I have news for you

Those of us who can see

Saw this coming

decades before you ever had

such sick dreams

Contingencies were made

Continuity Of Operations

will be employed and on full

public display

Even though they have been

temporarily delayed

We’ve already seen it



You’ve been outplayed

You were always outmatched

Because you are liars

and cheats

You are fake

We are real

We would never allow the cosmos

to become your escape

Quantum is essentially sacred

which is Cosmic

which translates to Godly things

Everyone carries a unique piece

of the puzzle

This can NEVER be erased

You have touched

every area of life

on this planet

Stripped it

completely naked

Tainted ALL natural

beauty and resources

Even the most sacred

of spiritual things

Now you are in space

doing the same

Filling up

purity with all your

appendages and debris

Calling yourselves




When truly you are just

grown babes

The result of unenlightened education

Refusing to listen when

enlightened adults speak

trying to teach

trying to correct your ways

Your lust for power

knows no ending

Your ignorance

and arrogance

knows no limitation

Your insistency

and determination

to weaponize


Is beyond measure

as is to be expected

when psychopaths

hold the reigns

While many sit back

and watch

or look away

too afraid

to address the elephant

in the room

Because you embrace

torture and pollute

as a method of

control and domination

to use and abuse

Your eugenics agenda

is obvious

to anyone who

is awakened

That’s precisely why

being “woke”

terrifies you

While the weak buckle

terrified of shadows


and diverse capabilities

The strong continue

The courageous take the lead

The wise stand with honor

The knowledgeable in integrity

The empowered join hands

The chosen lead the way

The enlightened blaze

entirely new pathways

Together we protect

ALL life

The flowering of consciousness

The future

and all the growth it will bring

What you do

What you create

What you give

What you perpetuate

What you protrude

What you ooze

Touches and corrupts


Odium Dedisti

It’s the only thing you produce

Those of us

who pursue



The expansion of ALL

That ALL may flourish

That ALL may be blessed

We reject your dominion

Your rulership

Your systematic destruction

Your systemic oppression

All that you claim belongs to you

We embrace

Mass awakening

It is literally the answer to

weaponized hate

Life blooms

where consciousness


So obviously


is just another tool

you use

to propagandize


in the hopes you can stop

the growth of Divine things

We will continue

to pursue


and it’s blessed bloom

The strong will continue

The vulnerable protected

The children supported

The elderly respected

We will rewrite

your sadistic code

With one of enlightenment


One Love

One Home

On The Road To Zion

Z I On


Ssss Eye Aaaa Nnnn




Aaahh Ssss E T

Words and sounds are harmonic

and contain resonance

The language of man

has been scrambled

To hide truth in plain sight

Only initiates know

what any of that means


ALL must know

the original language

As ALL Rasta’s will tell you

Living in Babylon

means you forget what truth is

You no longer remember

What the Original

Creator said

when ALL life was

proverbially spoken into existence

Super String Theory

draws a map

to ALL of the pieces

kept apart due to darkness

But not even the most advanced

scientists understand

It’s encoded into ALL DNA

You no longer remember

you root origins

so nature is no longer

the tune to which you

unify and resonate

A world out of balance

Unable to find harmony

This is what white supremacy

has invented

A fake world

laid directly over top of nature

Rewriting the language

of ancient ancestors

They are literally our forefathers

Their advancement so expansive

Most call it science fiction

because most cannot comprehend

such evolution through expanded consciousness

They strove for growth and accomplishment

and they achieved it through Diversity and Equity

They were so advanced man think them aliens

But we are literally their progeny

They faced the same problems with tyranny

This is why the hid this knowledge in plain sight

and taught initiates to maintain the secret teachings

But the xenophobes appear throughout history

Replacing the sacred with false idolatry

and technology to make us all

further forget

Obviously none of this is heaven sent

Diversity is what keeps any organism


and living in abudnance

There are many pathways

to enlightenment

But the destination we reach

is always the same

One Love

One Heart

Unified Field

Unified Frequency

Quantum Field

Akashic Records

Encoded in pie

The mathematic equation


and destiny

It is literally

Alchemical Art

What did all you

“smart guys” believe

the unified field

would turn out

to be anyway

You have to look deeper

to understand

quantum entanglement

It’s not just math

or memra

or genetic expression

It’s consciousness

at the micro and macro levels

It’s the symbiosis

of ALL that lives

We consciously

co-create frequency

Awakened or unconscious

This is the dimension we are in

Understanding how it works

is a blessing

Some called it frequency

Some call it particle waves

Some call it heaven and hell

Some call it The End Of Days

The truth is

We are all ONE

even when hate doesn’t like it that way

But it’s time we ALL

held true knowledge in our hands

As long as we exist in

this dimension

A frequency can


be erased

or fall to devastation

It can only be forgotten

and this error is one we must fix

This isn’t child’s play

It’s metaphysics

The true science

of the ancients

All you did

was hold truth at bay

You didn’t erase it

It IS the sun

It always shines

to bring 4th

a brighter day

Always will be

Always has been

Unum Ager

One Field

of consciousness

There is no actual separation

among any of us

Only the sleeping perceive life

that way

We are now in

The Great Day

It’s time for the sleeper to awaken

It’s time for expanded consciousness

to take the reigns

Literally speaking

This is nothing to fear

It’s simply the truth

of how to attain

an elevated state

For all humanity

Amplexus Excitatio

Embrace awakening

4 this is

The Way



Danielle Diew

ADOS, Pandora Whistleblower, Lolita Express, Torture Survivor. Life is a right fight for equality. Spiritual Warfare. THIS IS MY ONLY SOCIAL MEDIA ACCOUNT.