Coincidence? No Such Thing


My abuser died early in the week, as reported by his family. That weekend was such an extremely bloody murderous weekend in the city he was born in that there were the same number (or extremely close to it) of murders as the number of years he had lived. Coincidence? No! Even small children were shot, and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. He used to tell me about how their people “made it rain” every time one of their leaders died. I watched it happen growing up, it’s a common practice. No one is held accountable because the same people who worship those who died are the ones in charge of investigating the crimes. But I’m supposed to pretend it’s not real? That city is one of the most corrupt in the world, none of the crimes are ever solved, the residents say the police are doing the killings (which they are definitely doing a lot and have been federally sanctioned for this) police say residents are doing the killing. They do have a serious crime problem, but when the law enforcement agencies are so corrupt that the DOJ and the White House have to get involved to investigate and place mandates on the agencies due to brutality and corruption then the blame can’t possibly all fall on the residents can it? The extremist faction that exists in America operates at EVERY level of society. There is no transparency, oversight, or accountability and that is why their activities grow as Black people continue to come under attack with no protections. We are expected to accept it. Equality? No, Insurgency.

Advocate, Activist, Artist, Survivor — This page contains graphic details about surviving torture, rape, domestic violence, systemic oppression, and trauma.