Google should set up a secure way for people in danger or in vulnerable situations to reach out for help securely. Of course, if you are in immediate danger of harm dial 911. If it’s not a situation that 911 can or should handle, Google should have a list of resources people can choose from to send a secure message that will be seen and responded to by someone trained to address the concerns appropriately. Everyone should have access to support when needed! COVID changed the world, it’s time we changed to keep pace. This would be a great use of funding that would actually help people gain access to the support they need, this could be configured to carefully reduce and potentially even eradicate bias in the process. For YEARS now I have been denied, help, aid, resources, and support due to implicit bias and intentional racist attacks. This is a problem that must be addressed. If the Government is unwilling, the public should be. BIG TECH gets ALL the funding, use it for good rather than evil.

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