We Can Choose A Better World Now

Fighting for the ability to oppress is extremely deviant, if you never did anything else in life that would be more than enough to identify who you are at your core.

America has the habit of dismissing extremism of every type while simultaneously projecting extremist ideologies onto targets. It’s a miracle any of us survive the constant attacks, programming, and propaganda from those who choose abuse rather than putting work into healing.

It’s not just the everyday abusive people, it’s the ones who hide in plain sight pretending to be “good” people. Those are the ones who sit back and watch as abusers slander, derail, attack, abuse, misuse, lie about the abuse in order to escape accountability, allow you to take the punishment for their crimes. They do nothing when simply telling the truth would change EVERYTHING! Some chime in with the abusers, those are the deadliest ones. These are the people whose opinions carry weight, they abuse their authority to get their way, and they do every day. Right or wrong, they simply get what they want. Marginalized people literally suffer daily under these very toxic attacks of cruelty, and there is no access to justice or accountability for it. The ones who have the ability to help change the world, one abusive situation at a time, and instead they side with the abusers because they lack the courage of any conviction other than “I was just …..”. There is always an excuse to abuse, but never a reason that clears the target of the abuse from guilt.

The younger generations have grown up watching this. They see the hypocrisy everywhere, they see how their futures were sold off to the few. They see that everyone in society let them down, how very few actually fight for their survival let alone their ability to thrive. They see, they know, they understand, they live it daily. YOU DON’T! You aren’t them! You haven’t been where they have been! You haven’t seen what they have seen! You haven’t done what they have done, and you don’t know what they know! This is their future you are playing with, you think they aren’t intelligent enough to see through the gaslight? Well, the level of justified activism present globally, mostly by the young, obviously shows you the truth. Pay attention! They aren’t backing down, and they aren’t playing games. Nor should they be! They can clearly see that their own parents, grandparents, and great-grands trashed the entire planet just so that they could have control, of everything. No one is confused, people are only traumatized.

Weaponizing an entire species probably isn’t the way to gain control, when you leave people behind in apathy, you only create enemies. This shows your intention, and level of awareness. Both are lacking. You left generations to come back for revenge instead of preparing them to take the reigns and supporting them as they do. Not wise at all, none of it ever was.

The younger generations know that if they want a planet for their children to live on, they have to save it. If that means telling Mommy and Daddy no, and their grandparents to stop being “xenophobic or else they’ll walk away” then they will! If they have to protest, organize, write petitions, run for office, engage with their community as activists, advocates, and organizers, they do! They are doing the work you prevented previous generations form fulfilling for them so that they could begin anew. You held us all back, we’re not happy. We know we have the right to defend our lives, everyone is trying to figure out the best way how. Meanwhile, you are vacationing, transferring all of the resources and wealth to the rich, and throwing your hands up saying “it’s too much trouble”. As if we did this to ourselves. The gimmick is us, everyone can see the man behind the curtain.

The younger generations have and will continue to do what must be done to save not only people but the planet. It’s your job to support that process, not derail it! They are doing what they need to do, they are showing up, where are you? They do! They can, and have! They deserve support, we deserve support not slander, labels, apathy, becoming outcasts. America is so desperate to be a dystopia when it’s literally so much easier simply to work toward eutopia and understand that like perfection, it will forever be elusive but the process itself, when balanced, is enlightening.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just giving a damn.

American society is toxic from the top down, the world sees it. The only positive, healthy, balanced approach forward is honesty, integrity, equality, diversity, equity, transparency, oversight, and accountability.

America is split in half by an extreme and violent insurgency. Failure to act when the timing was most critical has brought America to a place it has never been before.

The engines of justice ground to a halt years ago when a foreign hostile nation installed an extremist as president. Interference into investigating these matters remains blocked by the insurgency. Occupying government for years, these extremists have infiltrated every critical aspect of US infrastructure. Attempts at the majority party to address some of these critical areas of infrastructure have consistently been blocked by the violent right-wing extremists who continue their brutal attack on Democracy and all allies.

We were dangerously in need of intervention as conditions continue to rapidly deteriorate. Every attempt made by the majority party to secure the homeland and aid the people continues to be obstructed not only by right-wing extremists in and outside of government but also by right-wing operatives within the majority party. When extremists attempted a coup via a violent attack on the US Capitol during the lawful certification of a presidential election, the right-wing aided and abetted even after inciting the violence. Investigations into what are literally the gravest crimes that can be committed in the US, continue to be blocked by the right-wing. The world saw it streamed live, in real-time, there is no question as to what has taken place. The only questions are, how long has this been going on, who all is involved at what level, where did the money come from, where did the money go? The right-wing continues every measure to detract, obstruct, attack, and delay all progress, protection, and aid for the people. Even their own supporters are their targets, they use any and every means available to achieve their extremist right-wing agenda.

All three branches of government are in a stranglehold. Allies must look to the US, the UN must look to the US. We are under occupation.

As this agenda moves forward, the most vulnerable and marginalized are the prime targets and victims of the attacks across every spectrum of US infrastructure. Black, Brown, Asian, and other marginalized populations suffer the greatest. Justice won’t even work for high crimes such as treason. This is a major warning sign for a failed state. Everyone ignored the evidence and intel on Afghanistan, now look at the damage the entire planet has to address because a few extremists occupying government decided to take ‘ALL LIFE’ into their own hands.

It’s time for America to take a stand against all forms of abuse, tyranny, injustice, and authoritarianism. Democracy means rule of the people, by the people, with equality, and equity. America has only ever tried to reach that level of evolutionary ascendancy, it has been a goal that WE THE PEOPLE have reached for together, as the most marginalized were left behind trapped in slave labor and the elite abscond with the planet’s resources. And waisted them!

America has this unique opportunity to prove, once and for all, that the “superior” path of governing, when it can be achieved, is a TRUE DEMOCRACY. Not an autocracy, or oligarchy, not a plutocracy, never again a monarchy. DEMOCRACY, because that was the original intent of the Constitution. While there were those who chose to utilize the same tactics we see today inhibiting the growth of all for the sake of the few, there were still those who could see a brighter future and worked toward it. That is why it is a living, breathing document. Its “original” intention was for it to forever be amended as “human consciousness” expands. That’s what an advanced civilization does, it gives ample room for growth and development. Slavery would not have ended otherwise. The forefathers actually DID know this and made sure there were mechanisms placed within the US constitution that allowed for such growth. Extremists currently occupying government simply say “I don’t believe” and all of the human rights fought for, over centuries are wiped out without remorse or regret and the targets of their oppression are the ones scapegoated for the abuse. “The only pandemic we have is one of the unvaccinated”. Well in actuality, before COVID even existed America had several ongoing pandemics that continue to go ignored today. The victims of those pandemics continue to be the ones suffering the most damage from the attacks of the insurgency, but it’s not important enough for the majority party to address. Racism, gender inequality, police brutality, rape, human trafficking, child molestation, food insufficiency, education inequality, the wealth gap, and so many other very easily addressed socially engineered issues could have been addressed but have not. They run simultaneously with the COVID pandemic and that is why the marginalized suffer in greater numbers. As long as reality is ignored, healing will never take place. Tell the truth, put actual work into making things better, support those who are suffering. It’s soooooo not hard!

America is now and has always been an idea, it’s a potentiality. What is unique about this time is that We The People have the opportunity to make this potentiality manifest into reality, once and for all. The forever kingdom we have all awaited. The one that every religion, spiritual practice, sacred text, every wise elder, every shaman, tribal leader, and practitioner of spiritual arts have been telling us about since humans drew on cave walls.

THIS is our time to rewrite history for the better, for the final time. This is our chance to end this endless cycle of forever wars. The endless cycle of continued hate. This is humanity’s turn to make not only our own personal community but our state, our nation, our tribe, our people, our planet the vision of what we have always desired! We can side with fascism, or not. We can side with protecting all life, or not. We can side with diversity, or not. We can side with growth, and the future-forward elevation of the entire human species as a whole, or not. It’s not difficult to see what the planet needs. More of the same will not help us over this hump. Refusing to change will not save lives. Denying truth will not make the lies real. What must happen now is that those who seek a better path for the future must become united in our cause to save not only ourselves, our families, our communities, but the entire globe!

We cannot allow bullies to remain in power, WE THE PEOPLE must take back our power. It is our birthright! We are all born free, with inalienable rights, it’s time we utilized our freedom to save humans, humanity, life, the planet. There is ALWAYS a law to make it happen, will the majority party do it is the question. So far, they have not and more people suffer torturously then die daily as a result. We are suffering, we don’t want excuses, we want to see equitable results executed. No one is coming to save us, we are already here. We have everything we need to be what we need, it’s a choice. We need those in power to start making the correct choices. Climate change can’t wait, neither can Black American lives. Neither can native people, or Asian people, or immigrants, or disabled people, or Muslims, or Afghani’s, or poor people, or the LGBTQ or any other oppressed group. WE ALL NEED OUR LEADERS TO BE LEADERS!

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Danielle Diew

Danielle Diew