Danielle Diew
2 min readJan 27, 2023


The Scar

So full of life, energy, vision

You took me to your favorite place

Laid me down, naked

Cold, dark, windy

The oceans waves threatening

To wash us away

You timed it to the second

Our union, communion, hemi-synch

Super ascension

Orgasmic synchronicity

Time scales lapsed

Zero point



Infinity in our collective heads

We are one

With every thrust

Every movement

Every gyration

Every utterance

Every rumbling

I hear you calling now

As if I am still there

Bitter, biting cold

Until the fire in my spine

Warms my body within

Tingling in my head

As the heat from your body

Sinks into my skin

No other has EVER

I wonder who can

Such moments

Can’t be forgotten

Your sweat in my mouth, eyes

Your tongue gently searching

For my breath

Your passion rising

Your steal reserve softened

In each moment

Your beauty leaking into me

My fears melting away

My pain, eviscerated

Even if only in those moments

Your soul bonding


One with me, my future, my destiny

Powerful imprint

Such a sweet hybrid union

Even in my own head

To this moment

You remain

The most powerful man

This world has

I see clearly

The reason

I always have

All the claires

All the tests

All the responsibility

All the suffering

Life balancing on your back

Until you have reached such states

You don’t know risk, life, breath

Love of heritage, culture, blood, oath

Kith, kin

With you Beloved

This for me

Is my reason for existence

Old Kingdoms rising

Ol’ Kingdoms falling

Empires built & destroyed

In milliseconds

All in a flash

People think you are someone

Completely different

Than the true man

You have no need to prove a thing

What true power is

All the love inside of you

Literally keeping the planet

In balance

You wondered how, why

I could see it

But you knew

The first second

You laid eyes on me

For this

I AM created

Be cool Beloved

The future vision

Is howling



To be born again

This fertile vision

Shall reach fruition


Flowering of consciousness

Love, light, equality

Safety, space expansion

This is your calling

I simply convey the message

Love Always

So Be It

p.s. my thighs aren’t so strong anymore,

now the strength is all in my pineal



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