Reality Check

Danielle Diew
1 min readJun 21, 2024


The Ten

They don’t know everything about me no one does and no one ever will

But they have ALL had me under surveillance for decades

They know enough to know I Am not what people are slandering me to be

They just don’t want to be caught for being predators and give zero fux about taking it out on me

They always have

Those are your buddies

The mfrs you help get away with preying on kids from the crib to the grave they put us in

That’s who YOU are

The person who participates in THAT

Destroying the lives of people already preyed upon, with no human rights protection

Because you can’t feel any other way

You have to cause people pain

You’re psychopaths who torture children and run paramilitary operations against them to destroy their lives and turn them against their only parent

Then you laugh at their suffering

That’s the kind of filth YOU are

Spare the judgement

You aren’t qualified



Danielle Diew

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