There is no such thing as “both sides”
This is #racist #fascist #propaganda from the #FarRight

You are either an Enemy of The State as judged by the #HighCrimes you attempt to or succeed in committing, or you are just an #American

BTW the fact that it needs to be explained that violently attacking your government because you and your candidate lost a legal election is an act of war, this in itself is a testament to the level of instability these extremists operate from.
Protesting #HumanRights #violations is not only protected by U.S. Constitutional law but also world law.

This is not a “both sides” issue this is #HumanRights #FreeWill #Democracy or #Abuse #Domination and #Fascism issue. America decided a very long time ago that it does not side with Fascism, ever. There are not two sides, there is only one side. This is America, it’s unconstitutional to suddenly reverse course hundreds of years into the past because you are nervous about growth and progress. America is a Democracy with a legal Constitution and branches of government set up to interpret and defend its doctrine. The American government may be a young one, but it is a stable foundation. The problem is not what the law states, though it is veiled in overly legalistic terminology and dated vernacular its contents remain the same. If the racist right studied it they would be aware of what it states.

There is no question as to the legality of the amendments, this is more racist, fascist propaganda to confuse people who may not have had the opportunity to study the Constitution. Even with the internet, there are still major tech and education gaps in this nation. All of which have been under attack by the same racist right regime that is conducting an #Insurgency

Are we to believe the people attacking not only our lives but of those for generations to come?

Xenophobia is a severe mental illness and its severity can no longer be minimized. Part of the reason America made it to this decayed stage of development is that in the 1980s 99% of the population was afraid to confront mental health issues. Until Millenials came along people were still “burning witches” so to speak. To this day medical problems such as epilepsy are still seen as “demonic” and treated as such, even within the medical industry. There is a gap in growth in human consciousness and everyone has been afraid to say it. Many within the extreme right literally demonize consciousness as some kind of evil influence from a hell dimension.

Until America faces its actual demon, nothing will improve and the nation’s top leaders are well aware of this fact! There are no efforts being made to address the problems of the American people. The nation’s top leaders are focused on preserving their own purse strings along with those of their cronies, and their investors.

The only success they focus on is delivering vaccines. The system of capitalism needs workers, it completely collapses without it. Why do you think that was all the government focused on during this entire pandemic?

Countries larger than this one shut down during the beginning of the pandemic, then rebooted almost as nothing happened. They do not have high rates of mental illness in their countries, they provide medical care and mental health treatment to their people. They are also capitalist.

This has never been a both sides issue, it has always been genocide or not!

The people in the top positions all over this country are not the most talented, the most intelligent, the most stable, the strongest, the fastest, or the best of the best. They are all the most predatory because that was the agenda.

Democrats have been playing Connect Four and Republicans have been playing The Most Dangerous Game of Chess, pun intended. The reason half this country is complaining about people waking up is because they don’t want to be exposed when we do!

The issue of American Chaos all boils down to one obvious point that everyone is afraid to address about all of the nation’s leaders:


Millennials have ushered in a new age of everything, and that’s what gene expression does. With every new crop come new expressions. Instead of quashing them, we need to be applauding them, supporting them, giving them space, safety, a platform for reform, and all of the resources needed to achieve the highest accomplishments for the next three generations.

Instead, America won’t stop abusing and gaslighting. There are not two sides and if that isn’t obvious you are not only asleep but have also placed yourself in the role of the enemy.

This is a group of #genocidal #racistrightextremists who are in the act of an #insurgency and their #targets are everyone else. There should only be one side, the side of an #evolved #Democratic #america and #absofreakinglutely that means #alldiversity #AllEquality #allequity

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#DevineFeminine #DivineFeminine
#FireParticles “When the pineal gland is activated and consciousness is expanding, it looks like butterflies under certain light…”

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#FireParticles “When the pineal gland is activated and consciousness is expanding, it looks like butterflies under certain light…” #digitalphotography #selfieart


#FireParticles “When the pineal gland is activated and consciousness is expanding, it looks like butterflies under certain light…” #digitalphotography #selfieart

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