Two Americas


When I think back to my public school days there are always memories of racism and bigotry of every kind interwoven with the daily experiences. Every Black child in America is subjected to these experiences, but we’re expected to swallow it. Then we get blamed for “swallowing” the pain that inevitably will make us sick, but there is no way to get away from it. Racism is everywhere and leadership does NOTHING to address it. UN Human Rights

For instance, when I was in 7th grade in just regular old public school I was in the band. It was an award winning band, with an award winning conductor, but it wasn’t my first. I had received professional classical training from the age of 5, plus my father was a musician. He taught me all my life, music is my first love. Though this band was very good, it didn’t compare to where I had been. Because the school put a lot of money into the music program, and had an excellent conductor with great parent participation, there were MANY excellent musicians in the band. A lot of us made regionals and and state every year as well as competed for other prestigious opportunities. Parents literally moved into the area just so that their kid could join the band.

There was one student who was ALWAYS described as the “shinning star” of the entire ensemble. He was above average at best, but he certainly couldn’t play at the professional level, but his constant accolades weren’t about his music.

There wasn’t a single day that went by where he wasn’t applauded, congratulated, rewarded, uplifted, and given concessions by teachers and administrative staff simply for existing. One teacher explained it to me one day, “He will be able to go anywhere in life! He’s such a special kid! He comes from a wealthy family, plus he has blonde hair”. I was flabbergasted, that was all it took! I had been around exceptional people my entire life, he was slightly above average. I had been around exceptional beautiful and wealthy people my entire life, he wouldn’t have ever even been invited. In fact, if he were qualified to be in the same rooms, he would have been.

That was all that was required of him, to be wealthy, white, and blonde made him extra special. He didn’t have to be a great musician, or nice, or intelligent, or highly skilled in any way, he just needed those basic things that have nothing to do with him.

There were times in class where literally teachers would come in just to say hi to him, they literally held up the class to talk about how special he was. But he wasn’t special at all. He was just a white male, with blonde hair who came from a family with money. They weren’t even actually wealthy, they just had money. There is a massive difference, but in the mind of many, he was the best of the best of the best.

The wealthy families that I had been around would NEVER treat their kids that way. They understood that lying to your kids about how talented thy are not would make them weak. They actually did the exact opposite, criticized a lot and pushed for excellence or else. They also didn’t attend public school, ever. They also didn’t rely on teachers to instill a false form of self-esteem into their children with constant flattery, a process that was telegraphed to the entire school who was expected to do the same. The wealthy families that I knew expected their children to earn every accolade, including a “great job”. But in order for it to be great, it had to be phenomenal! Average didn’t exist in their world, anywhere.

But the people worshiping this kid had never been around wealth so they didn’t know that the kid wasn’t that, nor did they understand that this kids family was considered by wealthy people to be “wannabe social climbers”. lol It’s funny because I was forced to learn the white echelon, but white people aren’t. All they have to do is just be. If they happen to “win the genetic lottery” as I heard my entire life, by being born white, and even more blessed if your blonde or with money, then you are “bound for success”.

I recall a girl from high school who was precisely the same. Average at best, she didn’t even have any talents or abilities. She was constantly told how beautiful she was and how bright her future would be. She became a drug addict in high school, dropped out before graduating, ran off across the country on a drug spree, and was abandoned by her family who blamed it all on Black people! lol Black people had nothing to do with this girls demise, yet everything is always our fault. After many years she “got her life together” by getting married and having kids. That was all she was required to do! Get married and have kids, and now she is considered to be that “special” person everyone always said she would be. She never went to college, she never expanded herself in any way! At all! I doubt she ever even took a parenting class or read about it, she simply got married to a guy in the Military and literally lives off of the government. But that’s entirely acceptable, because she is a pretty white girl who’s husband serves the country. They are a “great American family!”

There was a girl in the same 7th grade band class, also blonde, very pretty, and VERY talented. She had a true passion for music and wanted to be professional musician. You NEVER saw this girl without her instrument, she was constantly practicing! Unlike most girls in the entire region she played an instrument dominated by boys. Every time I asked to play, I was denied the opportunity, “don’t bother” I was always told. I admired her chops! THIS was someone who could have been celebrated for her talent, yet she wasn’t. She could have even been celebrated for her beauty, yet she wasn’t. She could have even been celebrated for her intellect, she wasn’t. Why? She was too diverse. She had lots of Black friends, she liked Black people, music, and dressed like she walked off of a hip-hop magazine. She came from a poor family, her father wasn’t in the home, and she refused to be a conformist. She was strong, a feminist whether she identified as such or not, and truly knew herself. She was very self aware at such a young age, and that requires a great deal of introspection, self analysis, honesty. Again, all things that should be cause for celebrating this young woman who, again, was an EXCELLENT musician, one of the top in the region. But because of stigma and flat-out racism, she was dismissed, all day every day.

I wish that I could say this was one tiny example of how systemic oppression works in America, specifically in shaping the minds of children. But I can’t, this is normal, this happens all day every day all across America in every setting. We don’t learn critical race theory in schools here, we learn institutional racism in schools here, and the racists are fighting to keep it that way.

The boy was pulled out of the school midyear for doing something terrible to a girl, but who didn’t see that coming? At the same time, his father had been in trouble for doing something seriously criminal at his organization. Both the son and the father were being scandalized at the same time. The girl who was the great musician, ended up being kicked out of school for fighting. Why? Because she was always getting bullied and assaulted for being herself. No one stops the bullies, no one allows kids to defend themselves. Kids are expected to get pummeled by bullies, but the bullies aren’t even disciplined. If you fight back to protect yourself then you are not different than that bully, who never gets disciplined anyway. This is public education. Navigating the insanity of the adults involved is a career unto itself, but it’s expected.

Perhaps if teachers and administrators treated children equally, and didn’t project both misogynistic and bigoted ideologies onto the children then kids would have a better chance of succeeding in school as well as life. Despite what may or may not be happening at home, kids learn better in a healthy educational environment. If children are mandated to be in this place, 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, spending more time with other adults who may or may not like them then the least that can be done is the provision of a healthy, stable, safe environment for all. That is NOT asking too much! Instead, we live in a world that is engulfed in white supremacy, so any and every ideology that upholds the racist mythos is forced on us, with devastating consequences.

My handler explained that this boy would grow into a rapist, because that is what he was being conditioned to be. I could understand this reality given the fact that I had been raped by white men my entire life, including my handler. If anyone would know, he would. He didn’t think anything of it, he liked the idea of white boys and men being able to take any and everything at will. It obviously disgusted me then and it still does. I experienced the progression of rape culture in American society from the late 70s until today. Watching my handlers and their cronies manipulate the public every step of the way just made it that much more insidious for me. Their expectation was that I swallow the pain, because that is what is expected of Black people.

They didn’t just do this because they wanted to, they did it because they were rewarded for doing so. Just like that boy. He may have been kicked out of public school, but he switched to a private school where such matters are handled more discretely. I’m sure he was never, ever held accountable for anything ever again! His father either. All he had to do was get a lawyer.

These are the types of people who call themselves victims.

If you ever wondered why the elite rage against public schools, that is why. Law requires them to be held accountable for certain activities, whereas private schools have the “authority” to handle matters pretty much as they see fit. There are two Americas, there always have been and there always will be.

UNESCO UN Women The White House

Education Prevention Intervention Transparency Accountability Oversight

It’s not complicated, it’s truly very basic.



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