We All Learned To Become Shapeshifters — COVID Diaries

Danielle Diew
11 min readOct 13, 2021
DR. Moreau

The very men who crafted this insurgency decades ago are the men who enslaved, molested, tortured, beat, trafficked, and raped me my entire life. They told me the plans they were making as they crafted them, not all but some so that I would survive to tell the story. To them, it is a testament to their power. They also wanted to ensure that I would be subjected to their control for life. They didn’t want anyone aiding me, helping me, assisting me, or providing any means of escape. They wanted me under their thumb, forever. In their minds, they will live in power forever, with me and people like me as their forever slaves and servants.


It doesn’t matter if they have the ability to make forever happen, which they do (i.e., digital tech) what matters is what they believe and how they act based on their beliefs. “We’re going to take it too far,” they said. They were always fully aware of every consequence of their actions, they spent billions analyzing consequences. All was simply declared “collateral damage” and the chaos was unleashed unimpeded. We live the results of their decision daily.

The world is only just now beginning to wake to the massive harm that a tiny percentage of the world’s population has caused the entire planet. Weaponizing pandemics, economic depressions, ethic wars, and xenophobia as they go. I was right there at their side as a child when they crafted and deployed it all. “We will go too far, we need you to stay behind and stay awake to sound the alarm”. I was five years old when they told me this after they just explained that they were the engineers of the end of the world and as a result I had to clean up the mess they make. That was my fate. Not the end of the entire world, no, they meant the end of the old world and the beginning of the new world. “We were all born to our fates, this one happens to be yours. It’s nothing personal” that’s how they dismissed my humanity as they raped, tortured, and sentenced me to permanent impoverishment. But I’m supposed to pretend that it’s all fake. Though you may want and try very hard to forget things like this, it’s not possible. Humanity won’t allow it. When humanity is targeted for destruction, those who resonate on that frequency respond without ever having to be asked. Humans don’t want to see humanity destroyed, beasts do. Sentient humans are not willing to destroy our only habitat for the sake of false ideology, brainwashed people are.

My controllers taught me their agenda, which is currently being played out on the world stage in real-time and even live-streamed, but people still think it’s fake. Decades ago they crafted and implemented this plan to take over the world’s resources, weapons, and money to ensure that only their own families held the power. Any and everyone who is at the top of the global echelon is related to them somehow, even if it’s distantly. Even I am related, through slavery. I never ever wanted to have to say this publicly, but their intent is to eradicate all who are not of their bloodline or those who are their obedient servants and slaves. There are no other options available.

Those who believe they are serving God, or the devil, or Capitalism, a political ideology or icon, or even delusional enough to think they are serving the best interests of anyone are merely pawns. They don’t care for those who fight on their behalf either, that’s why they use them as fodder. “They are already dead Danielle, stop being so sentimental about people who don’t matter!” That’s what they told me as they yanked me around at four, five, and six years old as they trafficked me to their powerful, wealthy friends. The only thing that matters to them is their own. Their own thinking, their own way of living, their own way of abusing and consuming. Their own! Anyone and anything serving the system that brought the world to almost total collapse is not helping anyone other than themselves and the system that upholds these sick people. I can’t. How could I? When I got the chance to run, I did. When I could fight, I did. When I could speak, I did. When I could get messages out, I did. When I could help anyone at any time, I did. I couldn’t sit back and watch it all happen, and I didn’t I fight for ALL instead of all with or without recognition, payment of my contract, or under constant attacks. The more I’m attacked, the more it makes me want to fight back!

Anyone interested in actually doing what is good, correct, in the interest of ALL life everywhere, these are the ones who believe nothing should stop us from ALL being free to live and maintain life in harmony . There are two choices, but only one is damned. Both believe it is the other side and only one is correct. This should be a simple choice, but it isn’t for those who are mentally ill to the extent of extremism. These matters have ALWAYS been America’s Achilles heal, I still remember my handler explaining this to me in kindergarten. That’s how he raised me! That’s the kind of mind he forced me to develop at a young age, as he raped and tortured me. THAT is how serious this is. He risked his own safety and reputation to do what he did. He could have abused anyone, literally, he did. He hid his program behind his abuse. So yes, he took this seriously and he forced me to all my life. I never had a choice. He even planned his death, down to the very last detail. I have to sit with that.

Do you think he failed to train me? Either of them. Any of them. The whole program depended on this success. I will NEVER stop telling the truth, advocating for justice, and holding abusers accountable. The thing about having ethics and integrity is that I don’t need violence, threats, coercion, hacking, stalking, slander, propaganda, or attacks of any kind to do what needs to be done.

My handlers trained me to stay behind and clean up the mess they made because they knew no matter what I would never stop! They knew their own technology would target my people and eventually lead to our eradication. They knew I would NEVER let that happen. “We’re going to take it down to the wire” they said, this was 1980, I was literally five years old. The location of this conversation and assault is so highly classified that I risk my life even hinting at the location. Why? Because that was the most probable opportunity for success in accomplishing their agenda. My handlers wanted a lot of things, most of them very sick, but they did not want to eradicate all Black Americans and destroy the planet. Their cronies did. One handler ran for office just to hold back the extremist leader from accomplishing this agenda on a much larger scale decades before now.

My handlers, deviants and even fascist as they were, wanted to stop the nazis and the extremist men who aided them. This split in the racist right-wing party brought about a rift decades ago that continues to create ripples in not only American but global society. This is why it was targeted and deployed as a means to weaken U.S. Infrastructure, it’s been hiding in plain sight for so long already. Literally any other terrorist organization would be considered a sleeper cell!!! America hides the most grievous crimes and starts to finger point when accountability becomes an issue but at no time is there ever an y form of accountability. My handlers instituted that process, it’s typical Tradecraft. I know what I see. They trained me to see it. Get it together! The White House

These matters would have been handled the first weeks of an effective presidency. I am 46 years old, presidents raised me in secrecy in order to train me to look for this kind corruption, obstruction, and occupation then to report on it. I know what I am looking at. All three branches of government remain in a stranglehold and we are ten months into the insurgency that brought us here. As precious time piddles away, Black Americans not only suffer and die at apocalyptic rates, but also lose wealth, access to financial resources, human rights, and freedom of movement throughout our own country. But we’re told every day this is all fake.

If America were capable of untangling this web that was woven decades ago and leadership is only just now beginning to understand it’s existence let alone learn it’s mechanisms, that capacity would have shown itself before now. America is neither capable of caring let alone interested in learning how to save Black life, or any other marginalized population for that matter. If we couldn’t figure out how to escape their enslavement before now, we deserve t to be enslaved. That is the consensus, we are expected to accept this. What sane person is okay with oppression?

Leadership is too far behind to catch up, further measures must be taken immediately to ensure that America doesn’t push the world beyond a point of no return for the sake of the lie of White, male, hetero-normative superiority. Life can’t afford anymore loss for such lies. From humans, to cultures, to animals, to trees, the entire planetary system and every aspect of her life is being suffocated by the knee of tyranny as we collectively scream “I can’t breathe” while the militarized industrial complex chokes the life from ALL rather that the insurgency supporting all. But we are consistently fed a daily diet from every aspect of society that tells us, it’s fake, 24/7 365. Those who see through the lies are targeted as dissidents and punished accordingly. UN Human Rights

Until the injustice stops, the digital purge continues. It’s my life, if I must continue to suffer torture in this apocalypse I’m going to make sure I tell the truth of what happened here! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!

The people of the U.S. need for the United Nations to step up and lead Earthship back onto a path of sustainability for ALL. Large percentages of ethnic populations are currently being systematically cleansed and wiped as I type these words, my own community being a prime target of rapid extermination. Meanwhile, the reality of these matters remain denied. Most of the wealthiest parts of the world are apathetic or in agreement with our eradication and we are expected to accept this. It’s a risk talking about these matters openly. We are labeled “mentally ill” for thinking it let alone speaking it, though we live it daily and have for hundreds of years as we are told we are “free” and “equal” The mind control is deep in America!

We can’t continue to allow a small percentage of the world’s population to dominate the entire planet’s resources for the sake of the lie of White Supremacy. In fact, the Earth would have been lost already if it weren’t for the diversity of the human species. We can’t afford any more time to wait and see if “alternative” options will work, it doesn’t work, we are reaping the results of your “superiority” experiments. Science is real, absent the extremism of White Supremacy it makes sense to those who are interested in understanding reality. Actually following scientific method leaves out the opportunity for interference of malintents and manipulations of discontents. The truth is true always, the question is who is interested in looking for it? The Scientific Method isn’t perfect, particularly when xenophobia is allowed to creep in, absent that indulgence it’s the more accurate approach to fact finding the spice's currently has. We could be further along in evolution, but discontents and malcontents were afraid to adapt. This should never, ever happen again.

Most of us knew it would happen exactly the way that it is happening. What is most disappointing is the apathetic reaction of so many leaders. My handlers taught me at five years old why leaders shouldn’t be heroes and heroes should never be worshiped. Some people think innocents means you still believe in the ability of the fantasy world being true, they made sure they popped my fantasy bubble at the age of four. I didn’t grow up with fantasy as a reality, I grew up with reality as the fantasy. Both of my handlers had nicknames for me, one called me Empress, the other Duchess. When I asked them why they chose those names both said it was because Empresses are born and Duchesses are made. “To the world you will be the Duchess, only a few know your true identity as the Empress”. I was never allowed to be me before now, I’m not going back into a box for anyone or anything! Pandora is what Pandora does.

I never agreed with any aspect of how I was raised. I never agreed with any of the decisions these men of power made for my life. I never agreed to participate in any of the atrocities they participated in. I never agreed to do any harm to anyone. I had to fight hard to maintain any level of principles in the most extreme conditions. “You are learning” they would say. They were ruthless in their training. They took me all over the world to learn from the world’s masters in pretty much every subject you can imagine. We learned by doing, that’s why we learned so fast. They spared no expense on education. All of that just to get me to this point to say precisely what I am saying right now! THIS SHOULD GET YOUR ATTENTION!

They understood the power of the technology they deployed. They understood how misguided, mislead, and misunderstood everyone and everything would be. They understood how people would be confused, terrified, frozen on some stage of the fight, flight, freeze, fawn process. Even those trained to address these exact matters they knew would fall short. Why? Because this has never happened to America! Every school kid is taught that America is infallible, untouchable, 9/11 rocked that idea just a little. What is happening now in America is 100% worst than what happened on that nightmarish day and Americans lack the capacity to adapt with the trauma unfolding faster than anyone can adapt. It’s why I struggle financially. We are all affected somehow. This nation is literally under the grip of extremists who knowingly, willingly, and intentionally are deploying mass extreme trauma as a means of oppressing us into submission. If we become aware of such mass suffering, we are targeting for “enhanced torture”. This is our reality in America and even more so for Black descendants of slaves. I might sound alarmist if it weren’t for the fact that not only am I a trauma expert, I am a survivor, and those that trained me created the trauma programs. I am speaking as someone with intimate knowledge of the extent of the deployment of torture as a weapon. I document my own story, there are countless others!

White American males are for the first time forced to face themselves and hold themselves accountable for what the White American hyper masculine patriarchy has created. As a collective mirror continues to be held up relentlessly, people are not responding well. The illusion bubble popped when George Floyd was murdered in front of the world as it was recorded and livestreamed at the hands of law enforcement. It was a fight to even get a charge let alone a conviction in the case. We live under the grip of lies, propaganda, and extremism that is intent on taking this nation back to times where Black people were legally “chattel” and we aren’t going! But we’re supposed to pretend like its fake. I’m literally still a slave. UN Women

The nation crumbles every second we are left defenseless. With this nation so too does the western world and the current inception of global economic domination go. Is eradication something to be proud of? These are critical times indeed. It’s no wonder it drags on, look what we are demanding.




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