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12 min readNov 3, 2021


Tell the truth and save EVERYTHING or maintain the lies and watch it all burn.

Nothing that has gone forward since the placing of a puppet president on the throne has been lawful or constitutional. “Rule of Law” dictates the scales MUST be balanced.

If the American government is not under occupation, then this can happen. Why hasn’t it? Who is driving the ship? The American people have the right to know! A nation is only ever as secure as it’s most vulnerable population. If “Pandora” is not secure no one is! Human Rights Watch Amnesty International Congressional Black Caucus

Why are we still kept in the dark as a runaway government continues to allow terrorism to thrive as masses continue to suffer and die at apocalyptic rates wile leadership plays political games that no one understands? We are literally being abused by our own governments as they claim “all lives matter” as millions and millions suffer and die globally. In America the greatest loss across every spectrum of life happens to the most vulnerable populations, Black American Descendants of Slaves being the population hit the hardest here in America but all marginalized populations targeted and suffering on a mass scale. THIS IS A HOLOCUAST!!! WW2 NEVER ENDED!!! WE MUST WAKE FROM THE COLLECTIVE DREAM (aka brainwashing) TO SOLVE THE PROBLEMS WE ALL FACE!!! Library of Congress TIME

All of the genocides globally have a common origin, American defense contractors. Human Rights Watch This is not coincidental, there is no such thing in tradecraft, it’s a clue. This is an agenda and until you gain the courage to see and address it, people will continue to die. I grew up watching the engineers of these atrocities plan and deploy them. The chaos in this world is not an accident. World Health Organization Those in leadership today globally are failing to address the needs of the entire planet during what grew from a virus to an endemic disease because many are compromised, all are unprepared, and most are stuck in delusion, many even brainwashed. What can WHO do under such circumstances when the ENTIRE planet is being attacked by a weaponized pandemic that has become endemic due to corruption and mismanagement with no foreseeable resolution in place?????

Humanity must rise above POLITICS in order to embrace saving civilization. We must have a global community that thrives from the bottom up, equally guaranteeing rights to ALL, allowing ALL to participate in repairing the harm and building a NEW vision that will take ALL of humanity far into the future rising to the advanced level of a Class I Civilization.

There are plans, solutions, and strategies that will not only heal the harms done to humanity but will take civilization to a higher level of existence, a class I civilization is one where the entire planet is equal and thriving in advanced settings. Why stave this off to help holocaust engineers?

The United States Government has ALWAYS had the ability to address every issue that the entire world has faced since the 1970s. I was taught by the world’s leading experts, they themselves taught our classes what their research had revealed even then. When extremists found out that they would lose their dominance (and those they enslave) if sustainability plans rooted in equality were implemented, they proceeded to attack solutions rather than foster them. I watched them use the most extreme tactics, like torture, rape, COINTELPro, MKultra, and the Military Industrial Complex to ensure that they could maintain power and control no matter how hard any of the people fought to protect human rights.

The world is watching the agenda play out in real time all day every day today, but the internet didn’t exist then. It was much easier to suppress and oppress even the most prestigious of experts. Ask the world’s leading academics who were around in the 80s and 90s what happened within global science communities most of all here in America. Geniuses STILL get conscripted even to this day. If the science community ever stood up and told the truth about the actions taken against them to suppress not only the truth but solutions to global problems, the world would no longer be vulnerable to brainwashing. Truth sets you free.

Those same abusive programs that were supposed to end with The Church Committee are still in operation but on a much larger scale with the most advanced technology and the most wealthy and powerful people backing them today. The planet and all of humanity is suffering for it. One of my handlers provided key testimony in those hearings, off camera he thought it was funny that he walked away with no consequences. In those underground bases, locked in those rooms where technology could not penetrate, he was free to say and do as he pleased. In his mind I was his, he could mold me to his benefit. As long as he could control me then he could trust me, and he had total control. You would be surprised at the things he said and did. I wasn’t even in out of elementary school, I should have been planning my own life, not forced to feed the sickness of elites. On screen to some he looks like a “good man” however to those that actually know him, he’s CLEARLY lying just as he did at every other hearing he was called to, and lied in. Without accountability, the holocaust continues.

I left my mark in some of those bunkers. “I was here”. Sometimes it was just a letter. But I always tried to leave a hidden mark somewhere. They usually found it, but not always. Honestly, my handlers instructed me to do it so that if this time ever came….

Both handlers told me 1982 that they made mistakes and the program they forced me into was a way to fix some of it on the back end. That was their favorite strategy, let the chaos grow, then “apologize” for it and pretend innocent intent if they get caught by higher ups. “I would rather ask for forgiveness than an apology” but those times of asking for forgiveness were rare. No one ever asked.

Nothing has improved due to corruption, humanity has no more time to entertain games of any kind. NOW is the time for America and humanity to STAND. Every barrier, obstacle, trauma, tragedy, pain, and thorn of suffering is solvable if those in authority will stand up, do their job, the one they are paid to do, the one they swore an oath to do, and bring Democracy to America ensuring the protection of human rights forever. The entire globally community must be willing to do this together. It is in no way as complicated as it is made out to be, that is a stonewalling strategy used by people in politics, tradecraft, and those participating in abusive activities.

I was there when these strategies were developed, decades ago. I watched extremism dismantle every aspect of the truth and deploy the propaganda machine that is responsible for mass brainwashing of not only this nation, but many others also. Not a single nation has been left untouched by it.

All of have suffered incalculable damage that will never be repaired. One example is deforestation. Another example is endemic scourge of violence against women and children. Another is global human trafficking. Another is waste and fraud. Another, pyramid schemes that funnel money to the top while enslaving those at the bottom. Another is defunding not only life sustaining services, but also dismantling access to any resources that heal the harm done by systemic attacks while simultaneously empowering the megalomaniacs abusing the entire planet. NO LEADER SHOULD BE BEGGING ANYONE FOR ANYTHING when you are empowered to take action but are simply afraid doing so may cause you some discomfort. We’re all uncomfortable but a lot of keep fighting for the planet and humanity anyway. I am homebound, have been for year, have no income, am cut off from all income, access to gaining any, and have had all life sustaining resources removed including adequate medical care. While white people who have experienced 1% of the attacks that I have are receiving funding, whistleblower protection, had legislation passed to protect them, and are accessing medical care, all of my need continue to go ignored. Amnesty International USA as though I am inhuman. No one cares. I am literally Pandora, I change the world daily. I am only further abused for it while those who take the intel I provide and use it for their benefit, prosper. ALL should be prospering, not those benefiting from the suffering of those who do the the trench work. Yet people still claim, systemic oppression and racism are fake. That calling them out are abusive. That drawing attention to the mechanisms of oppression is “making excuses”.

While every day I become more and more heavily censored than the world’s most extreme terrorists, people continue to claim that my skin, gender, and current economic conditions have nothing to do with the harm done to me but that I bring it all on myself because of my inferior and negative thinking. That the reasons for my suffering are any number of irrational and unrelated, sometimes completely imaginary things such as; generational curses, unwanted pregnancy, abortion, no abortion, negative thinking, projection, poor manifestation, being magical, not being magical , being spiritual, not being spiritual, religion, education, lack of education, personal beliefs, mental illness, stereotypes, overeating, supporting BLM, demons, God is punishing me, the Devil is attacking me, lack of education, lack of ambition, lack of foresight, lack mentality, any and every excuse but the truth. OPPRESSION!

Everyone thinks it can never happen to them, but it’s been happening to the entire planet since the 1970s and most never knew!

New life must be built upon the ashes of this total collapse of reality. To choose more toxicity because people afraid to collectively address the lie of white supremacy is as ignorant as allowing nazis to develop nuclear capabilities, and megalomaniacs to develop augmented Ai. All of which have already happened with little to no accountability, transparency, oversight, and certainly no honesty. I grew up in a HIGHLY classified environment, they live in a completely different reality than they force the general population to live in. They have no concept of what life is for 99% of the world’s population, and the 99% know nothing of them. They like to keep us in the dark so that they can control the reigns. It doesn’t have to be this way.

If things continue along the same trajectory not only will the total collapse and destruction of this civilization occur, it could have easily been prevented and was not do to selfishness and greed, but also brainwashing. The general population will never catch up to the level of classified technology that has existed since the 60s let alone what is available now in 2021. What seems like “spirituality” and “God” is most often manipulation with advanced technology. But if you aren’t educated enough, aware enough, or conscious enough to see it then you won’t understand what is happening. I watched my handlers develop these methods, deploy them not only on me, my family, and community, but the entire globe successfully. “hahaha it’s Babylon” they said. They thought the chaos they created was funny. “The more energy we create the more powerful we are! We can be Gods” is all they sued to say. They were not even sane let alone interested in doing anything to help humanity. They were helping themselves. Why allow this? Why preserve the lies?

America has NEVER been a true Democracy but many of us have been fighting for one as the Constitution dictates. Unfortunately, due to corruption, America is still simply a continuation of the same ruling elite families that have occupied the planet for all of modern history. Invading, plundering, consuming, raping, pillaging, destroying, and looting. This is the last opportunity true Democracy will have, in any form, to exist. Do you really believe that the world can move into a positive trajectory with the current set of leaders controlling everything so that they aren’t caught from the crimes they committed on behalf of cronies? That was the agenda all along. My handlers knew leadership would fail because of their own corruption and weakness, it was always the plan. That doesn’t mean anyone should have followed it, I didn’t. If American leadership doesn’t pull itself together now, Democracy is clearly no more and the death toll is only just beginning. The rest of the world follows quickly.

Go back to the original studies that existed before the implementation of Star Wars by the Reagan Administration. What were the world’s leading scientists saying about every obstacle the world faced from the mid 70s until the mid 80s? Before the extremists occupying government, taking over the financial institutions, education, medicine, pharma, tech, defense, and every other aspect of Infrastructure globally.

Start with the boards of the companies that became the conglomerates. Who were the board members, what families are they attached to? Where did the money go? Where did they invest? Who became their lobbyists? Who became their advocates? Where did they obtain the classified data they needed to “prove” their arguments that lead to policy changes that approved hoarding the entire planet’s wealth, resources, and even human capital??? I was an eye witness to it all, my handlers made sure that I would be. Why? Because “we go too far, we need you to stay behind and clean up the mess we make.” I didn’t agree to be anyone’s slave, why should I be the permanent maid of the men sexually enslaving me from birth? I didn’t have a choice, and I still don’t. “Then people will keep dying” both my handlers told me. They never had to pay me the money I earned, who would make them? They only had to abuse everyone else and that would force me to obey. “Heat will make anything move” they used to tell me. The handler with the most authority told me that in his official office in DC in 1981, just before he assaulted me. His private detail were the ones responsible for transporting me into the building, my other handlers private security detail is the one they transported everywhere else. EVERYTHING they did required spending tax dollars, and none of it was legal. No one cares.

Just like then, they didn’t care about saving any of us, they cared about saving their own. But they were cowards, they refused to have the truth told while they lived! They left even their own spouses, children and grandchildren in the world of destruction they created. What does that tell you??? UN Human Rights

As long as you keep playing by their rules, only their bloodlines benefit. Nothing changes. The same chaos that created in every other enslaved zero class civilization before this incarnation will continue grow unimpeded without intervention. Preserving only a “few” of those selected in the 1970s to further their agenda is what got the world to this place. No matter what plan of theirs you follow, the result is the same. These men were the world’s leading experts in espionage, they were trained, paid, and empowered to outsmart the planet. That was literally their job. They trained me to watch it all and sound alarms. If you choose to ignore the signals YOU ARE NOW THE ONES RESPONSIBLE, they are dead and left you holding the bag.

At least I have the courage of my convictions. They left me out in the cold not because I had done anything wrong or because of fallibility, but because I refused to bow down to their deviance and I maintained my integrity. They still expected me to perform, in my destitute state. So nothing has changed.

What can change however, is everything. The only way the people can effect any kind of change now through revolution. If you don’t partner with the people to deploy a positive revolution that benefits, respects, and empowers ALL rather that the tiny percentage of those who uphold the very same system of oppression that continues to destroy not only entire populations, but civilizations, repeatedly, then all plans fail. No one survives. It’s not only America’s government that is hamstrung and performing as a runaway train, the entire global infrastructure is at stake because of the same toxicity. The solutions have been here for decades, we need those capable of deploying them equitably and with the conscious intent of moving into a better future that doesn’t depend on the same toxic people and behaviors that brought us all to this place collectively.

DARPA and the CIA both have EXTENSIVE records and research pertaining to all of these matters. The CIA has published many and urged DARPA to do the same. Leadership continues to ignore it all, or manipulate the data for extremist ideals in order to uphold white supremacy. As long as American leaders refuse to act on behalf of the people with the nation, the Constitution, and the Democracy that most of us are fighting to build, NOTHING will prosper other than the toxicity that brought us to this singularity. The White House

RED GOLD GREEN was never my vision, it was the Big Guys, he taught it to me in the Big House in 1980, 81, and 82 as he was abusing me. To him he was simply training me to sound the alarm when it needed to be implemented to protect the planet. Don’t let extremism quash the truth to save a lie that only brings about destruction. Weaponizing nihilism should NEVER have even been considered an option, let alone a deployed strategy. Yet I watched it crafted and deployed and we all live it collectively.

Do the research, tap those tentacles, reveal the truth and turn Earthship around before it’s too late for everyone and everything. Never allow greed, selfishness, ego, ignorance, extremism, and deviance to take the reigns again.

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