Continued Attacks Against The Black Community

Every aspect of our life is under attack and the current administration continues to do nothing. United Nations

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While the White community is receiving legislation, funding, support, votes, executive actions, aid, relief, slaps on the wrist, 2nd , 3rd, 4th and 5th chances, as well as every privilege imaginable to an American, the Black community remains under attack with NO PROTECTIONS from the country we helped build. If it weren’t for the Black community, there wouldn’t have been a single Democratic president elected since the 1960s, yet here we are, back where we began. There also wouldn’t be a more diverse representation of other ethnicities within the nation, it was our mobilization and activism that brought about the human rights protections that have allowed for the expansion of and growth of other populations. Yet we remain “left behind” to use TWO older presidents terminology, because despite it being unconstitutional to do so, we are still oppressed because of the amount of melanin in our DNA. President Joe Biden The White House UN Human Rights

Black people are accused of not being human, or citizens, or full members of society yet we are the ones who literally built the nation off the sweat off our backs and blood of our ancestors. Our sacrifices every day create opportunities for ALL people, but certainly for the privileged who capitalize on our creations, inventions, mobilization, activism, work, and culture. All this to create a society that then weaponizes hate against us, exploits us through the system of oppression, and manipulates any and everything to ensure that we remain in the margins as the nation gets back to normal. I wonder what kind of leader could possibly think that these types of behaviors are even human let alone constitutional.

It’s 12.15.21 and Black Americans have yet to receive a single act of legislation that would protect us from not only the insurgents who literally slaughter us daily, but our own government who does the same claiming “we can’t do anything about it”. The worst actors are the ones who smile in our faces, pretend to be “bi-partisan” and acting in the best interest of the nation when all along, they are right wing political activists who have been biding their time to attack the people they clearly hold a deep seated hatred for. Black people are dying in a holocaust from ethnic cleansing and there hasn’t been a single action to even alleviate some of the suffering in the slightest. Simultaneously, as we suffer, American leadership takes actions against other nations for doing far less to persons in their own nations. THE STENCH OF HYPOCRISY IS SUFFOCATING JUST LIKE THE KNEES OF TYRANNY THAT STRANGLE THE LIFE OUT OF US DAILY! Amnesty International Amnesty International USA

Black people are treated like terrorists for fighting for survival from the insurgents while the American government props up the very same terrorists attacking us, claiming equality and democracy. When we attempt to tell the world about our suffering, escalations increase. United Nations Human Rights Watch All Black people are experiencing economic hardship at the hands of organized attacks BECAUSE WE ARE BLACK AND HAVE NO LEGAL PROTECTIONS AGAINST SUCH ACTIONS!

While the president is focused on what happens in Asia and Africa and prefers to ignore the chaos weaponized by home grown terrorists, Black people continue to be slaughtered, attacked, abused, kettled, and dehumanized into extinction under the administration of a president who never would have made it to the white house, EVER, without our organization, mobilization, and voting which is no longer possible for us to do.

The same terrorists the president protects are the very same people who loathe him and are actively working against him to destabilize not only him personally, his family, his administration, and the nation, but the entire legacy of the democratic party and are literally holding the planet and it’s resources hostage in order to do so. Instead of fulfilling the job duties he swore and oath to do, the president and his administration continue to support the same people who stripped the planet, the most marginalized people, and the future generations of a right to not only thrive, but survive.

While the former president has been the undoing of the Republican party, the current president has become the undoing of the Democratic party! The worst part, he is so delusional he doesn’t see this reality and persists in HIS divisive behavior further polarizing the nation rather than unifying it like HIS president, Barack Obama did after the actions of my former mentors which brought about the most turbulent times this nation had ever seen, until now.

When a president fails not only large portions of the population, ethnic minorities who helped shape his career, the loyal personnel who sacrifice enormous amounts of time, energy, and effort to support his career and the values he claimed to stand for as a public servant, as well as the service members who sacrifice their lives to protect the office, then he has failed not only in his job, but as a human. Yet, it’s the Black community’s humanity that continues to be questioned for fighting for our own survival. This isn’t even sane let alone intelligent, it’s a counter insurgency operation weaponized against an ethnic minority population within the boundaries of our own nation and it continues to go ignored BECAUSE we are Black! U.S. Department of State

Ironically, I wouldn’t recognize the operation if it were for the training I received from the same men who deployed such tactics globally starting EVERY WAR and conflict that America has been involved in since even before Vietnam. The same men who were responsible for weaponizing counter insurgency tactics against the country prior to the current president taking office as the VP during his former time in the White House. The same people who deployed counter insurgency tactics by way of COINTEL Pro in the 1960s when Black Americans attempted to gain HUMAN RIGHTS recognitions and were again treated like less than human, also aided by the current president who willingly voted to hold back the recognition of our human rights. But we are wrong for talking about it? Considered terrorists when we do? Treated like “threats” and a “danger to society” when we communicate what we are suffering, and are further marginalized by state sanctioned attacks that take away not only our rights but lives daily. We are labeled “divisive” but the counter insurgency mobilized against is is simply deemed “an opposing opinion”.

The current administration cannot even account for the number of Black Americans in this nation, let alone the number of deaths of Black Americans in this nation, or how our deaths are occurring. Yet we continue to be told that we are safe, equal, and living in a democracy while our human rights continue to be trampled on and every day survival becomes more and more impossible as we are scapegoated for the conditions forced upon us.

The current administration, just like the previous, continues to push ahead in developing a violent ethno-state who’s agenda was created by the same nazi eugenicists that were brought into this nation via Operation Paperclip after WW2. Yet we’re supposed to quietly allow this to happen without uttering a word or doing anything about it to protect our own lives and if we do fight for survival, we are brutally punished. What’s worse, my entire life all I have ever heard from the privileged class is “why do you allow it to happen?”

When we protest, we end up murdered, jailed, imprisoned, beaten, gassed, robbed, stalked, harassed, surveilled, designated terrorists, assaulted by mobs, and stripped of our rights as American Citizens. When we vote we are stripped or our rights to continue to do so. When we speak out we are censored, muted, silenced, gang stalked, scrubbed out through algorithms, and abused via Ai. When we seek justice through legal means, we are further abused by the same system that is literally required by law to protect our rights but won’t. When we seek support from other influential leadership we are slandered, our fight for survival politicized, and actions to defend ourselves, families, property, and rights pathologized and criminalized. When we organize in any way, we are shut down with impunity by the entire system that is weaponized against us to scapegoat using every primal fear that privileged persons have ever imagined.

Every day we lose access to any form of safety, security, freedom of movement, rights as American Citizens, and ability to survive as our own government continues to not only turn a blind eye but actively work against us as we are being eradicated due to ethnic cleansing. The people we must rely on for support don’t even understand what ethnic cleansing is let alone that it is happening to us in plain sight, every day. Progressive Caucus

EVERY Black person’s finances are under attack by the insurgency that operates at every level of society. Every Black person’s life has been threatened. Every Black person sends their kids off to school every day where there is no safety provided from extremist attacks. While White children go to school empowered, Asian children go to school with legislation protecting their lives, and Hispanic children go to school aware that the president is fighting for their rights, Black children go to school under the same conditions that existed when the current president voted to keep us segregated because of the color of our skin.

When an older Asian student picks my 14 year old out of a crowd in the hallway and yells at her “YOUR NOTHING BUT A YELLOW N*****” no one cares because my daughter is Black and Asian, not just Asian. So the Asian girls “right” to bully my daughter is protected while my daughter’s life is dehumanized to nothingness. My daughter is expected to suck it up and deal with her own “hurt feelings” because that is what systemic oppression is reduced to, “hurt feelings” of the target.

The Democratic Party lost this very state due to the weaponization of lies and slander specifically about the marginalization of Black people particularly in the school systems, this county being the primary target. My daughter has to suffer the consequences for the political games and failures. NO ONE CARES! But I’m expected to accept this? That’s not in my DNA! When I speak out I am treated like a “danger to society” and attacks continue to escalate with absolute impunity. Nothing changes except the increased escalations, but our rights as human beings continue to go ignored as we are told that we are safe, equal, and living in democracy.

I wonder how the president would feel if he were treated that way? I wonder how the president would feel if his children were treated that way as they were growing up? I know it would be a different story, because the same people who attack his adult children for being his family are protected while our actual children have no protections from the same people attacking us all! I find it strange that one of the most powerful leaders in the world is bowing down to an insurgency that treats him like he is less than human every day, but he’s a grown man not a little girl starting high school for the first time. People say “you can be anything you want to be” but society shows us this is only possible for those who are “protected” and THIS is taught in mandated school, where they are forced to go and be abused but don’t learn Critical Race Theory. UNESCO UNICEF Congressional Black Caucus NAACP Library of Congress TIME Nat Geo Explorers

While my daughter has to learn how to adapt to being treated like less than human by every race, ethnicity, and culture, with no aid, support, income, stimulus, relief, food insecurity and housing instability. All those same people are thriving because they have protections from the nation, aid, relief, funding, stimulus, and privilege to attack Black people. “Just leave” is what we have been told all our lives, but we were here long before a European ever arrived, why should we? Where would we go? THIS IS OUR COUNTRY!

World Health Organization Systemic oppression is a public health crisis that destabilizes not only individual lives, entire communities, and clearly has destroyed the nation, but it has taken more than 70% of the planet thanks to the lack of leadership that we have been subjected to for so many decades. Instead of addressing the problems the expectation is that Black people “suck it up” or “leave”. But never is there a time where our rights, lives, businesses, finances, intellectual properties, or existence are protected.

While my daughter and her friends are forced to “accept” that the N word can be used to attack them daily by people who are White, White passing, or White adjacent as the current administration has helped to solidify as an actual legislative action, they have to “accept” that there is no protection for them and their rights as humans beings. They have to “accept” their “lot in life” and “place” in society as “failing to thrive” because the same racists attacking them daily have deemed it so and the the nations most powerful leaders have as well. Either in word or actions they are taught that America does not value their lives, in any way shape or form, and their fellow students are taught to send that message to them daily through various means of violence. They are expected not to have a reaction, if they do they are punished SEVERELY with dire consequences often leading to the school to prison pipeline.

My daughter has already been assaulted by security who grabbed her arm and yanked her simply for being in a crowd of Black students and he felt they were “too loud, why does it always have to be the Black kids” he told her. “We weren't’ even loud” she said. Not only does my daughter have to learn how to survive the insurgency, the pandemic, surviving the abuse that her mother has had to fight off at the hands of wealthy, White men, and targeting by paramilitary operative attacks that have left us without any form of stability for many years, while she watches her mothers health deteriorate from disabilities acquired while serving this country, she also has to learn to adapt to the assaults of predatory “security guards” in school who are actively targeting Black kids for being kids.

THERE IS NO SAFE SPEACE IN AMERICA FOR BLACK PEOPLE AND THERE NEVER HAS BEEN! The irony is that my daughter learned a long time ago not to be loud because it attracts negative attention such as that which occurred with her when a security officer assaulted her for existing. Yet she receives the stigma and the negative consequences of them nonetheless. She’s so quiet that she had to be taught how to speak loud enough for people to hear her just in order to understand what she was saying. One of the things that has forced her to now speak up is not what happens to her, but what has happened to her brother. She watched him get abused, assaulted, targeted, attacked, stalked, and arrested for EVERYTHING happening TO HIM, those committing the crimes AGAINST HIM have yet to receive a single consequence.


Every day my daughter and her friends are being taught, in mandated school where they still have no protections for their lives, that they have no rights BECAUSE they are Black and that they must accept there is “NOTHING” they can do about it. While they are told “everyone has equal opportunity” racist, right wing agendas mobilize to ensure that every opportunity is gerry-rigged right out from under them in plain sight all day every day.

America currently has a Blasian VP Vice President Kamala Harris yet the little Blasian girls who look up to her as their leader are literally brutalized daily for being like her! NO ONE CARES! You have to be the “right” people in order to be protected, otherwise your life doesn’t matter. Congressman came to my school in elementary (in the very same county, just a few mintues from my daughter’s school) and told me that to my face decades ago, they are still in office making sure that we are “NEVER EQUAL TO A WHITE BOY, A WHITE MAN” as I was repeatedly told all my life. My kids are still living it.

American leadership is concerned with every other matter than the consequences of the racist, misogy of systemic oppression, I lived it, my kids are still living it. They are forced into environments where they must endure the torture, then are scapegoated for the consequences of it and told to “deal with your own problems”. NO ONE CARES! No one cared when it happened to me, no one cared that it happened to every child I have EVER given birth to. “Don’t have kids then” but it’s not exactly our choice now is it? When we said this decade after decade no one listened, now that for the first time in 50 years White women may be placed under the same conditions, it kinda sorta looks a lil bit different, a lil bit, kinda, sorta. Planned Parenthood

I have NEVER in my entire life had the ability to control my own uterus, no one has ever cared. But the very same people who complain about us having children are the ones who make it impossible for us to protect any aspect of our own lives, let alone if and when we get pregnant and have kids, just so that they can be forced to go to school and be abused for the amount of melanin in our skin, only to be told they created the conditions for themselves. Psychopathy is literally mainstream in America and Black people suffer and die for it every day, in plain sight.

Ethnic cleansing is disgusting, wherever it happens. But for a nation that calls itself a democracy to do it to the most marginalized population while simultaneously sanctioning other nations for doing far less under the same accusation SENDS A VERY STRONG MESSAGE TO THE WORLD but most of all it sends a message to the insurgency. Dog whistles are not less effective because they come from “White, liberal, democratic” leaders, they are more dangerous.

Black life matters, Black life has always mattered, Black life will always matter. Ignoring this only shows who you truly are, and what you stand for. Supporting the attacks against us further show where your loyalties lie, and not only is that not on the side of democracy, it’s not on the side of humanity.



This is the house that white supremacist jack boots built, but we’re supposed to pretend that we are less than human and deserve to be trampled by them? But it’s our sanity and humanity in question? Sick and sad! These are the conditions of a no class civilization, meanwhile our ANCIENT ancestors built civilizations with higher classes long before Europe even existed. But we’re supposed to accept the position of “subhuman slave”?

Human rights are not a negotiation they are inalienable, therefore failure is not an option!



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