Critical Race Theory vs. White Supremacy Myth

I learned both in school, taught to me by very affluent ultra conservative White men in a highly classified setting. Why doesn’t the GOP focus on WSM yet are hyper focused on they myth of CRT in schools if race doesn’t matter?

I have had controllers for as long as I can remember. Every time I write about being abused, people assume those who abused me were Black. I have never been abused by a man of color, they were White. If I don’t state the ethnicities of the men who molested, raped, tortured, bred, trafficked, strangled, beat, and deployed every possible means to enslave me then the message is lost. Black people continue to be scapegoated for the crimes against nature and humanity committed against me, us, as the truth continues to be censored, muted, banned, silenced, hacked, shadow banned, and attacked. It’s not even legal to talk about my life let alone my history. There is no pathway to justice for me. There is no pathway to healing or support. I’m still in chains. Still begging for help and being ignored. Still being pathologized and criminalized as my ENTIRE life continues to be attacked for existing while Black. Every atrocity committed against me and my children continues to be used as fodder to prove that “Black people are inferior” and “subhuman” while those committing these extreme human rights violations continue to do so with impunity, rewarded with unlimited power, money, resources, and immunity. All while being called heroes, never being held accountable for anything. There is NEVER a consequence.

I had two main handlers, both died in recent years. You would think that would mean that I am free, correct? Otherwise, who’s running the show? Who has control of my puppet strings? If America is a “democracy” and there is equal opportunity then my “personal situation” of being held in enslavement my entire life (as well as every generation of women before me) should have ended with their deaths, correct? That couldn’t be further from the truth. It didn’t end with my great grandmother’s death or those that controlled her, it didn’t end with my grandmother’s death, or those that controlled her. It didn’t end with my mother’s death, those that controlled her were the same that controlled me. It doesn’t end because the system sustains itself, no one in leadership opposes it. This has gone on for more than 500 years. When it was legal, people at least understood. It’s worst when your experiences are relegated to myth and ignored forever.

I remain under the same level of control that I was when my controllers were alive, but worse. I don’t know who hold’s the strings now. They both said they would will me to their son’s, like a piece of property. But I have no way of knowing for sure, I only experience the threats, control, and domination at a distance. They throw mountains (rather than stones) then hide their hands and technology. Yet my life remains the same, trapped. My handler had a sick obsession with me, a very deviant trauma bond that they intentionally developed with me before I could even enter kindergarten. They had no desire to lose control over me, and certainly not access to my body or anything else related to me. Including my inventions, creations, writing, art, designs, money, everything! “We were born entitled, we have the right to fulfill our desires. The pursuit of happiness is guaranteed to us.” That was what they taught me, that their right to be happy meant I had to sacrifice myself to their enslavement of me. That they could only be happy if they were using me as “supply” which is what they taught me in school, that I was born to be their “supply”. Every adult supported them, every single one.

I grew up learning White Supremacy Myth in school, so I fail to understand why CRT (which isn’t taught in schools) is so scary. I fail to understand the notion that “race doesn’t matter” when every aspect of American life is centered on it. If learning about the impact that racism has on society is so terrifying, how do you think racism is for those who experience it?

I was educated in a very highly classified environment, I was “mandated” from the age of four. Enforcement of my “mandate” in this program was executed at every level of the industrial military complex which was engineered by the men controlling my life during those very days. I was one of the first people they were able to fully deploy their dream tactics on, it became the new system of oppression that has resulted in the conditions we see not only across the nation but globally. The world is now entering yet another war directly because of it. There is no aspect of their agenda that has failed, it has touched every nation, tribe, people, and tongue. While they could have used their power, reach, and affluence to create an advanced civilization for ALL. They instead chose to promote White Supremacy Myth to create not only a White ethno state in America, but globally. “We want to create a master race” they told me, it was 1980 when I first heard those words from them. I was in “mandated” kindergarten and I had no way to escape their torture and enslavement because just like now, everyone turned a blind eye. I am totally, permanently, and fully disabled as a result of their abuses and forced labor on behalf of the “fight for freedom”. The United States government owes me a great deal of money, the honoring of my contract, my education credentials, my files, my intellectual property of the value of what I have lost, and my freedom. Yet on 2.23.22 I can’t even get COVID relief.

Both the men who abused me regretted at least some of their actions, both walked back many of their statements and actions prior to their death. Believing this would contribute to an easier crossing for them, this was their form of “making amends” or “restorative justice” as they called it. They did absolutely nothing to repair any of the harm they did to me, they simply made sure I remained trapped. Psychopath’s don't’ change, not much anyway. They had guilt, they suffered, they just would NEVER let the world know it. What they did do was force me to “stay behind and clean up the mess” they made. They used the entire industrial military complex to force my compliance, and to this very moment no one has been held accountable, I have no way of repairing the harm they did to me let alone anyone else, and I remain just as trapped as I was a 4 years old. I never had a choice, I still live the consequences today.

The difference now is that I’m older. I’m too old to be complying with anyone’s demands. No matter what happens, I can’t be the obedient slave I am constantly demanded to be, it’s not in me. When you are younger you have more fear, those fears can be manipulated. Many of those I was trying to protect have passed on, others I no longer have a connection to. I’m not as vulnerable as I once was. I’m not a little girl anymore, I will accept nothing less than what I am owed!

Yet, the question still remains. If my handlers are dead, and race doesn’t matter, WHY THEN AM I STILL ENSLAVED? How is it that I am a greater threat than terrorists organizations and must be imprisoned within this home, (which isn’t mine), for seven years without support, aid, relief, access to justice, being tortured the entire time, penniless and no access to the ability to gain an income. No one held accountable. It’s 2022 but for me, it’s 1822.

My handlers and their wives always referred to me as the “mistress”, even when I was four and five years old. “Age is just a number” they would say, that’s how I was raised. White supremacy in America has always been rooted in the domination and control of vulnerable people’s by White men. Child molestation (even when those children are blood relatives) has always been a prevalent part of the white supremacy theology, ideology, and mythology. Being able to hold people as property to them is a God given right, a pervasive myth still present today that was created to justify enslavement. Being able to hold family, children, distant relatives as property is even more a right in their minds.

They didn’t believe in a higher power, they believed they were the higher power because of their whiteness. “We have to pretend because if we don’t, the religious factions will block our access to money and power” they told me in 1980. Nothing has changed in 2022. They could be as fake religious as they wanted because to do so hid their true identities. It gave them cover for their predation. They used religious ideologies and imagery to invoke and install trauma responses in their victims, “It makes them more malleable” they said. They generate propagandized messaging for the general public because they understood the power of mind control and brain washing. They called it “psychological warfare”. But why were they at war with me, a little Black girl? “We trying to stop the Black messiah” they said. I was literally in the first few weeks of “mandated” kindergarten. I never learned how to break free from systemic oppression and racism, I only learned how White supremacy was a “right” protected by legislation. I learned that the “heritage” of White supremacy superseded my human rights, and so did every other child they interfered with. when I asked how many victims there were like me they said “as many as the grains of sand on teh beach”. I wondered how that could be possible, “brainwashing” they told me. I was seven years old when I learned that, it was 1982.

This system of oppression they perfected through mentoring under nazis from Operation Paperclip. The “experiments” they “mandated” me to endure were the result. They explained to me my entire life how they were simply using the same techniques the slave owners used during the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade because they are so effective but for modern times they needed more. As technology evolved and the civil rights of all humans became a dominant subject within legislative circles, they needed more to ensure they could gain the “supply” they felt they were “entitled” to.

I am related to them genetically for that reason, slavery. The men and women they trafficked me to were all distant relatives for that reason, slavery. They were able to demand more money the closer the genetic ties and entanglements, it was called a “niche” or “exotic market”. Many sought to “breed” with me because they had obsession about incest. They all preferred little blond haired blue eyed White children, but my vulnerability made it so easy for them. It’s gone on as long as Europeans have been on these lands, though my ancestors were already here before they came. The introduction of digital technology and computing simply enhanced their trafficking and predation, helping them amass great fortunes as I remained penniless. The slave trade NEVER ended and it, like every other disparity, affects Black lives far more negatively than any other population.

I’ve always demanded to be set free, but in 2018 I drew a line in the sand. “You bit the hand that feeds you” one handler told me. As if I was born to be enslaved to him, he actually raised me with that messaging, constantly berating me with it. His wife as well, “she comes first”, literally. Not “comes” as in she is the first priority, but in the sexual sense. I couldn’t even make it out of 1st grade before SHE began molesting me as well, not only because she is sick, but to prove her dominance. They think and behave like animals, they even likened their behaviors to wolves. They understand who they are, it’s not that they are confused. They just don’t care about anyone else, and barely even their own except for the supply they provide each other. He wanted me to be the permanent victim, always at his side, supporting his pedophilia. “it’s my dream” he used to nag. But it made me physically ill and him angry that I responded that way. He eventually gave up on that dream with me and pursued it with another child in his own family, but he never let me go. He never gave me my freedom. “I need you, I can’t live without you. No one makes me feel like you do” that’s all I ever heard.

He punished me for liking or loving others. When he trafficked me to others he expected me to obey his every word and direction, if I deviated an ounce it meant that I was developing an attachment (which I did do) to someone else and he wouldn’t allow that. Like every other person who hold’s people as property he abused me for trying to escape, even if just for a moment. When others tried to help he abused them. If he didn’t abuse them directly he abused someone they loved. Nothing and no one stopped him, not because they couldn't’ but because they wanted what he had. They wanted the freedom to prey at will and amass great power, fortune, and immunity while doing it!

Every day of my life I was taught “WHITE SUPREMACY THEORY” where a fraction of the human population embraces extremist ideologies that did not begin with nazis, but were amplified by their hate movement. Their friends, associates, coworkers, cohorts, neighbors, family, EVERYONE around them were nazis, sympathizers, or beholden to them due to corruption. That was their world, it permeates D.C. politics yet NO ONE will admit it. The vast majority of those in leadership in American government know precisely why the chaos exists, where it originates, and why it affect Black America and other marginalized populations the way it does. Not only do they not care, they are content to do as the predecessors. Sit back and deny the truth while amassing great fortunes, power, and immunity. THIS is how and why America has become a failed state. All three branches of government are hamstrung as a result of corruption, it’s gone on for YEARS! Yet, instead of deploying solutions that can repair the harm, reverse damage, save lives, save the planet, leadership continues to press forward with their genocidal agenda.

Human rights are not a political issues, leadership understands this because they rush in to protect them wherever they are violated when the targeted victims are White, that’s why Ukraine has received billions in aid, support, weaponry, and tech from the U.S. I’m not even complaining about the aid. But when it comes time to do ANYTHING to protect Black lives the answer is always “where is the money coming from” or “that’s a fake issue”. Why are White lives always justified, protected, supported, funded, at home and abroad? While simultaneously black lives are defunded, unsupported, unprotected, and never justified, at home or abroad.

I can’t even get COVID relief, payment of my contract, the medical care I am entitled to by law, or any form of disability. Even the insurance that I paid for was cut off illegally, the company facing a law suit for it’s dangerous and unethical practices of doing just that. But I can’t participate in the lawsuit, so while the White victims will be compensated, (again, like MANY other lawsuits I have been blocked from) I will get nothing for the harm they have done to my life. There is never a way for me to access justice or even a listening ear for any of it. My own legislators treat me like a mentally unstable woman who doesn't’ deserve help. But even if I were mentally unstable, wouldn’t I still need help???

Black people in America can’t vote fairly or equally, gain access to housing, we are discriminated against across every sector of society and survivability including life saving emergency medical settings. We are murdered in mass, in state sanctioned attacks, and by violent angry mobs or individuals, all with impunity. We are sexually assaulted and trafficked at pandemic rates, no one bats an eye. Crimes against us result in criminal charges for us as the perpetrators of the crimes walk away. When someone else commits a crime, we are either charged or at the very least blamed for it, this process begins with the school to prison pipeline in “mandated” elementary school. None of this is coincidental, it is by design. Yet all three branches of government continue to ignore every issue claiming “unpopular slogans” to be the problem rather than the system of oppression that is literally suffocating the life from all of us with absolute impunity.

Why is everyone so angry about “defund” but not about the propaganda that has spread through this nation since the deregulation of the FCC in the 1980s? My handlers were instrumental in engineering this process, I watched life change drastically because of their actions. Mass mind control was always the agenda. “We want a world where predators are free” they told me, in the middle of the mandated school day. The solution is not to defund schools as has happened since Brown v Ed. The solution is to defund the terrorists who are targeting, attacking, defunding, and eradicating lives on the basis of white supremacy.

The entire global leadership body ignores our cries for relief just as they did during WW1 and WW2 when targeted populations were being eradicated at unimaginable rates. The fact that the death toll to the Black community in America cannot even be numbered, (in truth our population can’t even be numbered), and that it has gone on for more than 500 years doesn’t make the holocaust null and void, less severe, or harder to prove. It makes it that much worse, the worst ever in the history of homo sapiens existence. All those who turn a blind eye are complicit, so I can see why so many are afraid to push past the cognitive dissonance. It’s a jagged little tough pill to swallow, yet a truthful one none the less. Instead of America and by extension the world, dealing with the problems they intentionally created for others, they simply deny they exist. They scrub us through ethnic cleansing, utilizing Ai to manipulate data to justify actions, then incite mobs within society to act out their abuse by proxy. This on top of all the forms of torture we experience through systemic oppression and ethnic cleansing. THIS IS THE TRUE CANCEL CULTURE! It always has been. But based on how it is propagandized in the deregulated media and mainstream society one would never know it.

America has tools at hand to use in order to calm the chaos, to balance the scales of justice, to protect the homeland, life, human rights (not extremist ideologies and myths), and the planet. Instead, America continues to deny that the human rights of Black people are being systematically trampled on through ethnic cleansing while a racist, misogynist, far-right, violent, extremist insurgency continues to burn through not only the nation, but the planet. America’s Continuity Of Operations Planning was created for times such as these, it could have been deployed YEARS ago when Russia installed a puppet president and proceeded to incite a race war on American soil with the aid and support of U.S. government personnel as active seditionists, insurgents, and treasonous traitors. To date America refuses to even admit that Russia installed a puppet president. Vladimir Putin is one of the world’s most skilled operatives, he was active in the field when this agenda was set in place in the 1980s. The actions the U.S.S.R. took during those days were a big reason for the Star Wars defense programs under the Reagan Administration. The agenda on both sides has rolled out flawlessly with very little interference. While America stated it was declaring “war on poverty” and leaving “no child” behind, the were literally, intentionally engineering Black lives out of society. Specifically children. No different than the smiling faces we have seen in the decades since that say they intend to institute changes that protect life, but never do, the same is happening today.

Remember the talks of the “Big and Bold” legislation that “ended Reaganomics and child poverty?” Not a single ounce of aid, relief, support, stimulus or least of all the money owed to me for work performed FOR the U.S. government has trickled down to me or my children's. “We educated you so you have to pay us back” I was told at seven years old, in the middle of the mandated school day. The then senator who helped enslave me, is now one of the most dangerous and powerful congressmen to ever live! He was rewarded with his efforts to aid in my enslavement with power, he is still reaping those rewards. “This is a race between the tortoise and the hare” my handlers told me. “It’s about survival of the fittest”. LOL But isn’t it a little strange to be a wealthy, powerful White man pitted against a penniless, powerless, Black child who was forced into enslavement? Strange race that is! I will never understand how a grown man can be so intimated by a powerless child, and still call themselves the victim, which he did, and still does. “AS LONG AS I LIVE I WILL NEVER LET YOU BE EQUAL TO A WHITE MAN, A WHITE BOY! I WILL SPEND THE REST OF MY LIFE MAKING SURE YOU NEVER ARE! UNTIL I DRAW MY LAST BREATH I WILL FIGHT TO MAKE SURE YOU ARE NEVER EQUAL TO A WHITE MAN OR A WHITE BOY!” His words verbatim, in class, in the middle of the mandated school day, in front of adults and students. He’s still holding true to his promise! He’s one of the biggest proponents of the “race doesn’t matter” myth, yet that’s literally his sole focus, their soul focus, their obsession, their entire agenda.

It’s interesting however that during the Obama Administration years, the agenda was stalled legislatively. Could the White rage that IMMEDIATELY resulted have more to do with the fact that those participating in the agenda “suffered” under his presidency because he wouldn’t allow them trample all over democracy? When leaders stand up to tyranny, there is a positive effect. When leaders placate, the result is obvious. Before President Obama left office, he warned of what was to come. Leadership did not head the warnings. Al Gore did the same when he the presidency was stripped from him through very corrupt actions, leadership failed to listen. My handlers engineered that set up, Al Gore was most certainly robbed. That was all apart of their agenda to control all three branches of government forever. I wish that both men who speak openly about what they experienced, to the extent that they are capable. What the world needs now more than ever is RADICAL transparency, quickly, honestly, openly, and with integrity. You won’t be remembered as propaganda, you will be remembered as heroes who stood up to the Great Bully when it mattered most. We’re all under constraints, but it’s time to come out from under them!

The evidence is of the mass corruption that is this insurgency is everywhere, however if I weren’t a part of assisting my handlers with creating C.O.O.P. as well as assisting with the deployment under the Obama Administration then perhaps I would be confused to. But the truth is America has extensive resources to address the problems that not only face Black America, all of America, and even the planet but President Joe Biden continues to ignore them willingly. Everyone in the world needs to ask why, the safety of the planet and the future of humanity literally depends on it!

The world is at mass extinction threat levels regardless of what propagandized punditry and entertainment news media promotes. From the perspective of national defense, the threat levels have NEVER in the history of this nation been higher. Just because it’s not being made public doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. This is my area of expertise, I have trained since the age of four to watch for these conditions and report on them. To provide a temperature gauged for what is truly happening not only to Black people and the nation at large, but globally. When other children spent their childhood playing, pursuing their own interests, living a normal life, I was forced into a highly classified defense program so compartmentalized that my handlers were able to molest and torture me for decades and hardly anyone knew.

If I hadn’t blown the whistle, which is literally what I was trained and ordered to do, then no one would know now. There are few still alive who even know that I exist let alone what my experiences were. Even those who did know, none of them EVER knew it all! I didn’t go through all of that to tire out when times were most crucial. I didn’t go through all of that to watch my entire community eradicated due to ethnic cleansing as the entire planet looks away. I didn’t survive it all to let my kids down, to let all kids down, to let vulnerable populations down. That’s not who I am. Unlike politicians and party loyalists, I am beholden to no one! I don’t care what you think about me telling the truth, that’s why I can and do tell it. NOTHING will stop me from doing what I know is the correct thing to do for me, my family, the Black community, vulnerable populations, ALL life on this planet, the planet as a whole, and the future of humankind. Not only do I matter, but my children and their children’s children’s children’s children matter! NEVER FORGET!

DEMS are still playing the same plantation politics they have always embraced while the GOP runs circles around their inability to lead. The GP is operating a nazi insurgency playbook and they aren’t even hiding anymore. These aren’t old times, we are experiencing life and times that have NEVER EVER happened before. While some situations, persons, and circumstances may be similar, the truth is that the times and dynamics have changed Humanity must learn to adapt tot he changes or lose it all for everyone, the myth of white supremacy isn't’ worth that sacrifice! If I can push myself to survive 46 years of “enhanced torture” including every from of sexual sadism any one can imagine, WTF is you excuse? I was a field operative by the time I was 7 years old, literally. I didn’t have the option of saying no, backing out, or failing. While I acknowledge the fact that few on the planet have my level of training, experience, and grit, I refuse to accept that as an excuse for being an obstacle to successful progress. If you can’t do the job, step aside for those who can. HUMANITY needs warriors, not party loyalists! Governing has nothing to do with political parties, corrupt capitalism does. Its’ time America evolved beyond the Imperialist regimes that have traumatized this planet for thousands of years. “It’s going to take radical change” my handlers said. “The end will justify the means” they said. But if that end results in the loss of more than 2/3rds of the planet, and eventually the planet itself, who will be around to congratulate that .01% who made it into space only to die out with one to two generations? Psychopaths in space are not a good thing, I’ve lived it, no one wants the experience! Either America ends this now or very soon, ALL children will have nothing left, least of all a future.

“They can’t lead” my handlers always said, I thought they were just being bigots. It was them who taught me that DEMS “can’t lead” because the GOP uses tactics to stop them from doing so. We see these tactics play out over and over decade after decade. Instead of learning, growing, changing, and adapting, DEMS placate. This chaos can be used as a launching pad to take an actual quantum leap into the future where growth, expansion, diversity, equality, and education can take precedent over predation. THIS is the path forward! Concentrating all wealth, resources, and weapons in the hands of a small percentage of psychopaths who care nothing about even their own children’s future has never been a bright idea. Utilizing the talent, brilliance, skills, knowledge, abilities, and efforts of the entire human population to wright the wrongs of multiple millennia of abuse and exploitation on the other hand can and will result in a brand new renaissance that can launch humanity into a Class I Civilization status. We actually have everything we need, the only thing dragging us down is corruption in leadership. COOP exists to correct that problem, so why hasn't it been deployed yet?

If all three branches of government remain hamstrung who is driving the ship? Who is in control? Who is piloting Earth ship? This government cannot remain a runaway government, the future of the human race and the entire planet depends on it! If America is a democracy, and DEMS have the reigns, where is the leadership that is has long been needed to put the nation, and the planet on a trajectory that is NOT genocidal? Instead of censoring, muting, silencing, and scrubbing me you need to be spending that time, energy, and effort gathering everything I am owed and paying me, honor my contract. But even more, YOU NEED TO DO THE JOB YOU ARE ELECTED AND PAID TAX DOLLARS TO DO! CONGRESS HAS NO MANDATE HIGHER THAN TO PROTECT THE HOMELAND! Nowhere in U.S. law does it say that Congress has a mandate to protect their own corrupt pockets!

THE CONSTITUTION HAS ALWAYS BEEN THE SOLUTION! STOP ABUSING IT AND USE IT HOW IT CAN AND SHOULD BE USED! LAWFULLY, APPROPRIATELY, ETHICALLY, AND WITH EQUALITY! PERIODT! If you can’t demonstrate that you can accomplish this, which has yet to happen in MANY years then America is clearly a failed state and you are ignoring every warning as you drive all off a final cliff that we will never return from. DEPLOY COOP, NOW!

The conditions in my own personal life, the state of Black America, the failed state of America as a whole, the decline of global leadership, and the near collapse of planetary sustainability is the result of ignoring reality and embracing corruption. Lives are lost in mass daily, the sheer amount of people suffering for the greed and deviance of the few is unfathomable. I’m not saying the GOP should lead, they lead us to the hell we are currently in and all they do is whine, scapegoat, and abuse to cover it up. But DEMS need to immediately deploy the safety measures put into place to prevent the total destruction of the species and the planet or forever, in digital memory, be the people who were so clueless, weak, arrogant, ignorant, and bigoted that they couldn’t admit to being wrong and instead let the human race get eradicated and the planet decline into slow death.


The majority of the nation, and even the larger global population sees government as nothing but oppressive and corrupt. FIX IT! YOU HAVE HAD THE TOOLS SINCE THE 1970s, you have allowed them to be suppressed for the sake of the lie of white supremacy and to support the deviance of a small percentage of the population. The vast majority of non white people are torturously suffering and dying daily in mass. Even white people are suffering and dying daily, but even that’s not enough to get you to move your asses! 100 seconds to midnight will shift again, in the blink of an eye, all that can be said about American and global leadership is that they let it all happen without even attempting to fight for it! But you call yourselves “patriots” and “heroes”?

The truth of what happened here will forever be maintained on digital recorded that cannot be destroyed, evidence is literally EVERYWHERE! If your progeny somehow survives, they will now what you did, and did not do here. Any and everything will, we made sure of it!





Human rights are not a negotiation, they are inalienable rights that we are born with. There is no confusion about what human rights are, there is only interference with protecting them. The protection of human rights will never be a political issue, it is a global humanitarian crisis. ALL LEADERSHIP NEEDS TO START ACTING LIKE IT! THE FUTURE OF THE HUMAN SPECIES DEPENDS ON IT! If you lose the planet, you will eventually lose humanity. You can’t say you didn’t know. Activists such as Barack Obama and Al Gore have been sounding the alarm for DECADES now!








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