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UnitedNations Those interested in ending discrimination cannot openly support those who are outright notorious bigots who adhere to viscous caste systems that keep Black, poor, targeted populations, and women at a lower status. The language and behaviors of acquiescing to abusive persons, behaviors, and outcomes can no longer be a part of humanity in any way shape or form. If we are to grow into a civilization instead of fall into a planet on destroying itself from within then it must be with correct action now in the moment. This with the full support of ALL those in power, otherwise those with power will continue to abuse it. It’s easy to point the finger at those who have ALWAYS been scapegoated as “the problem” but this solves nothing and keeps us all trapped in a self-defeating nihilistic cycle of implosion.

One of the key persons speaking on behalf of New York City at the National Day to Eliminate Racial Discrimination has shown nothing but bigotry toward the most marginalized populations within U.S. borders. This is an obvious affront to victims, a slap in the face to targeted populations, and destabilizing to those working toward discrimination. Throughout Mayor Adams tenure as mayor of the very city where U.N. headquarters is located there have been EXTREME abuses of human rights all rooted in discrimination. If racial discrimination is to be the priority it needs to be, look no further than those surrounding the very leadership roles charged with doing so. You have the opportunity to view HIS OWN discriminatory policies enacted during a global pandemic (affecting not only national policy but global actions) systematically killing the most vulnerable in mass with extreme cruelty, speed, apathy from those in leadership roles BECAUSE of discrimination. All done so with a smile.

Mayor Adams, his cronies, and those pulling their puppet strings speak on behalf of people who operate a nazi eugenics system. While quoting the facts of their FINAL SOLUTION ERADICATION CAMPAIGN as something he combats yet literally amplifies in word, deed, action daily. He literally embraces the very actions that have lead to the escalation of mass death with incredible speed. With absolute tyranny and impunity, the system of white supremacy is protected rather than the human rights of targets, ALL PEOPLE, the most vulnerable.

Mayor Adams abuses the Black, poor, disabled, displaced, and mentally ill persons in his jurisdiction without a single ounce of accountability from anyone. Other jurisdictions follow his example and even enhance torturous, cruel, sadistic practices. Imagine the impact if the United Nations who is charged with combatting these crimes actually took a firm stand against them with correct action in every moment. Yet your own policies continue to protect those who commit extreme human rights violations, crimes against nature, crimes against humanity, enslavement of the most vulnerable, and more. All while providing “victim” protections to literal nazis, minimizing their crimes including ethnic cleansing, and ignoring the eradication of their victims on multiple fronts globally. The minute you actually begin protecting ALL LIFE AND EARTH is when you end the global holocaust of vulnerable targets. That has never, in the existence of Western rule, ever occurred.

People and the institutions they run become serious about ending discrimination and the sadistic hardship created by it when they take effective tangible action to combat it in the moment. One example of getting involved in the moment in a powerful way is what we see THE WEST doing in Ukraine to protect those considered “innocent”. Ignoring the ethnic cleansing of those targeted has resulted in the silent eradication of populations that never receive an opportunity to fight for justice let alone experience a day of it. Anyone interested in ending all forms of discrimination, protecting life, rights, the ability to survive, learn, grow, progress, thrive, cannot turn a blind eye to violations. No person, entity, or institution can minimize, deny, and scapegoat holocaust, genocide, ethnic cleansing, enslavement, apartheid and claim to support anti-discrimination.

Getting serious about ending racial discrimination means you take measures to do so and demand nothing less relentlessly until the job is done. While leaders play political reindeer games, pontificate, showboat, posture, stonewall, and reroute resources to the very people deploying state sanctioned hate campaigns. Those who practice racial discrimination as a means of maintaining the white supremacy order that is destroying humanity and earth, eradicating large swaths of the most vulnerable populations remain empowered. As long as there is a power imbalance, there is abuse, all of which leads to discrimination.

Since the days of Roman rule, of which Western society is engineered to mimic, nothing like ending discrimination has ever been done for any population. While white western binary people are protected, those who don’t fit the eugenics echelon are not. The worst part of it all is that white Western binary people have never been in danger of being discriminated against let alone eradicated, they simply fear consequences for abuse. Those with power, protections, wealth simply claim “fear” and receive all the treatment due their targeted victims. No one guilty of ethnic cleansing, proliferating nazis, and conducting terrorist campaigns against ethnic minorities in any land need be protected as victims. Ever. For any reason. If any institution were serious about ending racial discrimination, they would begin with those within their own ranks maintaining the nihilistic system. Name days and proclamations do nothing but put on a façade, a semblance of “safety”, “protection”, “correct action”, “order”, “support” while literally maintaining the very system of holocaust that eradicates the most vulnerable globally.

People serious about ending discrimination provide legal protections, like what the U.S. does for Asian, Jewish, white, rich, and male populations. Paying lip service to propaganda campaigns that hide holocaust, apartheid, ethnic cleansing, genocide, forced devolution, eugenics, poverty, and enslavement is in no way progress. The very word progress is so controversial in the U.S. that when used people are immediately called “socialists” and treated as terrorists. While socialism isn’t my favored form of government but a modified hybrid, ethical capitalist form is. There is no illegality to socialist thought despite the fact that BOTH POLITICAL PARTIES in America pretend it is. There is no mystery to the fact that policing thought is the epitome of discrimination and leads to amplifying it. You can’t discriminate, then claim discrimination is wrong.

How can a nation that practice to policy of poling the most vulnerable populations into eradication while claiming liberty, freedom, democracy for those conducting hate filled ethnic cleansing campaigns truly be interested in ending or even addressing racism? While funding, arming, and propagandizing as heroes the very people conducting state sanctioned genocides globally? Any person, entity, institution claiming the pursuit of equality, an end to racial discrimination, progress, would NOT support such actions or person’s employing them. In fact, many of the most vulnerable marginalized populations who have been guilty of such activities have been held accountable in the harshest of ways. At the same time the whitest, wealthiest, most powerful violators of human rights remain in tyrannical control continuing hate campaigns globally without even as much as a word of disapproval.

It’s now 3.20.23 and America continues to conduct ethnic cleansing against Black, Native, poor, asylum, immigrant, disabled, LGBTQ, non-Christian, victim’s of crime, trafficked, and many other marginalized populations with impunity. While the U.N. has been called upon to protect the rights of these vulnerable populations, those seeking help or supporting efforts to speak out are targeted for abuse in absolute tyranny and impunity with CATOSTROPHIC RESULTS THAT GO UNDOCUMENTED, ERASED, MINIMIZED, DENIED AND SCAPEGOATED DAILY. The world’s leading governing body cannot discriminate against the most vulnerable, turn a blind eye when human rights violators do so, then claim to be actively combating it. The United Nations must first hold itself accountable, become transparent, and institute oversight among it’s own ranks. Then establish an effective system for doing the same globally. In the absence of such ethical leadership it remains a feckless institution that funnels money and power to those enslaving, mass murdering, and terraforming globally. Be the change.



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