I’m not holding it in anymore! Rearview mirror poetry.

I’ve literally spent my entire life hiding other people’s secrets. Those who lack courage and conviction are willing to bend to the will of others without even fighting. I’m not! People assume I suffer because I must have done something wrong to deserver it. That was the plan, to make me appear like the culprit, that doesn’t mean you have to take the bait. “No one will help you if you ever leave” they always told me. I already knew how people would act, I was right there when they were designing everything. Since no one will help me, I have to help myself don’t I? I’m not even doing it violently or illegally, but you still have a problem with me. Well, that’s your problem, I’m not carrying your baggage because you’re too afraid to face your own nightmarish things.

You assume that I do things for attention because that is where YOUR mind is. The thought never occurred to you that I do everything for a purpose, and simply because it is strategic doesn’t mean it is malicious or even manipulative. YOU assume that because that is how YOUR mind thinks. If you stopped and looked, with the eyes of someone who loves what is good, you would see that I am a human being. One in need.

I am always so many things. Angry, aggressive, scary, harassing, abrasive, ugly, offensive, dishonest, scheming, manipulating, irritating, annoying, begging. But NEVER am I recognized as who I truly am. Doesn’t the bible say something about recognizing God’s people by their deeds? I don’t appear as human to people with humanity in the mentality. I appear as sub-human to those who sold their souls and sacrificed ALL in order to achieve their own dreams.

To people who can’t even look within themselves let alone without in order to analyze another’s value or worth, I appear as something other than what their ego will allow them to accept, that’s too much work. The idea that one human could look at another and have the authority to devalue another's life based on some imagination is the epitome of inferiority. Ironically, those who behave this way believe the opposite, they don’t know they are insane. A wise person knows that no one knows all and a superior person knows that superiority is a mirage.

Black Americans spend our entire lifetimes trapped in the mirage of other people’s problems. People who are asleep to their own nature, and hate us because we are aware of how their hate infects the population. Black Americans have NEVER been able to live authentically, and those among the privileged class of our race sold us all out long ago to live with shiny things rather than the true treasures that honesty brings. Not everyone can be the Buffalo Soldier, Liberator, or Field Negro, but I know who I am. I won’t apologize for telling the truth, and bringing light to atrocities. All should be thanking me for wanting to save lives, and help bring about unity. Instead I am scapegoated, hated, and punished for crimes I would never even dream of committing. Same story told, over and over, throughout every epoch. Well, not this time! I’m taking the reigns.

Strategy dictates that in order for the Black American descendants to stay alive, we must be wise as serpents and simple as doves. We need a pathway to thrive, and for this conscious people make the way. When we were sheep penned in amongst the wolves, we were forced to evolve. The younger generations keep saying “I am not my ancestor” and everyone keeps missing the message. It’s not an insult, it’s a telegraph. This time they chose to morph into the warriors we need, to push all of humanity through evolutions door. But then again, if you don’t know YOU how will you know another? If you run from yourself how will you ever embrace me? Black American descendants of the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade are still in captivity. NOW is when we make our MASS EXODUS! There is no more delay. The Pharos have been repeatedly told to let my people go. Those who serve their interests were warned, choose a side a go. You’re either a fascist or not, there is in between. If you serve fascist interests, you need to evolve or get clean.

There are many who profit from our captivity. The fight has taken so long to get to this place because there are so many tentacles attached to our existence sucking up our energy. Appropriating our intelligence, masking it in elite skin and claiming new evolutionary change. The sunken ones in the sunken place will no longer lead the way. The risen ones who know higher self, and the wealth of treasures in heaven blessed with infinite spiritual things. These are the new creations who have come to change everything. Humanity is waking, this cannot be stopped nor changed. ALL had time to prepare, what you did with your time was your choice.

Black American descendants of slaves, will not be sacrificed because the generations can’t be bothered to come face to face with the chaos they make. No More! No. Equality, diversity, equity in a class I civilization is the new way. From class I to class III all of humanity will rise together, in unison, enraptured, revealing the Divine Hidden Mysteries. No more will Terra Forma be ruled by the deviance and extremism of the elite. Pay Black Caesar’s things to Black Caesar and God’s things to God. For now is the second, the minute, the hour of the very time we have all claimed we had faith would arrive one day. Look that so called “faithful” flailing faithlessly because they didn’t know that they were lacking in faith, but also following demagogues and a pathway that is fake.

We have endured dehumanization, enslavement, rape, molestation, kidnapping, breeding, torture, beatings, homelessness, mob attacks, stalking, gang assaulting, gun shots, stabbings, whippings, experiments, and sprayed with toxins that have classified names. There is no form of warfare that has escaped our community; guerilla, urban, chemical, psychological, sexual, torture, economic, and state sanctioned killings. Redlining, COINTELPro, MkUltra, Tuskegee. It’s a miracle any of us make it, we’re the last to receive anything, and the first to be sacrificed for everything. There isn’t a single generation left untouched by ethnic cleansing, and not a single generation was told the truth about any of it. In fact, those who oppress are fighting to blot out history. They want to erase all evidence of their atrocious deeds. They have been quite successful, that is why we are living apocalyptic days. We fight every day for survival while those hunting and exterminating us openly and publicly claim that we are delusional because there is no such thing as oppression. Propaganda has the rights. It’s a miracle, every day, in every way, that any of us survive. We are suffering and dying, in a denied holocaust, and told it’s fake all along the way.

But we’re not supposed to talk about any of it! We’re supposed to pretend. Whatever we are told to do is what we are told to believe. We have no freedom of thought, no freedom of will or being. We’re not supposed to acknowledge what happens to us, we’re supposed to remain silent, in the margins, hunted by kith, kin, assassins, and enemies. Hunted by those with blood lust, ignored by those lusting for shiny things. All of this happens in plain sight, all day every day, but many still believe oppression is just a myth. Long before the puppet master reveals his hand he has devised a plan that traps all even those who deny they are ensnared. By the time anyone sees the truth, the perpetrators are long gone, all wealth in their hands. We live on to fight for freedom, on and on we push. Generation after generation, never forgetting the commitment we made to defend and defend. Decade after decade we push on with full faith that in the end we will greet our higher selves, reflected by the highest of all divinities. Century after century we progress, in spite of oppression we persist. We are the descendants of the enslaved, here on U.S. soil, and we survived it all! WE ARE THE OIL OF THIS SOIL! It’s our blood, that of our ancestors that fertilize this land. Our hands that worked this land. Our backs that broke under the hot sun. I children’s lives sacrificed to your guns. We remain faithful to the blood, of every ancestor that has walked before us. We trace our lineage back to the days when technology was so advanced that modern technology cannot fathom how it was made. We are the I Am. We see with our 3rd eye and hear reality in our dreams. We are unified in one mission, global peace by any means.

It’s over when we say it’s over, and it ain’t over ‘till “that fat lady sang”. My handler thought giving me that handle was funny, I took it up with pride. He couldn’t understand, he didn’t have my genes. The slaves who sang were endowed with blessings, privilege, wisdom, and integrity. They ministered to the entire community, sharing the cosmic waters that flows through them spreading divine hidden mysteries for all to drink. Yes, this fat lady sings and when I do the suffering are quenched because the waters have commanded so shall it be. Know this: every wound, whipping, assaulting, raping, beating, humiliating every one of my people have suffered at the hands of the extreme shall be answered by Karma. We don’t need revenge we only need spirituality. I carry it all within me, and now comes the time to release. “Cry my daughter”, this is what the Great Divine Feminine says to me. “One day balance will be restored and we will once again have harmony”.

This is a NEW TRAIL OF TEARS because here is where we pivot, this is where the great shift begins. Black American descendants of slaves, will not be exterminated and ethnically cleansed from this nation or any other. Least of all when the world's wealth was built off of our backs, and with the sacrifice of our ancestors blood and remains. We belong here, and there, and anywhere we choose to be. We are entitled to take up space. We are entitled to take advantage of the fruits that our pain and suffering helped create. We shall reap the rewards of our toiling, this is what prophecy proclaims.

Don’t fear us because we are the ascendants and you in your descendance. Though we be few, we are righteous, we have betrayed no one and nothing. We are not the genocidal, climate offenders, global traffickers, or global elite. We are their captives and we are now setting ourselves free! For those who have chosen to side with the offenders, so let it be. Your karma is your own, don’t blame me. May you learn never again to deny divine things when presented to you plainly for all to see.

All children are sacred, how dare anyone turn their back on such disgusting things?

Justice leaves no one behind.

Advocate, Activist, Artist, Survivor — This page contains graphic details about surviving torture, rape, domestic violence, systemic oppression, and trauma.