Stability vs. Instability


Marginalized populations have been slandered with the label “mentally unstable” for speaking out against human rights violations the entire time that the United States has existed as a nation. It is a very old and sadistic guerilla warfare tactic for those who feel entitled to dominate, exploit, and enslave for their own selfish purposes and it has gone on the entire time the U.S has existed.

Being mentally stable means you are grounded in reality and are able to remain there. That’s not to say that times will not wax and wane, of course they do that is what happens when you live the human experience. It also does not mean that you lack stability because you have a range of emotions, and you express them fully. That in fact is the healthiest route to take in dealing with whatever comes your way. It also doesn’t mean that if your culture teaches you one way, all others are wrong. Emotional intelligence opens your awareness to various experiences, feelings, thoughts, and ideas. Being mentally stable means that you can embrace new ideas without feeling threatened, even if they are new to you. This is the healthiest and most fruitful way to experience life, but if you don’t know anything about emotional intelligence you will only see mental instability.

When you are mentally stable, circumstances wash over you like waves yet you ride them out in the most appropriate way for yourself, despite what people attempt to project onto you or how turbulent the waves may be. Being mentally stable means that you can face your fears, your past, your present, your problems, your obstacles, whatever comes your way without losing yourself. You look for solutions, when door slams occur you keep knocking on other doors until you find what you are looking for. You learn to adapt and grow regardless of circumstances because you know that you deserve to experience life absent the violation of your inalienable, human, constitutional, and civil rights being violated.

When you are mentally stable you can face what comes your way without sacrificing your integrity or ethics. You can pull yourself back to your center even when you are knocked off by outside forces. Exposing these attacks does not make you mentally unstable, it makes you courageous. As attacks come, you dig in deep and find the solutions you need to help yourself and others. You cannot do these things when you are mentally unstable. Instead, you minimize, deny, blame, project, lie, scheme, deceive, abuse, dismantle, destroy, create chaos, toxicity, and poison. THESE are the hallmarks of mental instability.

When you are mentally unstable you are incapable of seeing reality and you cling to every thought, idea, word, person, and environment that will help you maintain your cognitive dissonance. You are unstable because you continue to cause harm to yourself and others by attacking people who have done absolutely nothing to you. People who simply have different beliefs, ideas, cultures, or looks than you. If you have harmed someone and they choose to defend themselves as they have every right to do, and you claim to be the victim, this is mental instability.

If you blame someone for something that you know someone else has done because you are afraid to hold the true abuser accountable, or because you want the target to suffer, this is mental instability. When you will go to any lengths to hide the truth, regardless of how negative the consequences are, this is mental instability. When you pursue people simply because they have told the truth and you attempt to destroy their lives, careers, finances, and loved ones, this is mental instability. When you support, participate in, or advocate for deviance, abuse, and predatory behaviors, this is mental instability.

Targets of extremism, violence, and oppression are not “mentally unstable” because of the experiences or circumstances that occur at the hands of those seeking to harm. The mentally unstable people are those who attack and project in an attempt to create the very conditions they themselves experience. When you are stable, you can heal, the unstable cannot.

Why is it so confusing? Broken education! Fix it! While you’re at it, address the other systemic problems specifically designed to negatively impact the most marginalized populations while elevating the privileged and elite. Every aspect of America’s critical infrastructure is infiltrated by extremism and they are simply exploiting the mechanisms already in place within the toxic system of oppression that harms marginalized communities daily. Being a target of this Beast otherwise known as systemic oppression doesn’t make you mentally unstable, being the exploiter of that system does.

Perspective matters.

What’s funny is, those who are mentally unstable will read this post and get angry. Some will read it and see word salad, others will read it and see an attack on them personally. Others still will read it and see an attack on whatever values they believe they have. Unstable people don’t know they are unstable, but the mentally stable can see when and how it’s true.

Regardless of your belief system, making excuses for violating the rights and lives of other people is a sure sign that you are most certainly unstable. Defending yourself is an inalienable human right, but attacking someone because you don’t like something about them is not. Simply because a corrupt person tells you that you are entitled to do so doesn’t make it true, that only means you were looking for an excuse and found one in another mentally unstable person. Just because you are vast in number that doesn’t mean you are any less unstable. That means that there are a lot of you who drink from the same poisoned cup of delusions.

The mentally unstable don’t get to judge who is and is not stable, you don’t know yourself let alone what it means to be mentally stable. You don’t recognize it when you see it and you don’t know how to achieve it for yourself. Money doesn’t make you mentally stable, neither does buying and consuming things. Society has taught America the more things you buy and consume, the better you are. This was a lie when it was created by the propaganda machine and it continues to remain a lie to this day. Being focused on buying and consuming rather than your own self-development is what keeps people in the delusion and therefore, unstable. Marketing is a powerful tool and the entire nation lives under its spell 24 hours per day. It makes rich people richer, that is all.

That’s not to say that if you have money that means you are unstable, it means if you spend all of your time focused on obtaining money and things while neglected the Self then you will certainly be unstable.

Attacking those who are stable doesn’t make you look more stable, you may fool others who are themselves unstable, but you don’t fool anyone who is truly grounded in reality.

People who are mentally stable put work into themselves, when others come along to project their ideologies and mythos the stable people see reality for what it is, even through the confusion. To be truly stable you have to be willing to see the whole truth, most people run from it. Circumstances don’t dictate your psychological status! Many variables go into that but 3 key factors are reasonableness, health, and critical thinking. Just because you look at me and see a projection, that doesn’t mean that projection is reality. It simply means you need to stabilize yourself so that you too can clearly see reality.

I don’t assume anyone has a psychiatric problem because of circumstances, there is always a set of variables that place a person in that place. Who am I to judge what someone else has experienced and how they are supposed to handle it. Why judge at all? It only becomes an issue when your instability becomes my problem, if you don’t want me to hold you accountable then don’t attack me or my loved ones, it’s so simple. See a person as a human being entitled to human rights and leave it at that. If this is hard for you, then you need to stabilize yourself because the harm you do to others with your projecting is what keeps the world in chaos. It’s no one's responsibility to be your delusions, it’s your responsibility to deal with them.

Instability leads you to harm others and feel justified because you believe you are entitled to do so, even when they have done nothing to you. When they are justified in fighting back because of what you have done to them, you escalate. Stability shows you that violating the human rights of another has no excuse and is a powerful sign that you are unstable if you do. When you do, don’t be surprised when the person you attack, slander, label, and hate responds by defending themselves. Particularly if the route they chose to do so is telling the truth! A mentally stable person knows this, a mentally unstable person will forever be confused by it all until they learn to stabilize.

Advocate, Activist, Artist, Survivor — This page contains graphic details about surviving torture, rape, domestic violence, systemic oppression, and trauma.