We ALL Run

Danielle Diew
1 min readOct 9, 2021


Ai art, metaphysical poetry

Beauty Bridges

What happens when

Diew runs

She becomes numb

to the agendas

of those who cause her

to come undone

When Diew runs

She releases time

and old frequencies

In and out of mind

She embraces the love

of all life

The oxygen needed

for sentient beings

She embraces all that is beautiful

She defends innocents


When Diew runs

she no longer allows

the dictates of those

Who chose

a dark path

as their darkness grows

Those who

block out the sun

When Diew runs

she holds accountable

Those who hate what is good




Those who cause nothing

but chaos

and misery



only ever concerned

with who they think


For me

It’s never a game

That’s why I must run

When Diew runs

she cares not for obscene things

she cares not for obscene dreams

she cares not for demands of Kings

When Diew runs

she runs to live

to pave the way

for ALL

who wish to unfold

their beautiful wings

Be free


With the most beautiful

of abilities

Those who tap into


and bring 4th

amazing new human things

Those embracing light


To live life

in life’s cosmic


spiritual way

We ALL run



Danielle Diew

ADOS, Pandora Whistleblower, MeToo, Lolita Express & Torture Survivor. Life is a right NEVER stop fighting for equality. This is my only social media account.