“She Abuses the System”

No Turning Back

Accusing people of abusing a system that was specifically designed to destroy us is one of the best examples of abuse of authority that exists within the machine of oppression. Yet, systemic oppression is still called fake. It’s done all day every day to marginalized populations, particularly Black Americans. People, even direct service staff, believe in their files and data rather than the humanity of the people (some anyway). You can’t tell someone to look at the individual circumstances and understand what a person or a family has experienced. It doesn’t matter how many extreme attacks you experience if you are of a particular class of Americans or you don’t fit the picture of the ideal they believe you should fit, you can never be good enough to be seen as a human in need of help. You will only ever been seen as the slander or misrepresentation that your files or implicit bias indicate. The most marginalized Black Americans live this oppression every day and we are called mentally unstable for trying to point out the violations of our human rights and pushed further into the background as some sort of “untouchable” with a scarlet letter.

Just because it’s in a file, or missing from a file, doesn’t mean that’s who you are! “Most people” is how these conversations start off when people begin to explain away your rights and thwart you back further than where you were when you got started. People working in these environments often think that they need to teach, train, enforce, or mandate that you be something they envision you should be if you are deserving. There is very little to no oversight, complaints are ignored, the vulnerable and marginalized are scapegoated, and all anyone ever cars about is “how much money have they spent”, “how many resources have they accessed”. In every single supportive service that I tried to access I was told “we need to save these resources for people who truly need them”. I’ve heard it consistently for the past seven years. Who am I exactly?

It doesn’t matter what the law says, what we are entitled to, what takes place in everyday life is what the system delivers through people who obey it. Their bias dictates our ability to survive and no one stops them, Black Americans don’t have protections.

This cannot be ignored, yet it has ever since my handler was hired to ensure that this was precisely how the system would work. Defunding, mismanagement, pseudoscientific data manipulating facts, and extremists strategically placed to ensure specific agendas are successful or unsuccessful. This is what he ensured for all of Black America, this is what he ensured for me, struggle under the weight of systemic oppression as we are called liars and the system is called fake.

All of this is enforced by the industrialization of for-profit services that were once non-profit or government. My mentor was one of the main key figures in turning government resources into a for-profit system accessible to the few who have since become multi-millionaires and billionaires. All for the sake of divesting from communities of color, via public and private means because racism leads many to believe that the passage of the Civil Rights Amendments would mean the downfall of what they deemed to be “right America”. None of this is a secret, it’s simply ignored.

As long as CAPITALISM continues to be placed above DEMOCRACY the carnage will continue until only the chosen few remain. This is the agenda, it always has been, it always will be. Ignoring or minimizing it only helps the insurgency, it will not hinder it. Extremists don’t even hide their agenda, leadership simply ignores what they say and do.

Black America and marginalized populations are forced to live the circumstances of the system of oppression that was designed to eradicate us with impunity and our own government continues to deny that systemic oppression needs to be addressed. Many deny that it exists at all. Our universal, inalienable, human, constitutional, and civil rights continue to go ignored and we are almost two years into a pandemic that has been weaponized to attack us. All of this during an economic depression and a race war where the internet is in no way accessible to all, freedom of speech has been siphoned off from targeted populations, aid and relief continue to be blocked from the vulnerable and transferred to the wealthy, and no one is being held accountable as the insurgency rages on.

Even now, on 8/30/2021 the extremists who sacked the Capital have yet to be held to any serious form of accountability as insurgents occupy every area of America’s Infrastructure. But I am the one labeled “divisive” for calling out these grave acts of high crimes and misdemeanor that call for the highest level of accountability according to the constitution which no longer is honored.

All three branches of government are compromised, hamstrung, and completely incapable of operating according to their directive. Violent escalations continue each day, most of which are rebranded as something other than domestic terrorism. Propaganda continues to flow freely almost completely unobstructed with impunity. Censorship, state-sanctioned attacks, counter-intelligence operations targeting Americans protesting human rights violations, and abuse of authority with impunity continue to wreak havoc on the American masses. Anyone who is not an ally of the extreme right has become an open target.

America has failed but I will continue to be targeted, stalked, harassed, attacked, censored, muted, and abused for saying it. Where is Democracy?

#8302021 and I have yet to receive a penny of direct COVID cash relief from any stimulus package. Only one member of my household has received one payment, no other aid or relief. I have yet to receive any disability income or public assistance. While I do have housing it is EXTREMELY vulnerable. I have received some assistance with utilities, all other support services have been removed or obstructed though I am a long-term care patient. I continue to try to access services but have yet to be able to do so, even with help. “Have you ever seen this before?” I asked a specialist, “never” she said obviously shocked by what she encountered. I continue to be accused of being a liar about my disabling conditions, my service to the country, and the extremely traumatic human rights violations that I have survived. “I don’t believe you”, those four words can control any Black American life and we end up destroyed for it. But if I talk about his then I am labeled a dissident.

THAT is how easy it is for any person to destabilize an already vulnerable family from an extremely vulnerable population, simply because they choose to. Yet I am the one labeled a “threat” for calling attention to these violations of my rights.

Equality where?

Without equality, there is no Democracy. Instead of crying out to save America, insurgents are crying out to save Capitalism and their proponents who are in no way in any danger. Thus far, many of those in the highest place of authority stand with the Plutocracy rather than America, her constitution, the people, and democracy. These are the saddest days I have seen thus far. All during a holocaust that continues to be denied as the genocide is still considered #fake .

Advocate, Activist, Artist, Survivor — This page contains graphic details about surviving torture, rape, domestic violence, systemic oppression, and trauma.