Define “Civilization”

Because America fails to meet the most basic definition and is quickly spiraling into total collapse without even recognizing this fact!

Hacked Before I Could Finish

What kind of so called “civilization” has poverty at all, let alone wages war on the impoverished who are in that state because of failings of leadership? Poverty is a social construct, just like white racial superiority. So why would you punish the people who are the targets of crimes against nature rather than punishing those committing the atrocities?

Why do you ignore the crimes of men who fabricate wars, create global human trafficking networks to enslave massive amounts of the most vulnerable people, and weaponize any and every kind of technology known to humans? Why glorify these people, paying them tax dollars to kill, torture, molest, rape, abuse, steal, and more? Why pretend they are “good people”, burying them in places of honor where the honorable have literally been kept away because a thief stole their place?

Why, because everything about you, your society, your civilization, your belief system, your structures, your institutions, your families, your history is a total and complete fabrication! That’s why. Nothing in America is true, that’s why leaders are telling people to remain “asleep” so that no one will awaken and see reality for what it is. Why would any leader tell their own people to “get back to normal” or “sleep” while they are in extreme danger?

The only people who want us asleep, which is the same as normal, are those who are a threat to our safety.

My handlers both taught me the history of Romans. Both explained that Romans simply occupied lands, co-opted the history of the people’s they occupied, rewrote said history placing them in whatever position they wanted to be placed in, and used the church to back up their agenda. “As long as God is centered as the cause, people will obey any order” they taught me. A lot of their torture was to strip me of any identification I had with God. “There can be nothing above the mission” they programmed, as if I am a machine to be coded. They never saw me as a human being, the torture couldn’t work on white people. They died or went crazy, they couldn’t survive it. Do you know why it worked on me, why I was able to sustain the pain and survive it with my mind still intact? Because I am the descendant of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade. They taught me this themselves, showed me the DARPA research, and explained why they were able to get approval on doing what they were doing to me. “We don’t have time to wait for someone else and you are the only one who has survived”. They admitted that by 1980 white supremacy had already destroyed the planet. As the world’s leading expert who also became Vice President and had the presidency stolen through gerry rigging.

I spent the next two decades helping these men fight off some of their own people, who refused to understand the full impact of the choices they were making. “Everyone evolves at different speeds Danielle, this is as far as we could get.” That’s what they told me as excuse as to why they had to abuse me, torture me, traffic me, because “the country needs you”. lol So again I ask, define civilization. Obviously one that literally consumes it’s own people, in any way shape, or form is not a civilization at all but a group of people who are enslaved by a group of monsters who intend to prey and consume until all is gone. That’s no civilization, that’ literally the definition of hell.

It’s this long and toxic process that leads many to believe in the lie of white supremacy, they know nothing else and the alternative would mean admitting it’s all a lie. That would require inner strength, but who teaches that? Though none of the people claiming the status can explain where the notion originated they hold to the privileges that the status comes with, all while claiming white privilege is fake. Roman and/or Imperial supremacy is what ruled until the war for independence in “The New World”, but the process never changed. I find it ironic that there are so many in the U.S. government right now who are offended by the fight for freedom of not only myself, formerly my father, my children, and my family but my entire ethnic community. But then again, when you have the privilege of denying my humanity then you also have the privilege of denying me my human rights. United Nations

It’s been going on so long that many historians don’t even understand the connections between Roman occupations, nazi’s, and the current insurgency! It’s unfathomable that the very people educated, trained, and paid very well to document such occurrences in order to prevent these same cycles from repeating cannot do so accurately because they do not understand the variables at play and therefore cannot wade through the propaganda. These tactics have been active in Western society for so long that the actual shift in human consciousness, though it has existed as long as the occupations, cannot even be discussed due censorship and fear of violent backlash. UN Human Rights

America downplays the role this insurgency is having in government. It is 12.8.21 and every aspect of U.S. infrastructure is still infiltrated by the insurgency which is as much alive and kicking as it ever was. Rather than utilizing the tools available to address the insurgency, this current administration is literally shaking hands with the very people who sought to kill the former Vice President. I’m no fan of the man who occupied the position, however, I find it offensive that the U.S. government fails to defend even the VP from an attempted assassination. To this day, no one has been held accountable, many of the insurgence occupying some of the highest positions in all 3 branches of government. Not to mention other members of Congress, and the House Speaker.

Both of my handlers were the men ordered to come up with a Continuity Of Operations Plan to address situations just like this, the trained me in it. Space Force exists for that reason. The former did not create Space Force, DARPA and the CIA did decades ago, this is one of the main reasons. This insurgency has was already decades in the making when my handlers were instructed to come up with a plan for battling them. The current administration is WELL trained in the program, the president would have learned during the Obama Administration era. The idea that America was unprepared for what is happening today is insulting to every intelligence agency, military branch, and every intelligence operative who trained precisely to handle these situations. It has been common practice for the White House to scapegoat the intelligence industry when they are caught with their pants down, this current insurgency is no exception. Being raised by my handlers, growing up at their side for decades, I watched it happen day after day, year after year, decade after decade. Corruption has ALWAYS been a problem in leadership, however Civil War has not always been an active issue as it is now.

Yet we as Americans, some of us trained professionals who have spent our lives fighting to ensure something like this never happens, are expected to “move past it”? I don’t move past treason, ever. Where is the accountability? Who is protecting the homeland? Where is the concern for life? Black people are dying at apocalyptic rates and there still isn’t a single piece of legislation to protect our human rights though we are 2 years into this pandemic and 1 year after the Capital Insurrection. Every other population has received not only recognition, protection, and funding, but also support. Black America is dying, suffering, and having every aspect of our ability to sustain life systematically ripped from us every day and no one bats an eyelash. You don’t even hear about out stories in media? No one even knows what is happening to us? America simply went back to normal, the media once again became flooded with data about our apparent “lack” and no detail of how it happens, no accountability for the crimes committed against us, no ability to access justice. In fact the only time a Black person is mentioned in media is when someone is on trial for murdering THEM yet they are still talked about as though they are on trial. UNESCO We have continued to lose lands, properties, copyrights, intellectual properties, businesses, creations, and even access to public spaces. We are being eradicated in plain sight, daily, and no one is paying attention! UNICEF

At the end of slavery we were more than 30% of the population. In the 1970s we were projected to be more than 50% of the population by the late 90s. My handlers were hired to make sure that never happened. Before COVID we were only 13% of the population. Now we don’t even have a way of knowing because data is so severely skewed. We only know that we overrepresent at the absolute highest levels on every form of disparity and vulnerability. Sustaining life for a Black American is almost impossible, it certainly is for me! If I were not a former paramilitary operative I would have died multiple times just in the last 20 years alone, multiple even in just the last 7 years. What does that say about the average citizen who is not trained to survive guerilla warfare in America? It’s a miracle that any of us survive.

My handlers chose me, specifically, because of my vulnerability, the fact that I am a descendant of slaves, and because of my abilities as well as disability. Black Americans are targeted this way individually, as well as communally daily. We experience hardships that no one would ever even think to imagine were an issue, yet we have dealt with the problems for generations. No one cares because no one sees. In fact, being able to see the truth is considered a mental illness! World Health Organization CDC Flu

We’re tired of it all! NO MORE!

Now, there are many things that I have moved past. Like being called an “abomination” as a small child because “leadership” reports to pedophiles and rather than being a person with morals and integrity, they support the pedophiles while demonizing the child.

I’ve looked past being forced to be raped by grown men who can’t be trusted to find their own mistresses because they are so drug addicted, violent, sadistic, and unstable yet they are candidates for the highest positions in public office. People get paid extreme amounts of wealth, many of it tax dollars, to clean up their violent messes. Yet they call ME the abomination and I have ALWAYS had the fortitude to maintain integrity rather than kiss the hand of the men holding me down. I never volunteered to be a mistress, I was always forced through torture! What does that say about the women who volunteer to support these men?

I’ve looked past growing up in limousines being raped by wealthy elite men, some of whom went on to be Presidents, Vice presidents, Secretary Of Defense, Governor’s, Senators, and Congressman. I’ve looked past being forced to hide who I am because “some one might see” meaning, an old wealthy rapist may come across my face, and therefore I am the one who must hide. Or perhaps someone may find some form of evidence that links me to a crime committed against me and therefore I must remain hidden so that the perpetrators never have to face accountability. I’ve moved past being surveilled 24/7/365 for my ENTIRE LIFE as the United States government pays exorbitant amounts of money to keep me trapped in extreme poverty to ensure that I am always under total control, never able to escape, never able to speak out, never able to rise about it all! UN Women The White House Progressive Caucus Library of Congress TIME Nat Geo Explorers

I have looked past the fact that the very man who tortured and raped me my entire life paid other victims, himself, at the White House, for doing far less than what he did to me. Or that other victims who were trafficked, right now, are having their day in court, as I continue to go ignored! I’m not even entitled to the money that I worked for and earned because they very man who molested, trafficked, tortured, and intentionally trapped in extreme poverty decided I wasn’t allowed to have it! “If you have money someone will be inclined to believe you!” That’s what he told me.

He generally used torture, rape, drugs, hypnosis, and technology to suppress my memories. It wasn’t too difficult, who wants to remember that? “You can’t heal, if you heal then you might remember” he used to say. When I did remember his response was “You healed! I see, you planned this. You didn’t tell me everything!” But I am the one who’s sanity is questioned, as he gets berried in Arlington Cemetery with full honors! Even after those in the highest authority watched him publicly humiliate me, again, until death!

The entire time I am scapegoated for the conditions I am trapped in while my abusers, traffickers, and torturers are celebrated, rewarded, applauded, loved, given accolades, protected, and made wealthy beyond measure. Yet I am supposed to accept this as my “lot in life” though the most advanced technology, infinite amounts of funding, extreme torture, rape and murder have been used my entire life to keep me subjugated? Why would I agree to this? Why wouldn’t I fight back if I found the chance? Why would I allow myself, my children, my family, my entire ethnic community to be attacked every day of our lives simply for existing and do nothing?


No human deserves such treatment. The men who tortured, raped, molested, and tried to kill me repeatedly are not human yet they are certainly treated like the best of humanity. Why? These are the same men who literally consume women and children like we are their food, literally. There isn’t a single part of my entire body that’s hasn’t been consumed by wealthy white men, literally. They actually held parties where they “consumed” people for their “energy”. Yet these are the people who have all of the highest authority in this nation and many others! They are so concerned about people waking up because they don’t want people to see them for the monsters they are! My placenta, my eggs, my blood, my urine, my saliva, my vaginal fluids, every aspect of my body consumed and sold for profit! “It’s an anti aging tactic ad it gives you energy” my handlers used to say. This sort of behavior was so common in the 1980s that we learned about it in school, where we DID NOT learn critical race theory. We learned about white supremacy, misogyny, and many other extremely toxic ideologies and behaviors however.

We’re tired of the smokescreens! NO MORE!

These people held parties eating my placenta after my children were born. I never, ever had a say in what they did to me. Never! I couldn’t stop it, I couldn’t appeal to any legal authority. There was nothing I or anyone in my family could do to stop them, nothing has changed today. Then men trafficking me were the legal authority! UN Human Rights Amnesty International I had no access to justice and I still don’t! “We don’t know what to do with this” is all anyone ever says! That’s been the story of my life my entire life, so what would you do?

I am entitled to my rights as a human being, so are my children. No one has the right to attempt to violate my rights, if they do I have the right to defend myself and my children. It’s not difficult to grasp, this is not rocket science. It’s the most basic aspect of existing as a human being, yet those in the highest places of leadership fail to understand these most basic facts EVERY DAY and we are expected to accept it without a word! When we do attempt to stand for our human right, the violence escalates, few are ever punished, none in mine and my families lives ever have been. But this isn’t ethnic cleansing? Human Rights Watch

America has just allocated multiples of millions of dollars to help yet another white nation fight it’s own battles. Meanwhile, I have yet to receive a penny of COVID relief or a single dollar for the last time I was in that same country fighting for it’s liberation, though I had none of my own! President Joe Biden U.S. Department of State Do Black Lives Matter?





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