Human Rights Are Not A Political Issue

They Are Inalienable so why are they allowed to be politicized as hundreds of thousands die nationally, and millions globally? Library of Congress TIME Nat Geo Explorers

Danielle Diew
21 min readNov 12, 2021
Will The Center Hold?

No one has the right to deny me my humanity, yet it happens daily in America. The average American has no idea what human rights are, and legislators like it this way. That’s why education has been under attack for decades, and those who have been proponents of defunding public education applaud the attacks against the institution as children suffer. They grow into disgruntled adults who can’t comprehend what’s happening around them and end up inflaming the fire rather than finding the solutions to putting it out.

It’s been happening as long as I have been alive, there has never been a time in my entire life where public education was not consistently and pervasively being attacked and defunded by right-wing extremists masking as “child advocates”. Considering the impact of such sustained attacks, it would behoove legislators to protect the rights of children to gain access to quality education, equally without regard to race, social status, religion, ethnic origin, or gender. But this doesn’t happen, though it is the express mandate of Congress to do precisely this. Education is a human right, yet all 3 branches of the united states government have been guilty of violating this very basic tenet of a so-called “civilized society”, far from advanced but appears so because of a lack of education. UNICEF

Access to medical care, particularly during times of grave conditions such as a pandemic, is a human right. Yet, medical care was defunded with one fail swoop of instituting “for profit medicine” in the 1990s. I watched my handlers engineer the agenda throughout the 1980s and work tirelessly to deploy the counter intelligence operations nationally. Why would Americans be actively deploying counter intel operations against Americans? It’s been happening since the civil rights movement and is a direct result of it. These were all aspects of the COINTELPro and COINTELPPro 2.0 operations that were fully supported by the highest levels of government across many spectrums.

Literally removing human rights from particular populations is the status quo in America, this is what “get back to normal” means. “The right people will get their needs met” I was repeatedly told by those in the highest level of authority in government, as an elementary school student in an Advanced Academic Placement Program with an emphasis on Social Sciences. The world’s leading experts in every subject matter were brought in to teach us, daily. We worked at our own pace. I was required to finish a masters, with elite operative training, and an emphasis in particular specialties, all by the middle of 4th grade. But I’m not supposed to talk about it. Cori Bush for Congress Ilhan Omar Rashida Tlaib Elizabeth Warren Maxine Waters

We had field trips weekly. I personally travelled the world, learning on site, in the field. This is the kind of education you are given when you live in affluent communities. THIS WAS PUBLIC SCHOOL, THIS PROGRAM IS STILL FUNDED BY U.S. TAX DOLLARS. But just like I wasn’t welcome then, people of color are not welcome now, not at the same levels as white children. Least of all Black Americans. I repeatedly had attempts made on my life, and was trafficked within this program, “you need to pay for what we have given you” those with oversight over the program told me. That is how easy it is to dismiss a Black person’s human rights in America because there is no accountability. Everyone else got the education for free, just not me.

My father was an elite soldier and operative, he certainly was not paid according to the level of his performance, was also conscripted, and was withheld from gaining access to the benefits that every operative at that level is entitled to. Just like myself. He died penniless, alone, in need of medical car for the injuries he sustained fighting for this country, without ever receiving compensation or acknowledgement for the violation of his inalienable rights. Instead, like myself, he was given “favors”. Two of his children being educated in elite environments was one such favor. Living in an affluent community was another. We were tortured because of our race, but we were the first to do what we were doing. So we pushed through the constant attacks to gain what we could, not only to benefit ourselves but our entire community. Every step of the way our rights were attacked, violated, and abused. Few stood by us, just like now. If it weren’t for the fact that wealthy elite men wanted to exploit us, we wouldn't have survived it. That’s what “human rights” look like for Black people in America. That was the 70s and 80s, it’s 2021, nothing has changed except that White people have grown wealthier and Black people more impoverished. Though the men who engineered these illegal and abusive programs are dead, the crimes continue because no one is held accountable. Ever.

Since then I watched the medical treatment of Black persons decline to a state of literally being killed for seeking medical treatment. It happened to scores during COVID, but it’s been happening since integration. It happened to both of my parents. We have NEVER had access to adequate medical care in America, yet people still call systemic oppression fake along with the very real medical problems we face because of it.

Even our own “lawyers” ignore our rights, because there is no accountability. People are literally paid to prevent us from gaining access to what we are constitutionally entitled to. No one holds anyone accountable where Black life is concerned, even when murdered, even when the murders are live streamed. This has been a steady progression since the passing of the Civil Rights Amendments. Both parties are guilty of committing the same crimes, they simply take a different approach. While there are some who are sincere about doing their jobs and working toward equality in America, most legislators are beholden to the corrupt cronyism that has permeated the environment longer than I have been alive. My handlers didn’t create the system, but they created the modern version of it. I watched them abuse every aspect of government, legislation, lobbying, personnel, tax funding, inalienable rights, human rights, constitutional rights, and natural law to achieve whatever agenda they pursued. Nothing EVER stopped them. Even when Congressman and Judges stood up to them in the hopes of upholding constitutional rights, they were bullied into submission. There were some who tried to help me at some points throughout the years, their entire families were threatened. They were forced to back down. “Pedophiles become very dangerous when someone tries to take their supply away” my “ficitve father” told me all my life. It became something of a mantra for him, but always a warning for me. “Every time you ask for help someone dies, and it’s your fault” he taught me. I learned to keep quiet, but to leave a trail. I never spoke up publicly until most of them were dead, and when I did speak up it was because some of their own rogue racist right-wing nuts were attacking me and exposed my background publicly. They outed me, all I did was fight back!

No one has ever, ever been held accountable and they weren’t even the worst offenders despite their many genocidal programs. It’s time the world admitted the fact that WW2 never ended and we are all in the same holocaust that America welcomed in after Hitler’s fall. The most marginalized in America are suffering as a result, Black American Descendants Of Slaves are the greatest target and the population suffering the most damage across all spectrums of life.

American society is now and always has been hierarchical, the most marginalized on the bottom of the pyramid where we are forced to hold up the entire system with all of our labor through exploitation, while receiving not a penny of trickle down support. All resources are funneled directly to the top of the pyramid where all power and resources are hoarded, including medical care. There is no such thing as access to anything when you are at the bottom. People assume that because there are programs that exist to aid suffering people, that we can gain access to them. Systemic oppression ensures that multi-layered barriers are in place, always, to ensure that we never do. If we do happen to gain access then we are punished severely for it, even criminalized. As has happened to my family decade after decade, generation after generation. This leaves the entire population at the bottom of the pyramid vulnerable to exploitation of every kind, like sexual assault, domestic violence, human trafficking, every kind of crime, abuse of authority, state sanctioned violence, economic attacks, extremist attacks and hate crimes, slander which leads to further marginalization and of course making us less safe. This is life in America for most Black people, though we continue to be scapegoated for every aspect of these violent assaults as we are told that systemic oppression is fake. UN Human Rights

I have had multiple car accidents, some arranged by people who were abusing me. I have NEVER received adequate health care after a car accident. I continue to suffer pain, arthritis, inflammation, trigger points, and exacerbation of the disabilities I already had prior to the injuries from the accidents. Not only have first responders ignored my medical needs, so do nurses, doctors, specialists, and even social workers and case managers who literally exist to aid people in that very position.

These are all common practice in America, this is what “normal” is for Black people. No one is required to respect our human rights because there is no legislative protection, so no one does. The only time this may not happen is when the person is wealthy, but even then they are still attacked. If people can be brutally attacked, or neglected, in a medical environment that literally exists to save lives what do people think happens in other arenas where there is less of a spotlight and fewer “care” personnel?

Prior to attempting to obtain care after yet another car accident I was partially disabled, I am now totally, fully, and permanently disabled directly due to medical abuse and neglect. I have been physically assaulted multiple times by multiple medical personnel, at different medical facilities during medical emergencies. No one has EVER been held accountable. I have never been compensated for pain and suffering. I have yet to receive the medical care that I need to even address the most basic needs let alone life threatening conditions, disabilities, or even COVID. But I am expected to trust the very community that has abused me my entire life. This is entirely irrational yet I am the one scapegoated as “mentally unstable” for not trusting the very system that continues to dehumanize and violently assault me while completely trampling all over my most basic human rights. But I’m not supposed to talk about any of it and I get attacked, criminalized, censored and muted for doing so. Meanwhile, all those committing the attacks are rewarded.

I had to take over my own care. If I weren’t a former paramilitary operative trained in field triage, I would have died many times over. World Health Organization CDC Flu But America says there is equality and safety for Black people, this is a dangerous lie that is clearly being propagandized to further abuse our human rights and dehumanize us not only on individual levels, but as a whole community.

My handlers were instrumental in pushing for extreme right-wing policies, indeed they engineered most of the policies that have been implemented over the past 5 decades. They created the defense contractor industry, they enhanced the lobby, they created the largest and most influential conservative think tanks that are responsible for the most racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, antagonistic, and abusive policies that have been launched since the 1960s. These organization receive funding to recruit, train, and deploy right wing operative who deploy “theater” politics masked as freedom advocates. Americans are so brainwashed they don’t know what freedom is let alone that ALL have been consistently losing rights and freedoms for decades. “By the time they figure it out it will be too late and they will be powerless to mount a defense” I was taught in mandated school, 1982, Reston VA, classified location, middle of the school day. I should have been learning coding, instead I was being taught racist right wing politics. “She needs to be taught both sides” they claimed. I never had a choice. I was force fed a nazi agenda that literally tortured me for not accepting, but people are complaining about CRT? I didn’t learn that in school, I learned bigotry. My kids never learned CRT, they were also taught bigotry. If American government were not hamstrung by extremism, these extremely disturbing issues would have been addressed appropriately decades ago, but it wasn’t so here were are.

“We always find a way to get around the law, if we can’t we change it”. That is what they have taught me since mandated kindergarten in 1980, classified location, Reston Virginia. But I’m not supposed to talk about this. They were notorious for creating mandates, one way or another, then making it impossible for marginalized persons to fulfill them. Criminalization for “failure to comply” is always the result. I can’t count the number of times that this very scenario has played out in mine, my extended family's, and my immediately family's lives while we are brutally and callously punished for “non-compliance” though we have committed no crime to be under such penalties. This is life in America for Black people but if when we talk about it we are labeled “terrorists” or “extremists” or “divisive” or “a bully”. I am certainly capable of bullying, that’s what operatives are trained to do, bully the bully. However, I haven’t bullied anyone, yet. If I am going to suffer the consequences for the behavior, I better be guilty of it first. Bullying the bully however is called self-defense but since Black people are always seen as “guilty” we are not allowed to defend ourselves. But some of us don’t accept being bullied, and never will. As a child I was a pacifist, that was tortured out of me by the time I was 7, being bullied is not an option for me, it never has been.

UN Human Rights The average White person has no concept of any of these aspects of Black American life. We live in two worlds, but this reality is still called fake simply because they are not the targets of such attacks. Those in positions of authority are the engineers of theses policies and they utilize those at the bottom of the pyramidal hierarchy to enforce them violently, rewarding them with favors such as “freedom” to commit crimes against persons of color with impunity. Weaponizing one vulnerable population against another has always been one of their favorite actions because it usually costs less money. Human Rights Watch You have only to compare tactics used against non right-wing groups in other nations where there has been U.S. involvement to see the pattern. In fact, there isn’t a single action that has taken place since the 1960s that my handlers were not instrumental in engineering. The results are always the same, total and complete devastation. “I’ll turn that country into a sand pit” I grew up hearing from them. Look around the world today.

The obvious pattern of extreme human rights abuses are rampant, always connected to the very same corrupt persons, and tied to the same organizations empowered by these same men to install right-wing extremism in various strategic places not only domestically but internationally. At the same time, they were looting the world’s treasuries and vital resources using the most advanced classified technology to bully, abuse, surveil, and entrap whomever they chose. Every “crisis” that the planet now faces is a direct result of this racist right-wing agenda that was decades in the making and deployed by the very men who raped and tortured me daily during all of my developmental years. But I’m supposed to pretend this isn’t true and accept that I am a “traitor” for fighting back by blowing the whistle a the abusers are embraced as “good people”, “fine people”, and “patriots”.

The world cannot continue to ignore these matters. There have been multiple genocides as a result, including the Black Holocaust that is still being denied after hundreds of years though it plays out daily in plain sight and even live streamed, yet it’s still called fake. It’s time to undue the mind control, release those enslaved, and put down the nazi insurgency once and for all. If you are too afraid, step aside and let those who are educated, trained, and experienced at bullying the world’s worst bullies. It’s what we do! There are plenty of us all over the world, we have no qualms about getting the job done!

These same men are guilty of being instrumental in Operation Paperclip, and every other operation like it that used tax dollars to smuggle Hitler’s nazis into America in classified military and intelligence operations. These war criminals were given asylum, new identities, homes, well paying jobs, positions of privilege and authority, as well as access to some of the nations MOST HIGHLY SENSITIVE CLASSIFIED INTELLIGENCE. I was forced to mentor under one of these men from the age of 5 until the age of 21, he never denied having been a nazi who believed in their hateful ideologies. He ALWAYS reported directly to the White House and was NEVER held accountable for his actions in nazi Germany or for his participation in war crimes here on U.S. soil. Neither has any other nazi who was given asylum and U.S. tax dollars to deploy the same tactics here in the U.S. that were used in nazi Germany.

Right wing extremism will always weaponize different marginalized groups against one another, should we ever unite we would have all the proof we needed to take them down once and for all. After Nuremberg, nazis learned how to hide their crimes better, we all suffer for it but Black America more than any other population here in America.

There isn’t a single experiment that was deployed in nazi Germany that I, my father, and countless others in the MkUltra Monarch Butterfly Program have not experienced. My handlers authorized me decades ago to expose it. Why? “We go too far, we need you to stay behind and clean up the mess we make. If you don’t your people will continue to die, they are the most heavily targeted”. THIS is the predicament I have been in my entire life. Damned if I, damned if I don’t. So I do!

Every heinous act committed against the Jewish population, Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Roma population, gay and lesbian persons, and disabled people. At the time of my being conscripted into this nazi program, I was 4 of 5 of those populations. They tortured me more than the average victim, the torture continues to this day yet my family and I continue to be denied aid, relief, or lifesaving interventions. My father and I as well as all the other countless victims have experienced gassing, chemical experiments (my handler was on the board of a major chemical company involved with Agent Orange), breeding, molestation, rape, trafficking, psychic experimentation, remote viewing experiments, torture, near death experiments, DMT experiments, drugging, mind control, the separation of the “soul” experimentation, POW torture experiments, Manchurian Candidate experiments, and countless other crimes against nature and humanity. It’s impossible for me to even remember everything that I have survived. I could live for another 100 years and NEVER remember all that has been done to me. It’s impossible, it’s gone on every day of my life, in plain sight, without let up.

My father died alone, in pain, never able to tell his story, as did my mother. As did my son’s father, also impacted by all of the above, and my step-son who is surely one of the sweetest and most gentle humans I have ever encountered. To me he was an Earth angel and he deserved better. WE ALL DID! WE ALL DO! My ENTIRE FAMILY has been devastated generation after generation without so much as the slightest acknowledgment from anyone in authority other than the very men who abused me. When people say “I wish we could just move on” it is because they are complicit and don’t want to be caught in crimes against humanity, and nature. Would you?

The same thing that was done to my parents has been attempted on me multiple times, I just keep refusing to die, inconveniently for extremists. I promised my parents that I would tell their stories one day, I haven’t even started yet. Amnesty International USA Amnesty International

It’s 11.12.21 and I have yet to receive a penny of direct COVID cash stimulus payments, I have even been denied local stimulus aid, repeatedly. I am continually denied public assistance, even access to food and assistance to help pay utilities. The U.S. government could simply pay me what they owe me, but they refuse. They could unredact my credential, yet still refuse. They could do a number of things to help heal the harm they allowed to happen to my family for generations, yet they refuse.

My family and I have suffered so many abuses over the past 3 years that at one point I wasn’t even able to speak, sit up, walk, brush my teeth, do my hair, or take care of myself in any way. I was REPEATEDLY abused during long term-care particularly by my own aides who were paid by the state to care for me and they literally harmed me regularly. I was burned several times, left without food, left alone in the middle of seizures, stolen from, slandered, called demonic, subjected to the N word, accused of being abusive, and so many other assaults. NO ONE HAS EVER BEEN HELD ACCOUTNABLE! What did Medicaid pay for?

There wasn’t a single long term care aid that did not use racist, religious, or identity bigotry as an excuse to violate my human rights. EVERY TIME I report any of these crimes, they are dismissed. There is never a single time where anyone is ever held accountable. When you add up a lifetime of these extreme abuses without intervention or relief, you obviously get a very tired and overwhelmed person. The assumption is that I bring it on myself, that I must be incredibly mentally unstable, and that I am weak. In truth, could I have survived any of it if that were true? I wasn’t allowed to be weak, ever, torture ensures that there is never ever room for weakness or fear. “Pain is fear leaving the body” they told me, as they raped and tortured me, during all of my developmental years. “If you’re going to survive you need to be strong and strategic” they used to say. Well here I am, how do you like me now?

Before I was anything I was a soldier. “You will be forced to survive any situation you are placed in. You are being trained for a purpose”. That was all I ever heard growing up, in mandated school, where I was never ever safe but always abused. UN Women

My handlers understood outcomes in ways 99% of the human population will never fathom. Why? Access to information. They always controlled all information flow, not just domestically, but globally. If another nation had intel, tech, or personnel that they wanted, they took it. On behalf of “American Exceptionalism” and “white supremacy” of course, and they are applauded as “superior” and “patriotic”. I have been deployed on many such missions since the age of 5 years old.

Don’t get me wrong, this is my country. I belong here. I was born here. My family has been on this land for so long that I can trace my roots (with no effort) back to the 300s. I haven’t even begun to truly put work into doing more research, but if I chose to our family is as old as this land. This is my country, it always has been. THIS is where I belong. THIS is where we belong. Yet extremism sees it differently, and my family and I have been persecuted, in our own country, because of the color of our skin, for hundreds of years without let up because of the campaign of hate.

I am just one of many, we are just one family, there is no way to calculate how many of us have been victims of this holocaust. Yet the entire global leadership body continues to deny these systematic atrocities and/or turn a blind eye as WW2 nazi crimes continue right here on U.S. soil without let up since the 1940s.

We have no rights, there is no legislation to protect our lives, we are being ethnically cleansed, and very few in leadership care. What does America think a full blown nazi nation will look like? The ONLY thing that has held them at bay is the willingness for Black America to stand and fight in the face of extreme hate. Why do you think human rights and the ability to fight against the violations thereof are under extreme attack??? No one else is fighting as hard, or losing as many casualties. No one else has to, it was engineered this way and we’re called “unstable” for drawing attention to it.

The rise of the 3rd reich in America was planned in the 1940s. My handlers taught the agenda to me in the 1980s. Why? They themselves HATE all things nazi other than, their experiments. They wanted the intel, but not the consequences of living under their dogma. “With nazis you have to obey, and we obey no one” they told me. They had no problem being fascist, or abusive, they just didn’t want anyone else taking the power from them. You can see the rift in right-wing politics today, it’s blatantly obvious. They are simply performing, this is what is meant by “theater” politics. It may seem legitimate, but it’s literally a counter intelligence operation using propaganda to destabilize populations. The right has been operating in this manner with increased escalations for decades on U.S. soil using tax dollars. It escape the understanding of average Americans because of a lack of education. The intelligence communities have been warning legislators all along, they have consistently been ignored.

Until America addresses the racist, fascist, nazi elephant in the middle of the nation systematically dismantling democracy for the sake of an actual nazi coup that obviously favors White, hetero, male dominated Christian supremacy and the ruling elite, this nation will not only fail to survive, but neither will the planet. “If they can’t have it no one will” is what my handlers told me in 1980. It’s 2021 and the agenda is moving forward unimpeded. Leadership has ignored EVERY SINGLE WARNING up until this very moment with apocalyptic consequences. Weaponizing the climate crisis was ALWAYS the agenda, this I was taught all of my developmental years. “To dominate the entire planet, you have to dominate all life sustaining resources”. The elite are literally looking into using the actual sun to manipulate the planet. This civilization can’t even rank on the class system, yet they think they can control heavenly bodies? THIS is how planetary systems die.

“Back to normal” ensured that the elite and their allies thrive while the rest of us “go back to basics” as if we are living in prehistoric times. That has always been the agenda. They believe they can take 1% of the worlds wealthiest people ( because in the minds of white supremacy that means they are the most intelligence) and start humanity over again. According to their extremists ideologies this “solves the problem of the human condition”. These nazis literally labeled “life” a problem and “humanity” a” sickness” that could only be solved by global mass extinction. American leadership has been resigned to this path since the 1980s. I interviewed COUNTLESS people growing up, only one person believed and actively fought the agenda, and one person disbelieved that it could happen but actively fought it anyway just in case. Everyone else, caved. Again, if you don’t have the knowledge, skills, experience, integrity, ethics, training, and experience to do what needs to be done to put an end to this nazi agenda forever, then step aside and let those of us who are more than ready, willing, and able do what we were created to do. There are HOARDS of us globally being held at bay for the sake of the very agenda that intends to end 99% of the population. Again, what do you think an all nazi world looks like???

This is What white, male, dominated “superiority” looks like. This civilization can’t even get rank yet ancient diverse civilizations were so highly evolved that modern humans can’t even understand their science or how they even came into existence. If we can’t achieve what ancient civilizations did, this obviously is not superior. It’s time that DARPA was forced to tell the truth. But we’re not allowed to talk about this.

As long as all anyone has to do is say “I don’t believe you” and no one is held accountable, the problems grow and so to does the destruction of not only the entire Black population, democracy, and freedom, but the world. If they can’t take the planet the plan to leave it, that has ALWAYS been the agenda. Either way they are using the worlds resources and treasury to do it and what may or may not be left behind is slow death. You can’t expect people who create chaos to calm it. You also can’t expect psychopaths to bring about healing.

How many more deaths will it take before Congress AND the United Nations do what they exist to do? What are the contingencies when all else fails?? U.S. Department of State Because all else has failed and winter is coming!

The White House Particularly Supreme Court of the US what is more important, the preservation of life, the planet, and democracy? Or maintaining a nazi agenda that plans to eliminate more people than anyone is prepared to accept? “Life is not a right” I grew up being told by these nazis. This is what they believe, these are your leaders. Do you agree? Because if you work FOR them, you are not one of them and therefore you are also disposable.

They are just getting started Progressive Caucus

“If you don’t come home, people will continue to die” they told me, 1980, middle of the school day, classified base, Reston Va. I should have been learning coding, instead I was being trained to do this.


Honor my contract and unredact my education so my family and I can survive and I can get on with doing what billions were spent to prepare me to do! President Joe Biden



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