He Who Intentionally Destroys Cannot Be Trusted To Rebuild What He Destroyed


Society teaches everyone that it takes two to create an abusive situation. The solution, they teach, is not to fight back. If only one person is is violent then you are innocent, if you protect yourself in any way then you have contributed to abuse. Self defense is seen as abuse, targets of abuse are taught to do nothing. This is taught in schools, clinical settings, medical settings, it’s used in legal and judicial settings, parents teach this to their children. It permeates all of society. Yet people wonder why the country is in chaos. Some can’t even bring themselves to admit that the nation is in fact in chaos. It’s as if there were only ever two options, abuse, being abused. No one saw other options, taught them, and applied them. When you allow abuse to go unchecked, it grows. Why is this confusing to anyone?

The way to stop a bully is to stand up to them, period. Why do you think abusers intentionally made it socially, clinically, even legally unacceptable to do so? Why do you think this nation is paralyzed and incapable of mounting a defense against it’s bullies? This is what we have been conditioned to do. When people do in fact stand up, fight back, we are scapegoated as the problem all while the bullies are ignored. There is never accountability. The Black Community suffers more than any other because of these failings across every spectrum of society. Why is it allowed?

It’s 10/14/2021 and I’m still not considered human yet I still have no protections to ensure that I will be. Still, systemic oppression is called fake and racism is called “non-existent” and those calling it out “mentally unstable”.

The men who abused me were responsible for creating the narrative that being “abuse reactive” or even acting in “self-defense” is the same thing as abuse. They had control over the information flow of American society, but also the global community as a whole. They had the highest clearances possible, they invented new ones to cover themselves. They were given absolute immunity. They were given unlimited budgets paid for with tax dollars, and every piece of technology known to humanity. They dominated the planet, even from their graves the system they put in place still spirals into chaos according to their plans. Their strategy was to create a chaotic and combative society that knew not how to identify or manage emotions (which are seen as unintelligent when expressed) or conflict. They presented themselves as patriots seeking the best interest of children (whom they molested daily) and “good people” (whom they planned to discard in genocides). Every move they ever made was selfish, sadistic, greedy, selfish, and apathetic toward humanity. Don’t the current conditions in the world reflect that reality?

None of this was even well hidden, people have always complained that these things were happening. We just get further marginalized and ostracized when we do. Watching the apocalypse unfold is surreal, I’m shocked at how casual people are about it and think this makes them evolved. Apathy toward mass suffering and death is in no way superior or evolved, the extreme opposite is true. Even the bible talks about the apathy of people during end times. Every major religion does, yet somehow it’s seen as a plus right now? People are suffering under mind control via mass propaganda and the U.S, has done NOTHING to stop it! It’s mortifying. We can’t even document what’s happening without being suppressed. Everyone should be terrified with what is happening here, but people are too busy obsessing over shiny things and their ability to buy access to them to be concerned with the life they claim to love so much.

People think that you are “blessed” if you can buy things. Clearly people don’t know what a blessing is. What people should be concerned with is are you blessed with awareness of reality. Are you blessed with being lucid while so many others are engulfed in delusion, brain washing, mind control of every kind, and slaves to propaganda? Do you still maintain your connection to life, humanity, and cosmic laws? If you did you would be concerned with the apocalypse that is destroying your neighbors all around you as you judge and condemn them for “deserving” the consequences that you assume they deserve. What’s worst, when they do deserve consequences for abhorrent behavior, you don’t support that. You support the victims of their abhorrent behavior receiving the consequences. Where is the humanity in that?

You can buy everything except another minute of life when your time comes. If you don’t do the inner work before then, it most certainly will affect not only how you pass but what happens after you do. As someone who has had more then one near death experience, I know well what happens when we cross over. Better to use this life to work on what we are supposed to work on while here. That’s why we are here. No one was born to take over the world, people make those choices from delusion, mental illness, and ego. The world’s precariously vulnerable state is the result of worshiping such thinking. It helps nothing other than over blown egos.

When you have a near death experience, your life flashes before you. My controller literally ran a program on NDEs. They took us to the brink of death, repeatedly then revived us to question us about what we saw when we were out. “You can heal, you’re the best person for this” he used to tell me before he tortured me to near death. “We need to know what’s on the other side” they used to say as they strapped me to a table, attached probes to my head, and shocked me until I passed out from the pain. I spent the ages of 5 to 9 living this. But it’s my mental stability everyone questions, not the actual nazis who were given tax dollars to torture me in experiments for “the greater good”. But I’m supposed to trust leadership when they say “you are safe” though they have done nothing to ensure that I am? I would be unstable if I believe that.

When you have an NDE, your life passes before you like pictures pictures on a movie screen. You see everything in a flash, but it seems like it goes on forever. You see every detail that you missed when it was happening in the moment. You feel everything you couldn’t feel before, or think of things you never thought of before. Everything is heightened, immensely. You can never really explain what you have experienced, you can only try to put some of it in words. It never, ever truly works. What you experience in those moments is accessed by parts of the brain that are normally only active when in deep sleep, or just before death. It’s when DMT is released, but upon death it’s released in massive amounts. “We want to know what happens in that process and if we can learn to control it”. They did, they learned on me and everyone else they tortured. We didn't’ have a choice, but leadership said that I “allowed it to happen”. How would a 5 year old allow that? Why would you question my sanity or my humanity, but never those who conducted these experiments? The White House UN Human Rights Those programs never ended, that’s why you have an insurgency that you cannot put down.

A lot of the same people “helping” you “investigate” the very crimes that have brought America, and the world, to its knees are people who have experienced some of the same things. People who have experienced other forms of “enhanced interrogation”, “trauma bonding”, or “hypnosis”, and many other forms of mind control. “We studied the techniques used by cult leaders” my abuser told me. “The most powerful ones always have the same characteristics” he said. “Do you have them” I asked, “yes” he said, always demanding transparency. I knew where this was going, I was only five. The world is in the grip of their cult right now. The figure heads are replaceable, the puppeteers are replaceable, the founders are not. These are the ones who created the system so long ago no one actually knows how long it’s been around. They didn’t actually create it either, they simply appropriated it from older civilizations, but we’re not supposed to talk about that.

They understood VERY WELL how the human brain works. We are all of us subject to the 3 dimensional aspects of this world even when we choose to deny that reality, it’s still true. We are subject to the higher dimensional laws that affect our 3 dimensional state, even if we don’t understand this fact it’s still true. We are all subject to forces seen and unseen, known and unknown, perhaps studied but not well understood. The more you learn the more you know that you have so much more to learn. All life is symbiotic, yet so many have lost touch with this basic aspect of reality. We all suffer when we disconnect from life, reality, symbiosis. When the whole suffers because a small segment demands their own toxic way, we are all of us held hostage by the infantile, unprocessed emotions of the proverbial child that never grew up because no one expected them to. That’s the status of the planet. We have a tiny group doing just that, and we all suffer for it.

There isn’t a single Black person, single mom, disabled person, Muslim person, LGBTQ person, Asian person, poor person, LatinX person, or any other marginalized person anywhere on the planet that caused the declining conditions this planet struggles to survive daily. That responsibility belongs solely to those who have been in power and either intentionally set this planet on this path, or sat by and watched it happen without speaking out or fighting back. This truth will always remain regardless of the propaganda that now permeates the planet.

The world had the opportunity to bring about an advanced civilization for everyone on the planet, forever, decades ago. Instead, leaders chose the lie of White Supremacy and people are confused as to why this incredibly toxic, negative, hatful, abusive, unsustainable system fails in every way. Because it’s a lie!

Systemic oppression must be dismantled, there is no other path forward. Xenophobia, bigotry, and abuse of every kind must not be tolerated. There must be accountability. To continue the lie and press forward with “business as usual” is to tank the entire planet while the offenders abscond with the entire planets resources only to do it all again in space. Who thinks this is anyone's viable solution? The people who destroy a civilization can not be relied upon to save it! United Nations UN Human Rights UN Women The White House

Humanity has the ability to evolve, extremism at every level prevents it!



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